• Clarification on YouTube Stream Takedowns

    I assumed this was common knowledge after the Ponyarchive cease and desist, but I guess not!

    The actual "Hasbro.inc" take-downs are actually legitimate take-downs.  Even the "Habsro inc." was just a typo. 

    The emails are always protected legally (So I can't toss personal proof up) , but someone did create a video on YouTube of his experience with contacting them directly about it.   You can find that after the break.  They haven't told us personally to stop linking streams, but they are removing them from Youtube.  

    --Sethisto's Trixie-Free Opinion Section--
    We grew up on Youtube.  Without it, this fandom wouldn't be anywhere near as large as it is.  While I can support it from a legal/sales standpoint, it is confusing from the marketing side.  Having easy access to episodes, any time, has always been a massive boon to the community. 

    What was the norm ten years ago, when we would look at the TV guide and plan our schedules out to catch a specific episode, doesn't really fly today.  Fanfics, PMV's, Art, and music are always released the date a new episode airs.

    I don't think Hasbro/The Hub was prepared for the brony phenomenon, and dealing with something like that while still protecting their assets is going to be rocky.  Who would have thought My Little Pony would grow like it did?

    --End Sethisto's Trixie-Free Opinion Section--

    Exploding about it won't do anything.  Don't treat this like Ponyarchive did.  Large corporations are complicated. With DVD's on the horizon, it is sort of required that they protect their copyright.  It's difficult to sell something in mass to a retailer that is completely free. They have investors, retailers, legal representatives, and hundreds of other sects that need to be appeased.   How they will decide to deal with the"brony" group while balancing the others is still undetermined.  For now, the best thing YOU can do is give them your take on it civilly, be it in comments here, or through their various contact forms

    Hopefully in the end, we can get some sort of understanding going.  Aside from this, both The Hub and Hasbro have been really good to us.  It's not worth bashing them over.  Take it in stride. Until something crazy happens, we have been dealing with this for months now, so don't expect any major changes yet.