• Drawfriend Stuff #293

    We don't usually get a whole lot of Applejack compared to everyone else.  I wonder if her two upcoming episodes bump her popularity up a bit?

    I was going to use an EPIC Trixie image for the header, but I figured you guys would yell at me. 

    To the art!

    Source 1

    Source 2

    Source 3

    Source 4

    Source 5

    Source 6

    Source 7

    Source 8

    Source 9 need
    Playpony Magazine! Not too saucy, but it says "clop".

    Source 10

    Source 11


    Source 12

    Source 13

    Source 14

    Source 15

    Source 16

    Source 17

    Source 18

    Source 19

    Source 20

    Source 21

    Source 22

    Source 23

    Source 24

    Source 25

    Source 26

    Source 27


    1. Hah, I have noticed there seems to be more Applejack lurking around in the art. I can say I'm guilty of steering a couple people into drawing more of the Apple Clan!

    2. YES. Lyra. 18 and 9 were pretty funny, but I liked #2 the most.

    3. Amazing! Wish i knew what program and stuff were used to draw these! I use paper and pencil, and gimp to color :P Need something better

    4. Amazing! Wish i knew what program and stuff were used to draw these! I use paper and pencil, and gimp to color :P Need something better

      #9: *facehoof*
      #18: Funny stuff XD
      #22: I knew it would eventually happen, muwahahahaha >:D
      #25: DAT FACE *Derp*

    6. 17 is so nice.

      19 is about eating apples, but my first thought was pizza.

    7. 19 was just adorable, 25 was good.

    8. Nah we wouldn't yell at you Seth, were too accepting of your Trixie adoration at this point.

    9. The pictures are beginning to take over my computer! D:

    10. #1 Oooooh 2 1/2 D ish. Do like.
      #2 Uh, what is this I don't even
      #3 Epic.
      #4 Interesting.
      #9 Lol! I read it for the articles!
      #12 Oooooh sparkly!
      #15 Lol :P
      #19 Rasperious.
      #22 Whoever's doing these...I love you! Lemme guess, CMC falling into quicksand next?
      #25 Happy Derpy is happy! And derpy.

    11. #19 i just died as i saw this. i am typing from my grave. it was..... so CUTE!!!!!! *dies again* *death+another death=double negative=positive=alive again*


    12. I am loving the references to the art in Disney's Haunted Mansion stretching room, such as #22. The last one I saw was a couple of days again, Pinkie Pie balancing on a tightrope over Gummy. Brilliant!!!

    13. #20: Spike Pilgrim versus the world. I approve. Epically.

    14. As much as I love AJ, that Trixie was truly an awesome piece.

    15. I love #9, but it should be playcolt not playpony :p

    16. #4 sure luna :3
      #6 twlight is cheating!
      #9playpony with twilight, that made my day.

    17. @ftfc

      2. I see you eyein' Scoots. I know you gonna share. :D

      3. I really do hope those Wonderbolts are ancestors of the current team... I hate the idea of recorrupting Luna. Yes. THis was 1000 years ago. No doubt.


      5. Simple... Cute... Win... What do I win? HHHHNNNNGGGGG...

      6 I LOVE Twi levels up fics!

      7. Epic smile in 3... 2... 1... BOOOOOOM!!!

      9. I LOLed at this for the articles!

      10. Celly? U Y so cute in dis pic? Daaawww!

      11. Y U No Season 2! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

      12. It's OK if you end the human world Luna, as long as you replace it with ponies!

      15. Ride her, the cow pony... err...

      16. Twi, you are second best Dovah'kin. Fluttershy is best. You win the competition for looking bad flank though! God... I Skyrimed till 8AM. I JUST woke up at 2:30 PM, to check my mail and find a Drawfriend! Clearly Skyrim is a DeLorian, cause I just went back to the future!

      17. Aww... I find this adorable!

      18. He DOES like his princesses... Looks like this one puts up a fight though! You go Luna! Then chillax with Finn and Jake and teach them some mathematical Royal Canterlot moves!

      19. HHHHNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG... Did an AppleScratch pic just end me?~~?~~

      20. I liked this movie 1000 times more than I ever believed I could. I almost didn't watch it!

      21. Oh Allegrreza... What have you done to me... Oh yeah... Made me HAPPY!

      22. I knew this was coming from the series and I still LOLed hard!

    18. oh wait that's playBRONY... still needs to be playcolt.

    19. Normal Applejack >> epic Trixie (and I say this as someone who likes Trixie)

      Thank you; I'm always happy to see more of the Apple clan.

      #1: Great portrait of Applejack, from another artist I've been watching for several years before becoming a brony. The colors are vivid and cheery, and I love the collar & bolo tie.

      #3: That's an epic battle drawing, with an excellent composition to set off the differences between Celestia and Nightmare Moon and their respective forces. (And NMM is looking particularly vicious in this image...)

      #5: Terrifically cute series of holiday portraits of the mane 6 (and Angel).

      #9: Can't say I'm happy with the implications of this piece, and I wonder if the creator got Brian McPherson's permission before using his drawing of adorkable Twilight trying (and failing) to look sexy.

      #11: Very nice action shot of Trixie (and I'm guessing no one will complain about the plot shot; it's all about context, people); her dynamic pose, the flowing lines of the magic effects, and her cape and hat flying off make for a striking composition. (Still, I like the Applejack image leading tonight's Drawfriend better; good call, Sethisto.)

      #12: It's easy to be a showoff when you're a demigoddess.

      #13: Very cute cast portrait from the Hearth's Warming Eve play, and an excellent example of how you don't always need color for a good pic.

      #14: Nice pony collage for a fitness project.

      #15: I can so see these two reacting just like that in such a situation. Terrific expressions.

      #22: Another fun Haunted Mansion tribute drawing, and so appropriate.

      #27: I love their outfits, totally unexpected but they work.

    20. #21 Sweet! Unts and a Kester Album!

    21. I dissaprove of that, PlayBrony magazine... I've never skipped my studies!

    22. Alright, first off, I have no idea where a couple of those with me in them came from but I know that mare in #11 is looking to be sent to the sun, we already kicked her out of Canterlot for trying that sort of magic, forbidden means FORBIDDEN!!! I learned that the hard way...

    23. @richfiles
      Well yes, I suppose I should add that some of the article titles were quite clever...

    24. 23. Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Mr Rogers wins of course.

      24. Weird. Cool, but weird.

      25. Yes, I can see you're happy! I can see you're happy from this direction too!

      27. This is cute!

    25. I have to say, someone needs to make a fic in the style of a magazine using those article titles... I'd certainly read it

    26. After a comment I received on yesterday's Drawfriend, I feel compelled now to at least say a few words about each drawing. I'm not sure any of you read the comment and follow-up, but I do appreciate the talents of the community and am sorry if I offended anyone by excluding them from my "reviews.":

      #1 That collar or whatever it is just adds something else to her image. I can't quite put my finger on it, though.
      #2 Hmm. They can't seem to make heads or tails out of what's going on. Or at least that's the impression I'm getting.
      #3 Wow. Talk about setting up the scene for an epic battle.
      #4 I'm pretty sure there's plenty of bronies out there willing to oblige.
      #5 Sort of reminds me a of a family portrait. This would look so cool framed and hung on a wall.
      #6 Watch out, Rainbow. You've got competition, and don't you dare underestimate her.
      #7 Cute. A prelude of what was to come.
      #8 Great shot of our favorite bench pony
      #9 Hmm. Not sure if I'd want to delve in or steer clear.
      #10 Whatever's going on, it's gonna happen now.
      #11 Looks like a spell of epic proportions is about to be cast.
      #12 A great way for Luna to ring in the new year.
      #13 Nice pic of the ponies in costume.
      #14 Ponies promoting health? Yay!
      #15 Applejack definitely looks like an unwilling participant, whatever it is they're doing.
      #16 Game over. Surrender while you can!
      #17 Aww. They look so cozy.
      #18 Oh, Ice King. You don't know what you're getting yourself into.
      #19 Hehe. Is it enough to say Vinyl looks cute?
      #20 Great pic, even if I'm not familiar with Scott Pilgrim.
      #21 Octavia looks less than amused.
      #22 It was only a matter of time, huh.
      #23 Why do I have the feeling Trixie is still gonna get creamed?
      #24 This is just an awesome pic of Pinkamina. You gotta wonder what's going through her head in that instant.
      #25 So, what goes on today Derpy?
      #26 Another great pic, but I'm not sure if Rainbow would ever dress like this.
      #27 Ah, hitting the club scene. Great look for both of them.

    27. @Twilight Sparkle Is that so? Remember what 'Tia dubbed "Lesson Zero?" You are frightening, I'm surprised my sister hasn't had you killed or sent to places unspoken after that whole mess. She didn't sleep that night and bugged me for so long I passed out before I had a chance to lower the moon.

    28. #3 For The Princess
      For the Night Queen

      #18 Haha
      #22 That's either funny or disrespectful to the dead
      #26 Dawwww

    29. That's it. I expect #20 to be a real game by Sunday. Get to work bronies

    30. #9 Got a link? I didn't think it was bad, and I usually appreciate that some of these get linked (I learned my lesson, never click on the links). Thought it was well done and funny.

    31. #24 indeed CityFlyer, it's incredible. I love Pinkie Pie, but I honestly like Pinkamina's hairstyle better. Just wish it didn't come with the insanity. lol.

      #22 - About freaking time Rarity killed.. erm.. >.> had Spike kill him. Yeah. That's right. Spike did it. For Jewels. And maybe a kiss.

    32. First of all, I would never complain about an epic Trixie pic. That's just wrong. Now onto the Drawfriend.

      1) Regardless of Trixie's epicness, this is an outstanding Applejack image, from the pony herself to the background details like the fence. Love it, and a great header image for the Drawfriend.
      2) Dash looks good in red velvet. Some great detail in this holiday pegasus pic!
      3) That's a pretty epic clash in the making... Nightmare Moon looks pretty monstrous, and I always loved her batwing guard. Great job.
      4) Well, she is a Princess... that makes it a royal decree, doesn't it? Wouldn't do to disobey such a well-drawn monarch.
      5) An adorable collection of pony portraits. I like Dash's Mistletoe hat.
      6) Twilight has been gaining wings in a bunch of fictions recently. I see these ones are magical constructs though. Dash looks dubious at the competition.
      7) Lovely render of young Pinkie. I love the background, especially the coloring of the sky.
      8) Lyra looks great, and especially happy here, which makes me very happy. Particularly after reading her epic scenes in "The Empty Room".
      9) I have to assume that Twilight must have some hefty student loans to pay off.
      10) I had to look at the tags to find out what Celestia was wearing. Wonder where she picked that up. Regardless, really nice job on the Princess.
      11) I'm guessing that this is the epic Trixie, and really who could argue? I like the inclusion of the magic wand cutie mark in her mystical symbols on the floor.
      12) Luna goes all out for the new year, doesn't she? I wonder who else gets to see that?
      13) Yay Hearth's Warming ponies! I'm still not tired of seeing versions of them.
      14) Ponies teaching about health and fitness? Why not? Their food pyramid might not match up well with ours though.
      15) Heh... don't touch the hat. Am I the only one who thinks that Pegasi should be lighter than Earth Ponies and Unicorns? Like they should have hollow bones as birds do or something.
      16) Has Twilight joined the Skyrim homages? Should Spike worry? Dramatic portrait.
      17) I still feel like there's been a sudden rise in TwiDash. Not that they don't look cute curled up together, but I wonder where it comes from.
      18) People love their Adventure Time mash-ups. I need to watch that show, I suppose.
      19) Very cute... I wonder why she has an Applejack bandana.
      20) I didn't know there was a Scott Pilgrim game to parody. Not that it doesn't seem obvious that there would be, of course.
      21) I haven't read enough of the Octavia/Scratch stuff to recognize the lizard, but 'Tavia wears it well.
      22) Heh... I can appreciate this one. He had it coming.
      23) Is that Huffy with Trixie? I gather there's another reference I'm missing out on, but still...
      24) Pinkamena, Queen of Hearts is so lovingly rendered in such rich colors... she should be much happier about it!
      25) A happy Derpy just makes my day. And this Derpy is so very happy and bubbly. Great job.
      26) Cool, colorful Dash. Even more so than normal.
      27) I'm not sure about that outfit, Octavia... but then I'm not up on the latest styles. Fun image though.

      A fun Drawfriend tonight. Thanks to all of the artists for sharing their works, and thanks to Seth and the EQD gang for putting it together!

    33. OMG!

      #20 has my friend. Draven By Rattythepupet, the one going to get his brains smashed in by Big Mac

    34. @CityFlyer502

      You can't feel obligated to comment on everything... it's a pretty big time commitment. Besides, the artists featured themselves don't tend to go through and comment on every work that appears here, so it's not like they can command that others do so.

      That said, I like doing it myself when I can spare the free time, and I enjoy reading the comments of others who do. But I wouldn't let it feel like an obligation. Ponies should never feel like work.

    35. I really need to read #9 "What To Dox" article. That's it. Just the articles... >_> <_<

    36. #19 is adorable
      #20 is win on so many levels

    37. 3) Look closely at this one. Nightmare Moon has never looked scarier!

      4) Can I!?

      21) I love that evil look in Vinyl's eyes.

      22) Ooh, another Haunted Mansion pic!

    38. #20 makes me want to get the game

    39. #16 Sparkleborn?
      #20 would be an awesome game!

    40. #20 makes me want to get the game

    41. #1 Great style, the background especially looks like something out of another cartoon, can't quite think of what though...
      #5 Awww... <3
      #7 Filly Pinkie is so cute, even without the poofy mane.
      #11 Ah, gotta love Trixe being all great and powerful and such. That glyph on the ground is awesome.
      #15 Hehe, RD pissing off AJ is always hilarious.
      #20 Big Mac is about to bucking DEMOLISH the poor OC pony with that elbow drop.
      #22 Damn Rarity, you're cold...
      #23 I'm sorry Spike, but Trixie's dragon looks way more badass, not to mention a hell of a lot bigger.
      #24 I don't know what it is, but this piece made me a little sad inside. I think it's Pinkie with that stoic expression, loved the art though.

    42. @Harwick When I write out my comments, it's because I can spare some time. So it really is no trouble for me to comment on the drawings. It's just something someone said to me yesterday that bothered me. Maybe I just interpreted it the wrong way, but considering how hard the artists work, I figured the least I can do is give them some kind of recognition.

    43. This is Sanora. I'm the guy that did #18 and I also did the picture of Derpy and the Horse in the last drawfriend.

      Just letting ya'll know that there are 12 more AT/MLP crossover pictures coming. Please don't get exhausted by it.

    44. #4 - YES! YES, OF COURSE I WILL!

      #9 - 'Skipped studying like a naughty school filly.'
      Watch out, guys. We're dealing with a badass over here.

    45. @Harwick, @herpyderpy
      Actually, I'm pretty sure that's an Ursa (Major or Minor?) with Trixie in #23.

    46. @CityFlyer502

      It's definitely cool that you do so, and I know I always enjoy it when people comment on my artwork, so I'm sure others appreciate it for their efforts.

    47. @jodyjm13

      Ah, good call... I see the furry cheeks now, as well as the stars showing through it.

      I have to admit, that would be a hell of a comeback for Trixie... Not just vanquishing one, but taming one?

    48. @jodyjm13

      Now that you mention it I do see the resemblance of an Ursa in that face, especially the nose.

      I'm betting that's an Ursa Major! Surely Ursa Minors aren't as big as grown dragons.

    49. @Sanora No chance of that. I say keep 'em coming.

    50. @jodyjm13
      I see what you mean

      It has to, I looked real quick an compared the sizes of the Minor, the Two dragons an Spike grown up, it would need to be a major

      Dragon will still win

    51. #6 - Holy moley, I would love to see that actually happen in the show. Everyone knows Twilight could totally do that. :P
      #9 - Is it bad that I actually went to 'playbrony.com' and was disappointed when it didn't exist. :(
      #19 - So much daww, I cannot contain my diabeetus.

    52. Not too much to say about this one. I love number 1, it seriously makes me consider moving AJ back to #1 pony. Sorry, Rarity. For now, let's call it 50-50, until those new episodes come up.
      #20 makes me want to play some serious Super Smash Pons. That abbreviation doesn't really work, does it?
      #9 is all in good fun too. They always trick you with the cover, but I'd actually read this one for the articles. Seriously.

    53. Slugbox actually making non humanized, non-34 MLP images? Color me surprised.



    55. Thank Christ, an awesome pony instead of Trixie.

    56. Commenting on all the drawings? WHY SURE I'LL DO IT.

      1. Beautiful picture of Applejack to lead a Drawfriends with. I like the wink...despite it being a wink it actually manages to avoid looking flirty, which is good because it's hard for me to picture Applejack as being all that flirty.
      2. Some odd proportions here, but Santa Dash with Scootaloo is always cute. In particular this one is extremely well crafted.
      3. Pony Wars indeed, though Nightmare Moon looks a little too...beastly, I think. Other than that I think it's fantastic.
      4. Sorry, Luna, my heart will not belong to you. (But we can still be friends.)
      5. ALL THE SCARVES! I like the addition of mistletoe with Rainbow Dash...perfectly suits her, that silly little flirt.
      6. Twilight, you're cheating! I love the wings here though. They're more like how I imagine they should be, in terms of size.
      7. Filly Pinkie~! *hugs*
      8. Lyra's look confuses me...I'm not sure how to interpret it.
      9. I'm not sure a Photoshop with a picture added should really count for a Drawfriends, but it WAS fairly amusing.
      10. What's Celestia wearing here? It looks special somehow.
      11. Trixie, you will never beat Twilight, no matter how much of a show off you are.
      12. Happy 2012 to you too, Luna.
      13. These six pageant ponies are always fun to see...it actually makes me want to see other interpretations of these characters besides our Mane Six.
      14. Apparently this was a project of some sort involving endorsing physical activity. I approve.
      15. Rainbow Dash, why are you standing on Applejack? You are not an apple barrel; get offa there. (Also she looks a bit small for some reason.)
      16. Twilight, that's some interesting...equipment. You're kinda creeping me out with the glowing eyes though.
      17. Daww. While this is not my favored pairing for Twilight--I prefer Twilight with Pinkie--I love seeing adorable art, especially like this.
      18. This would probably be funny if I knew who the big-nosed king was.
      19. Vinyl, you look silly. I approve.
      20. Again, I would probably think this funny if I knew anything about Scott Pilgrim.
      21. Really, Vinyl, get the iguana off of Octavia's head. That's not funny.
      22. No, Rarity! Murder isn't the answer! Now I'm going to have to take you in and jail you for many many years. You fool...
      23. Dragon against Dragon? Something doesn't look right about Twilight and Trixie here...they almost look too young or something. I suspect there's a reference in here that I'm not getting.
      24. Wow...that's actually a gorgeous look for Pinkie, even if she looks a bit depressed. It's not good being Queen?
      25. Classic Ditzy.
      26. Now there's something you don't see every day...Rainbow Dash with flowers in her mane. Surprisingly it's a good look for her.
      27. Neat outfits for our two musically inclined ponies.

    57. @jodyjm13

      I agree with you about Applejack wholeheartedly, my friend. ^.^

      And ugh, how nice it is to have time to comment on a Drawfriend again! I used to manage to squeeze them in on what was pretty consistently a daily basis... I miss that.

      Anyhow though, onto the reviews~

      #1 Yes yes, it goes without saying that I very much like this picture doesn't it? ^.^ More Applejack art is always welcome! More than anything here, I really love the coloring and shading... the shadows and highlights are very nicely done, and the background is effective without requiring too much detail on behalf of the artist. Very nice, pretty bright colors!
      #5 All of these are absolutely adorable; I love them. This artist has a fantastically endearing style and all the ponies' little outfits/accessories are cute and fun to look at... Rainbow Dash's goes without saying I'm sure. Love it!
      #7 Poor little filly Pinkie, she really is so terribly out-of-place on a drab rock farm. Still though, I always welcome fanart of our ponies as youngsters and this is no exception... it's rather nicely colored as well.
      #10 Ah yes, this artist again. I really love the way he colored Princess Celestia's mane and tail; the shifting hues are really gorgeous and a delight to look at.
      #11 I always enjoy these dynamic sorts of unicorn-magic pictures, generally starring Trixie, Twilight or both. This is another nice example with some very pretty, soft coloring and shading, and I also really like the ribbon-like wisps of energy and shadows, very neat!
      #17 This artists generally does some very cute artwork. TwiDash isn't my favorite pairing or anything (I'm essentially neutral on it) but I really like the way this piece was composed, with the single window and the soft blue lighting highlighting the ponies. Sweet and pretty.
      #20 I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but it's a cute idea and nicely executed.
      #22 Kind of a sad thing here, but at the same time I'm not going to lie: I find Rarity's expression absolutely hilarious for some reason.
      #24 I'm pretty sure I've seen some of this artist's other works before, their style seems familiar. Anyway, this piece is very nicely done, and I absolutely love the period costume. The gilded crown in particular is beautifully painted in my opinion.

      I'm afraid that's all I have time for now... off to work once again!

    58. Confound these super early Drawfriends! As for Applejack up there. I guess it depends how much she's actually in the episodes. lol

      #1 I really like her face in this. It's cute. Think it's partially the wink. :) Also like the little thing around her neck. I'm sure it has a specific name, but dang if I know what it is. Still cool and fitting.
      #2 Quite adorable. The faces feel... somewhat odd to me. Yet still cute. They kinda remind me of the Who's faces in The Grinch. Especially Scoots. Probably the noses and mouths. :P Dash's outfit is nice too. Especially the old-fashioned boots.
      #3 Whoa. First thing I noticed was how scary Nightmare Moon looks here. Almost looks rabid. lol Awesome fight scene. I still really love the dark and demonic look of Nightmare Moon/Luna's guards' armor. Fun design.
      #4 Aww, Luna. Well, if you insist. :)
      #5 Ooh, badges and stickers? Wish I were there. Want to scoop that Fluttershy and Dash up. <3 Really cute though, all of them.
      #6 Hmm, Twilight's wings don't look right here. But then again, that might be because she's not really a Pegasus. Guessing that's why their color is darker than her fur color is. Matches her magic color instead. Cool concept.
      #7 Aww, little filly Pinkie on the rock farm. Cutest little rock farmer around. :3
      #8 Ugh, that "last" name. But hey super shiny Lyra! She certainly looks excited about something. She also looks like she's made out of rubber. On a somewhat related note, I want a Lyra balloon now.
      #9 Dat Sparkle. Y'know... if this were a real magazine, I bet it wouldn't sell too poorly. Hey, don't hit me, just saying! lol I will admit, page 15 does slightly pique my curiosity.
      #10 Ah, I thought that device on Celestia looked incredibly familiar. And the comments confirmed it for me. The Matrix of Leadership from Transformers. Awesome. :D
      #11 It's a Great and Powerful New Year with Trixie. Really awesome pic.
      #12 Hmm, that is true. The New Year always starts at night, so Luna has to be happy about that. :)
      #13 D'awww, Dash and Applejack in this. <3 Really nice pic.
      #14 Lots going on in this one. The Rarity one confused me until I read what it meant. I thought it was Opel pretty much thinking: "Rarity, why are you simply sitting there?!" :P I so wanna join Lyra and Bonbon in a beach volleyball game. <3
      #15 Ponies riding ponies? We must... ah, forget it. lol Makes me wonder how much they can all carry in weight. Heck, Rarity was carrying around a giant boulder on her back.

    59. #16 Twilight in Skyrim. Usually see Fluttershy for the most part. This is a fun change.
      #17 Awwwww, too cute, too cute. Really love Twilight's face. Adorkable. <3 Beautiful and cute little nighttime scene. And I can't be the only one who really has a fondness for those stylized windows like in the background. They just look so nice.
      #18 Ah, Adventure Time. Don't watch it, so had to dig to get the reference here. :P Looks like he stole Luna. Doesn't look to be the smartest decision he's ever made. But who wouldn't want to steal Luna, right? <3
      #19 Dat... face... HNNNNNGGGG! Vinyl is killing me with cuteness right now. Especially with her little tongue sticking out like that, awww. The handkerchief around her neck is a cute touch too. <3
      #20 Ah, based on the Scott Pilgrim game. Nice. I knew it was some fighting game, but was unsure which at first. Guess I should pay more attention to the title more often. Or even read what's in the bottom right corner. lol Feel bad I also didn't recognize the outfits right away. :P Pretty cool, fun game. Nice work.
      #21 Another Octavia and Vinyl fanfic? Oh dear... *faints* lol It's nice though. The expressions are rather fun. Really like Vinyl's sinister smile.
      #22 At least Blueblood got a nice-looking headstone? I wonder how he died and who killed him, hmm... lol I never rode the ride, but I remember the movie. Rarity can indeed look pretty evil. I think you captured that pretty well here.
      #23 Pretty cool. Wonder how Trixie trained an Ursa Minor to fight for her. This would be a rather interesting battle. Twilight is more powerful than Trixie, but an Ursa Minor against Spike... I dunno. I suppose if Twilight could take care of Trixie quick enough, she could focus on the Ursa Minor after. Spike could possibly hold it at bay until then.
      #24 Ooooh, pretty. And really nice. I'm really fond of images of Pinkamena crossed with darker Alice references. They just seem to fit so well together and make gorgeous pieces.
      #25 Aw, Derpy is quite bubbly. Fun little bubbly personality. And just look at that adorable derp face. :3
      #26 Very colorful. I like the nice framing with flowers. And the flowers in her mane. Cute.
      #27 Ahh, this one is part of a K-pop series as some of the others were, cool. The outfits are so unique and interesting. And like I've probably said before for this artist, I love their cute art style. :)

    60. 17) The idea of a Pegasus giving their first shed feather to their true love is one of the most romantic and sweet things to come out of this fandom. Building Bridges is why I like TwiDash...

    61. After seeing number nine, I did a bit more research. Turns out that's just the latest in a series of these Playbrony magazine covers...which makes me feel it didn't deserve being on the Drawfriends at all, since as far as I can tell, the creators didn't bother to get the permission of the original artists of the drawings before making their photoshop.

      I motion that any further such photoshops be barred due to this.

    62. 15. Silly Dash, AJ aint gonna let you stay there.

    63. After playing Skyrim till 8 AM, and sleeping till the Drawfriend popped up... I was happy, but I actually had a dream with Luna! I think it's why I slept so late! I didn't want to wake up yet! :D

    64. Yeah, #4 melted my heart a little -.-

    65. Another round of wonderful art. I especially dig #19. Scratchy's cuteness level is over 9000, seriously. I don't even use that phrase anymore, but I had to break it out here.

    66. @richfiles
      With my luck, if I did dream of ponies, it'd be Jet Set and Upper Crust. :P

    67. @Princess Luna

      Umm... Creepy much? One panic attack and it's all capital punishment time or being imprisoned in the place you're banished to for the 2 time hero of Equestria, and Celestia's personal and beloved student...

      Yeahhhhhh... Suuuureee...

      I know you're new here, and you can of course say what you will, but... No offense, RP can be cute from time to time, but that was creepy. I'd say take it down a few notches from 11 and you won't weird people out. To quote someone you might know intimately... "you are frightening".

      The real Princess Luna depicted in Luna Eclipsed, was actually rather uncertain of herself, desperately sought friends, and hid her insecurity behind a veil of intimidating royal protocol. She befriended Twi, the other element bearers, and the other ponies of ponyville. She isn't the creature you depict in your RPing.

      Of course, you can say what you want. I just found this one single comment out of all the ones here to creep the hay outta me. /)O_o(\

      Sorry, had to be truthful there.

    68. You know, one day, you'll all get bored of simple pony pictures. That is when the time of MODERN AND ABSTRACT ART will come! Mwah ah ha ha ha ha ah ahem!

    69. @jodyjm13

      I had a dream with Rainbow and Twilight shortly after I became a fan. Pity I can't remember any of the details (but nothing sexual happened. Ever.).

    70. #9.... I would buy that.... in a heart beat.

    71. #9.... I would buy that.... in a heart beat.

    72. #20 I would play that game... forever.

    73. Aww, You could have posted a Trixie pic for the top, I know deep down inside everyponies hearts, they kinda like Trixie.

    74. #23 We dont have a fic for this crossover yet....SOMEPONY DO SOMETHING!!!!!

    75. #17 is so full of d´aaaaaawwwww~ TwiDash! <3

    76. I would pay eight bucks for that magazine.

    77. #9 I want to read that article about What to do if someone finds out your a brony

    78. 27 Octavia in that outfit :O

    79. Hmm, with #22 -- I hope Rarity had the sense to wear an apron when she, err, you know, gave Blueblood a 'mind-expanding experience' with that axe. Blood is so VERY difficult to get out of clothes and hair!

      Or so I hear.

      Or maybe she just asked her little Spikey-Wikey to do it?

    80. #10 just made my day... Arise Celestia Prime!

      *Wanders off whistling "You Got the Touch".

      'Two's Company, Three's a Crowd' is such an awesome fic X3

    82. oh wow I totally bucked up on that comment, I meant #21 is the one with Unts, not 10

    83. Hey Ezzekiel and BuyToast...
      F*** YEEAAA!!!

    84. Source for #9: http://www.canterlot.com/gallery/image/1005-theory-pratice/

      The playpony stuff surrounding that was added later by somepony else, and that they submitted it here is tantamount to art theft.

    85. @Dessa

      Ya know I never did submit that "plabrony" here in the first place. I never did claim I drew that image of Twilight either. How about you do a little more research before calling someone an art thief next time.

    86. This needs more Applejack art

    87. #19

    88. #9 wheatley:ooooooooooooo yes well done