• Story: The Star In Yellow (Update Complete!)


    Author: Blueshift
    Description: Deep in the Royal Library is a book. A terrible book that is said to send whoever reads it mad. A book so dangerous that it has to be hidden away and secured with chains to prevent it from ever being opened.

    A book which has just been accidently checked out by Spike on behalf of Twilight Sparkle.

    The Star In Yellow is rising once more, and only Rainbow Dash and Spike can save Twilight before it’s too late. Ideas live forever. Ponies do not.
    The Star In Yellow Part 1
    The Star In Yellow Part 2
    The Star In Yellow Part 3 (New!)
    The Star In Yellow Part 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Meta-story, The King In Yellow, Twilight Breakdown


    1. Twilight going mad from reading a book? The irony is outstanding.

    2. "Ideas live forever. Ponies do not."

      Not all ideas live forever. <.<

    3. It's just a stage play! What harm could it do?!

    4. Meta-Story tag, and the name of a fanfiction author?
      Curiouser and curiouser.

    5. Ooh, The King in Yellow?
      Could be VERY interesting...

    6. Also, Rainbow Dash should be the only character listed there other than Twilight. (Spike being the new Rainbow Dash and all) It sounds like a cool premise, that description certainly caught my attention.

    7. Just [Dark]? For a crossover with the story collection that inspired Lovecraft's mythos, you'd think it'd get up to [Grimdark] level.

      Also...this is gonna end poorly for everypony, isn't it?

    8. "Ideas are invincible"

      Suddenly was reminded of the above line from V for Vendetta

    9. Now that's a crossover I never expected.

    10. OK, I want specific examples of what separates "Dark" from "GrimDark" and "Light-Grimdark". Enough ambiguity! Cuz I've seen fics dodge the pure "GrimDark" tag and then 5 chapters later Twilight is getting tentacle raped and ppl are all "WTF, WHY ISN"T THIS GRIMDARK". (hey, this literally happened w/ "Divergence")

    11. @mycutiemarkisagun

      I'm PRETTY sure that Dark is separated from Grimdark in that "Dark" is supposed to be used for stories where nobody ends up dead. They're supposed to have a haunting or scary atmosphere with tense events, but nobody is supposed to die. And that means nobody, including background and supporting characters

      I think Slightly Grimdark is meant to be that you can kill, but it shouldn't be too graphic and it should only go as far as OC's, and Background/supporting characters. Easy on the disturbing images, gore, and violence.

      Grimdark is basically anything goes as far as I can tell. You want the mane cast murdered horribly and gorily then this is the label you're meant to use.

      Meanwhile, Grimdark-War is meant to be war stories.

      Dark Comedy is pretty obvious

      And Grimlight is meant to be stories that have dark or nasty situations with possible death, torture, gore, violence, and disturbing imagery, but you're pretty much assured a happy ending with the status quo restored and everyone revived.

      ...At least I think that's how it's SUPPOSED to be. I'm not sure everybody exactly follows this model, but there was a big post about it several months back.

    12. I was hesitant at first, but I found myself drawn in by the... Oh. My... I might need to be worried now. Yellowstar? Are you there? I miss you...

    13. That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.

    14. To Nyarponytep all things must be told!

    15. Hmmm dark Insertion fic? What will happen to Twilight when she finishes the book?

      Hint of my idea* The star turns maroon and the book turns purple...

    16. @Dusty the Royal Janitor
      I would tend to agree on all of them definitions.

      For 'Dark', the ''atmosphere'' is really THE main thing the story must have right, to be right (and successful). But, it is possible to have TEMPORARY deaths in them.

      ...Also, the gun-guy you are talking to is an *Extreme* fan of blood-gore-death grimdark. That's all I will say over this...

    17. HHhmmmm... I am very intrigued by that first chapter, confound cliffhangers....

    18. Interesting, a crossover involving ponies and my favorite book. I must read this. With out giving anything away is the writing similar to Chamber's style?

    19. I'm hooked. As well as thoroughly unsettled by the time the first chapter ends. Will be following this one.

    20. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Any story with the Grimdark tag should and must specify the exact nature of the Grimdark content contained in the story.
      I am a fan of Grimdark content in general. Videogames, Movies, comics, manga, anime, books: all my faves are pretty damn intense.
      FiM on the other hand stirs certain very overprotective feelings toward the characters, which forces me, for my emotional well being, to avoid certain scenarios. Specifically I can't handle:
      1: Rape
      2: Evil versions of the good ponies

      Both the stories "Divergence" and "Blazing Glory" (both good stories in their own right) are now stories I loath with all my being. Not because of the content they contain, but because I read them not knowing what content I would come across and suffered a nasty surprise. If they had been forthcoming and specific about containing the content they do, I would simply have not read them and not rated them. Ignoring their existence and going happily our own ways. But I read them, enjoyed them, hoped for them, and was betrayed by them. I suffered emotionally for them and their ratings suffered from my displeasure. This could all have been easily avoided.

      Being specific would also have the added bonus of even more sensitive readers not blacklisting everything labeled Grimdark and being able to pick and choose what they can handle, thereby not missing out on some of the better stories on here.

    21. @mycutiemarkisagun "and then 5 chapters later Twilight is getting tentacle raped and ppl are all "WTF, WHY ISN"T THIS GRIMDARK". (hey, this literally happened w/ "Divergence")"

      You missed that it was attempted rape rather than actual rape.

    22. @Dusty the Royal Janitor

      But most of the time it seems the tags are assigned based on the tone of the first couple of chapters. If a author is plotting a story that begins as Normal slice-of-life but slowly builds up to a climax of, say, Fluttershy attempting to talk Twilight out of suicide.....this becomes a problem.


      Agreed. Even the MPAA figured this out (after like, five decades). Vague, standardized content warnings don't work too well.


      Right, my mistake. I also left out obvious.....Guro overtones. (*shudder* Look, I'm a libertarian, but anybody who srsly wanks to that High Octane Nightmare Fuel needs to be incarcerated yesterday. Before they kill....AGAIN.)


      Extreme. Extreme to the MAX!

      And "atmosphere"? "temporary" deaths? What nebulousness! You follow the logic on that temp death definition, you basically have to turn the tags into spoiler notes. The Empty Room has some big deaths that turn out to be temporary. Does that make it any less Grimdark? Not accoording to this Extreme Grimdark fan...

    23. @mycutiemarkisagun I don't think it was meant to be enjoyed, and I think that story gets a lot of unfair flack for a single scene which the author could've changed with attempted murder. Doesn't really matter though.

      However, the grimdark stories could use extra warnings for certain content. Just a simple "WARNING: Contains death/injury/suicide/death (temporary or otherwise)/sexual content/etc." for controversial subjects would do to prevent surprises.

      The downside is that some users will dismiss some stories based solely on the warnings. But considering how angry some people get, it's probably worth it.

      [Grim-Light], [Dark Comedy] and the other grim tags are obviously not cutting it.

    24. @FamusJamus
      "I don't think it was meant to be enjoyed, and I think that story gets a lot of unfair flack for a single scene which the author could've changed with attempted murder."

      Of course the scene was not meant to be enjoyed. It was meant to be terrifying. That's OK. The issue is that nothing in the story, description or tags gave any warning what so ever that something like that was going to happen.

      "The downside is that some users will dismiss some stories based solely on the warnings."

      Actually, I can guarantee that readership of Grimdark stories would go up significantly, not down. Time and again I see people avoiding stories because of a tag that says too much and not enough. If people had a better idea of what they are getting into they could make a more informed decision and wade in with confidence, rather than shy away in fear.

    25. Oh, and to Blueshift. Sorry we're kinda hijacking your comments section.

      I am a great fan of your previous stories here on EqD and this one seems to hold up to the standards you have set. I'm glad to see more of your work and that it's being well received.

    26. Oh, hello Yellowstar. I'm glad I have a good friend like you. Friends...forever...

      Awesome fic. Desire second chapter. :D

    27. Robert W chambers + ponies?

      You win all my internets.

    28. @mycutiemarkisagun
      To add support to the ''dark atmosphere'', I will point toward a recent story that 'did it right' : Fluttershy goes to Hell.
      (title is misleading though, she doesn't goes (temporarly) to hell, but rather some sort of 'dark spirit realm'.)

      Also... I must say that it's the first time I see a response from you being that politely formulated (I'm not implying anything there). It's... well, good ?

    29. SPOILERS

      When Twilight saw Yellowstar, I shit bricks. I was so scared, honestly. Beautifully written, can't wait for more!

    30. Yellow king/star and dark evil entity, meh, I don't know... Still, so far, it's not that bad.

    31. @wackyteen

      Especially when you STAB the ideas with a wooden stake! *goes back to stabbing "Twilight" books* DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!!!

      Of course, a horribly humorous trollfic of "Twilight" with OUR Twilight must be done and some point, and rip the sparkly vampire BS to pieces in mockery.

      Back to this story, I really hate those damned magical books and artifacts! They are SOOOO tricky sometimes! Do you have any idea how long it took me to win "Jumanji"? The lion was cool... I did a Fluttershy and pulled a thorn from his paw... you get the idea. Anyway, poor Twilight. This evil book is just the sort of trap I'd expect from something conjured by a wicked sorcerer: draw you in with the cover, make you wonder at the infantile scribbles, why it such a thing so dangerous (you wonder), it slowly becomes better and the evolution entices you. Before long the characters speak to you, wishing you would join them. And then... well, I shall not speak of that horror.

    32. @JohnH To the collective unconscious unfold.

    33. @kriss1989
      Isn't it called the ''Noosphere'' too ?

    34. Most unusual crossover ever.

      Very well-written and I'm looking forward to more. BTW, Twilight is just the type to write in the margins of books! (Something I thoroughly approve of.)

    35. I never heard of the King in yellow, but I quite liked this. I can't wait to see more, quite creepy.

    36. This comment has been removed by the author.

    37. "Twilight's gonna be so impressed!"
      "Spike, I am not impressed!"

      Whenever I see something like this, it reminds me of this scene. :)

    38. "The cover was a smooth, expensive looking white material, with ... a simple yet elegant five pointed yellow star."
      "...a small white Earth pony with ... the symbol of a star on her flank."

      OH JESUS.

    39. @JohnH

      It's funny, I had a similar reaction to "Spark". Not due to grimdark content, but because it started out as a shipfic with a side of mystery solving, then veered suddenly into alternate character interpretations for the Princesses and (bleh) Alicorn Twilight.

      THIS! I tend to avoid grimdark fics due to the likes of Cupcakes and Rocket to Insanity; in the case of this story, or Fallout, or Shadow Over Hoofsmouth, though, I'll happily read grimdark because I'm familiar with the crossover source, so I know exactly what kind of grimdark I'm in for.

    40. @DPV111
      "...Blazing Glory" (both good stories in their own right) are now stories I loath with all my being. Not because of the content they contain, but because I read them not knowing what content I would come across and suffered a nasty surprise. If they had been forthcoming and specific about containing the content they do, I would simply have not read them and not rated them. Ignoring their existence and going happily our own ways. But I read them, enjoyed them, hoped for them, and was betrayed by them."

      Ouch. This was a nasty surprise. I'm the author for Blazing Glory and yes that was over a month ago, but I just now saw it.

      Okay DPV111, I thought we had talked this out. My one scene that wsa literaly two lines long. "“What are you doing?” Rainbow Dash asked in horror as she felt Celestia's horn start to enter a very private place. “Don't worry, it only hurts at first.”"

      Now was that so soul crushingly horrible. That was the one and only time I mentioned her getting raped.

      You loathe my story with all your being, because of that one thing. It's barely a blip in the narrative. I never imagined some people would take something so small and just blow it up.

      I guess what I'm trying to say is, Blazing Glory is not a horrible rape fic.

    41. @Dustin Coleman
      I'm... going to try to be loving and tolerant, here. Sweetie Derelle time! AAAAAAAAAAAAA--

      Well, there's a fic I'm never going to read. It's not the text, per se, that's objectionable. It's the idea. Sure, it doesn't have the visceral impact it would if you lovingly described every moment of the act, but you're still taking a beloved character and subjecting them a fate that some consider worse than death at the hands of an ostensibly trusted authority figure. Are you not seeing how this is shocking and horrible? If the sentence is so insignificant, why couldn't you just leave it out of the fic entirely? You obviously wanted to shock people, and you did it. Why are you surprised that they react with shock?

      If I were to go read Cupcakes, or some fic described as "Rainbow Dash gets raped by Big Macintosh", I would know exactly what I'm getting into. Having that sort of thing dropped on me without warning, though... yeah, I can understand the backlash.

      --AAAAAAAAAH! Back to your regularly scheduled (lol) cosmic horror.

    42. @LordOfTheWrongs
      "There's a fic I'm never going to read." Why not, you just read the one and only horrible world crushing rape scene. The rest of the story doesn't have anything to do with that.

      Celestia is possessed by a demon in my story, she's done other bad things before this, Rainbow knows that she's bad.

      No, I don't see what everyone is so worked up about.

      I put it in there as an after thought, I hadn't had the main six in the story for several chapters and I wanted to show that I hadn't forgotten about them. I couldn't talk about the others because I was saving them for later, but I just used this to show that Celestia is being evil and what not, also setting up for the possibility of an emotionally hurt Rainbow Dash. (although I've decided against that now, Rainbow is a strong character who wouldn't break easily) I could have left it out, wish I did.

      Okay, I've had this whole talk with DPV111, go to my story page and check the comments if you want, we got into a fairly in depth conversation. In short, I did not do this for shock value. I told you above why I did it. If I had wanted to shock people I would have gone into all the details, dragging the scene out, having Rainbow cry in pain or something. All I did was insinuate she was about to get raped. You people make it sound like I devoted an entire fic to describe Rainbow in pain and suffering. The reason I'm surprised, I've got a whole story with tons of stuff in it, but the only thing people want to talk about is "Oh my gosh, Rainbow got raped, you're such a horrible person, I'll never read your fic because you betrayed me."

      I don't mention it "watch out Rainbow gets raped" because it's so inconsequential to my story. It's 11 chapters in and three lines. Grimdark stuff happened before this, so it's not like I was just "la de da, look at the flowers, RAPE!" I don't call it a rape fic, because it's not a rape fic. It's a fic that had a rape in it, not focuses on it.

      I expect more backlash about my OCs being Christians, but instead it's all about that one Rainbow Dash scene.

    43. You updated! Huzzah! I was so afraid you'd abandoned your story, particularly after that awesome ending to the first part!

      Off to read it by candlelight!

      @Dustin Coleman

      Hijacking another author's comment thread... not cool, dude. Also, trying to argue somebody into not disliking your fic? Also not cool. Plus way futile.

    44. I quite like this story, its pretty entertaining, but not exactly one that i'll remember. The plot flowed nicely and there was a very gradual buildup of the story in my opinion, it certainly isn't dull though, just that the pace feels a bit slower than other fics. I loved how the story was peppered with funny bits and phrases every now and then. And that short paragraph about Saddle Stitch realising the book was missing was pretty exciting because it felt like something interesting was gonna happen very soon.

    45. i just keeps getting better and better

    46. @iisaw
      I admit I haven't read this story yet, but I'm going to over the weekend.

      I never meant to hijack anything. I used the search bar to see if where my story popped up and this was one of the links. I saw a comment scaring people away from my story, in what I thought was a high overreaction. So I tried to explain why you shouldn't just dismiss Blazing Glory (which by the way is being completely rewritten). My story is my creation, I take pride in it and give my feedback to any and all comments that I can. You might think it was wrong of me to defend my story in another's comments, but in fairness, I didn't just randomly come here and start talking about it.

      I wasn't trying to convince him to like it, I was trying to convince people who haven't read it to not just pass it over because of one persons dramatic comment.

      If defending the things your proud of = hijacking then I'd galdly do it time and again. But like DPV111 and LordOfTheWrongs I think you too are being over dramatic. (looks at own comment) and maybe I'm being a bit too dramatic as well.

    47. Dear sweet Luna, Twilight's trapped in somepony else's terrible Mary Sue fic!

    48. *reads comments*

      @Dustin Coleman
      So, just to summarize, you're posting extensively in the comments of a story you haven't read in order to attempt to convince people that it's really not such a big deal that Rainbow Dash was raped by Princess Celestia in your story because you didn't put much detail into it, and we should all try to ignore that and read it anyway?


    49. Okay, read the story last night and I gotta say this was very good. The whole Is Yellowstar actually good or bad thing is kind of cool, I'm voting for bad. The story has been very compelling, especially Yellowstar's background. I hope we learn more about the incident where she failed to be best pony. And also Silver Cresent's deal.

      Saddle Stitch really sucks at his job. I can imagine Celestia shaking her head, "I gave him one job, just one job, and he couldn't do it." The whole, remember this was all Spikes fault made me laugh.

      The only real criticism I have is just a personal issue. Twilight's disregard for the proper care of books was a little shocking. I usually think of her as the opposite, where she would take great care of books. But like I said, this is just how I personally view Twilight, so it's not necessarily a bad choice, just different.

      I look forward to the next chapter.

      Also "they're just the containers for ideas, and you can't damage ideas" really makes me want a V for Vendetta cross over now.

      I'm only replying to accusations against me. Besides the rape is a moot point now anyway. Everything's getting nuked and rewritten.

      I'm also getting the feeling you're just out to rile me up, so I'm just going to leave and ignore you.

    50. Thanks for the comments Dustin. There are two types of academics, those that treat books as precious objects and keep them pristine and neat, and those that treat the ideas in them as precious objects and have loads that they scribble ideas down in (which is also the more 'classical' idea of an academic. I think of Twilight as the latter really. Remember in the show's pilot episode she was reading the rather rare Elements of Harmony book outside on the grass!

    51. @Sindri
      I like how Yellowstar's dialogue gets punctuated like a bad fanfic. XD

    52. @Dustin Coleman

      There IS one way to damage ideas: destroy the objects and minds which hold them. If they aren't written anywhere, and no thought of them exists, then they are gone without a trace! An idea cannot exist on its own. Everything has a weakness, even things which are immaterial.

      Still, this book's magic interests me... it uses ideas and imagination to draw itself into the physical world, feeding off its readers like a leech to actualize its conceptualization. Fascinating. But how to shape such a spell... *goes off to do evil magic research!*

    53. This comment has been removed by the author.

    54. Wow! Second chapter is even better than the first. I love how you weave in (possibly) deeper layers of meaning. The whole bit about how the book changed from the "heavy" page onwards... brilliant!

      I just hope this won't end like most of The king in Yellow stories.

      BTW, as I think you may well already know, writing in the margins is a time-honored tradition among scholars, so much so that many later additions of books had those notes printed in the margins.

      @Dustin Coleman

      Still hijacking.... >:(

    55. ... I have to admit, when I first read the title I sort of expected somepony to mention Carcosa...

    56. when can we hope to see the next chapter

    57. This is fookin' brilliant. You're a fookin' genius, man, a fookin' genius!

      inb4 actual update. :V

    58. That was awesome! I almost died laughing at the part where everypony wanted to read Fluttershy's letter.

    59. Finished this earlier tonight, and it was quite good. I had figured out who had written the book fairly early, but the ending was still quite sweet and enjoyable. A good mix of humor with a slightly dark edge. I certainly wouldn't call it grimdark... especially if that chased some people away.

      Thanks... I really enjoyed it.

    60. Sounds rather good, I'll read this tomorrow.

    61. Mother of Richard Dawkins's Glasses!

      This story was amazing! I just saw the 4.8 stars, the picture, and the irony of the description and I knew I would love this story. I almost got my eyes tearing up after I finished. Very elegantly done.

    62. This comment has been removed by the author.

    63. That was simply beautiful. Thank you for writing this. I feel like it touched me in a profound way and introduced emotions that will still have some bearing long after tonight.

    64. Somehow it went from a parody of fanfiction to a Lovecraftian horror story, to a piercing examination of this fandom's tastes in fiction, to a truly moving story.

    65. finally! i,m glad to see this story updated. i was afraid of how long i was gonna wait to see it.

      and just finnished and it dindt disapointed me at all. truely a good read.

    66. @Harwick

      Thanks. Yeah, I wasn't quite sure how to classify this story without giving people the wrong impression, which is why I went with 'dark', though I'm sure that meant some people assumed it would be full of blood and guts at the like, which is absolutely not the sort of story I'd ever want to write.

      I think it's the best thing I've written even if it won't be the most widely read. Thanks ever so much for reading and enjoying it, every comment in response means a heck of a lot to me.

    67. ...does this make Twilight Rincewind?

    68. I almost think it deserves of a Comedy tag for how well it slips from unnerving horror to genuinely hilarious. An easy five stars.

    69. I thought the climax was a little anti-climactic -- the day is saved essentially by random chance instead of any character's deliberate action, and that never sits right with me. But I liked the rest of it, and love the idea of Yellowstar's origin.

    70. Well-written, funny, satisfying... in short, brilliant!

      Write more.

      A lot more.

    71. @Huitzil Well, I think that's a bit of a strength actually. In real life, the day is frequently saved by a series of coincidences, or just one very great touch of luck, rather than a well-planned act. And, that sets apart the scripted world of Yellowstar's story from the 'real' world of Equestria, a world which Yellowstar manages to touch in the end when she makes a choice outside of her written character.

      Of course, this could have been played out trollingly...

      Twilight: I'm so glad I have free will and am not some one-dimensional character with a silly catch phrase!

      Dash: Well, gotta go! I need to catch the Wonderbolts in 10 seconds flat for their next show! I hear it's gonna be about 20% cooler!

      Applejack: Beg yer pardon?

      Pinkie Pie: THIS CALLS FOR A PARTY! FOREEEVERRR!! With cupcakes!

      Rarity: That would be the... worst... possible... thing!

      Fluttershy: I think it's.. nice..

      Twilight: ... If anyone wants me, I'll be in my room...

      Pinkie: SIMPSONS DID IT!!


      Derpy pops up: Muffins!

    72. *Read the last parts, 3-4.*


      It was... quite an odd story, all things considered, but a relatively good story, I would say.

    73. @Huitzil
      >saved essentially by random chance instead of any character's deliberate action
      -Huh... did you forget that it is said that 'Yellowstar' dragged Twilight away from the fire... before Big Mac dragged her to Ponyville.

      Last time I checked, those 2 were ''characters'' in the story, and their actions were quite ''deliberate''... just 'off-screen' (but it's still written, that it happened).

    74. Really, really enjoyable read. Good diction, prose, and character depth. Kept me reading all the way through.

      However, the only thing I did not like was the sudden rush of humor about third chapter in. It felt really jarring and awkward in comparison to the former part of the story.

    75. An enjoyable read. I didn't mean to read the whole thing in one sitting but a story that interests me has a way of keeping me from stopping.

      The ending surprised me in more than one way. Especially in how Twi got out of the barn.
      I found myself really starting to understand Twilight's way of thinking. It really was sad, and unfair, wasn't it?

      Props to the author. Keep on writing.