• Nightly Roundup #204

    I blame this amazing Equestrian Prevails thing for the super late roundup.  Derpy is best royal guard. 

    Have some news!

    First Annual Herd Census

    Have some Copy Paste:

    Have you ever wondered how many of your fellow bronies live in your area, or are your age?  Are you the only one who's been watching since G1?  Does anypony have a PhD?  Well, wonder no more, because the First Annual Herd Census is under way!

    Answer 10 simple questions about your bronydom and yourself (all responses entirely anonymous, of course), and help paint an accurate picture of the herd as it is today.  We'll tally up the results submitted by January 15th, and then release the State of the Herd Report, revealing such juicy data as age and geographic distribution, favorite pony, and more!  And the information gathered this year will help track changes in the herd from year to year as well.  Enough data to make even Twilight Sparkle happy!

    To take the census, go to:

    It should take less than five minutes to fill out.  If you can spread the word to everypony you know, that would be great too!

    Everfree Radio: A State of Brony Episode 3 / Podcast #9

    Another week, another episode! Have some copy paste:

        Hey everyone, EverFree Radio has released their next podcast, episode number nine. This episode has an interview with Purple Tinker, the lady behind Bronycon coming up in a week! Additionally, we've got an interview with Speccy,
     the artist behind the Ask Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie tumblr.

        Coming along with that is the third episode of A State of Brony, created by Thoronair our own DJ One-Trick. Take a listen to get your one hour long fix for Pony trance!

    Rainbow Dash Tattoo

    Dash is best tattoo!

    Successful Meetups

    Singapore Meetup 

    Have some copy paste:

    Over 40 bronies from the Singapore Bronies Society hustled over to a friend's place on Dec 30th 2011 for some end-of-year barbeque fun. It was a simple gathering, mostly to catch up with each other, discuss ponies and share artwork. Even a few members who couldn't make it to the party joined in via Skype. Great grilled grub was had courtesy of a few talented chefs among us, and at night some of us chose to chill out with a fun-filled Marvel vs Capcom 3 session, while a few others decided to take a dip in the pool. Everypony left late at night reluctant for it to end, but fully satisfied at another successful meetup here in Singapore. Pictures can be found here and here!

    We at the SBS want to wish everypony out there a fantastic 2012 up ahead! Here's to more glorious ponies, and freedom forever to the Internet!

    Las Vegas Meetup

    Looks like they played Laser tag! I used to do that...

    Check their group out here.

    Ohio Meetup

    These guys have a video!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    SWTOR Guild

    Equestrian Jedi Council

    Server: Hedarr Soongh

    They didn't give me contact information!

    SWTOR Guild 2! 
    Friendship is Magic

    Server: Vornskr

    MyLittleMinecraft Server

    Website: mylittleminecraft.net

    We suggest reading the server site before coming on the server

    Australian Steam Group


    Oahu Meetup

    January 8th - Meet at Ala Moana Center at the seating area near Macaroni Grill

    We may eat at Cheeseburgers in Paradise, so bring some cash for foods. There will be activities, games, and cupcakes!

    If you know any more Oahu bronies, make sure to invite them too!

    If enough people object to the date/time I can hold a vote for a new one.

    Facebook page


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Plushie Raffles Round 2 (Updated!) 

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here