• Story: Much Ahoof About Nothing (Update Part 9!)


    Author: Butterscotch Sundae
    Description: It's springtime in Equestria and Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia find themselves out of sorts despite the gorgeous weather. Luna and Rarity both think they know the reason behind their moodiness and set out to make sure that true love blossoms - but will an unfortunate misunderstanding keep the two star-crossed lovers apart forever?
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    Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 9 (New!)

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    1. Additional and regular tags and image says it all

    2. "Author: Butterscotch Sundae" Twilestia ship. This is going to be read with such intensity.

    3. Been awhile since the last Butterscotch story...

    4. Oooh, Twilestia huh? Ok, I'll read it.

    5. @MetalGearSamus
      It's a pun with the Shakespeare comedy "Much Ado About Nothing".

    6. "Meh, don't think I'll read this"

      *See author is Butterchotch Sundae*

      "All my other tasks are irrelevant"

    7. @MetalGearSamus, it's a forced pony pun based on the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing.

      Romantic comedy + comedy of errors, anyone?

    8. @Tenkoman

      I know it's supposed to be, but that's not a pun. "Ahoof" is in no way a pun on "Ado." "Ahoof" would be a pun if it replaced "Afoot" or something, but replacing "Ado" with something that's not a pony-synonym is just confusing.

    9. I just read it. I remembered why I don't like ships.

    10. twilestia? ive never read a shipping of those sorts. i imagine it to be awkward

    11. We now need a pic of luna playing croquet.


    12. @Hunter Parasite

      Oddly enough, there is a pic of that..........and of her playing tennis

    13. I havent read Twilestia before. Might as well give it a go. If I can try Caramel/Big Mac and like it, then I can try Twilestia.


    15. Not going to read...

      *sees other comments*


    16. @MetalGearSamus
      It could still make sense. It could work doubly as a pun on "Much ado about nothing" while at the same time meaning that there is "Much afoot about nothing" in other words, there is a lot going on for no reason.

    17. @Hunter Paradise

      You best be believing in it

    18. 3.7 stars? That's it? And it's a Butterscotch story?

      THE HORROR! THE HORROR! Take 5 stars, you earned in my eyes. This fic has plenty of potential and is quite well written. Shipping neighsayers need to stop rating shipfics low just on the premise of it being a shipfic. Rate it on the actual writing itself, not simply because you hate shipping.


    19. Gonna read this with a vengeance, but whatever happened to Butterscotch's adventures in equestria? I liked that.

    20. >Twilestia
      >starts off with Rarijack

      *slow claps*

      Oh, and spoilers.

      But yes, the idea's there and the pacing's good...but it needs polishing. There's minor derps everywhere. "It was spartanly furnished room" - eh?

    21. I thought this story was off to a fantastic start!

      I don't understand how the star rating is as low as it is... Its shipping, yes, but its also quite well written. Rate it on those merits.

      Looking forward to more!

    22. Okay this might be me being super full of myself, but was that statue of lady Aurora a reference to my Aurora?

      Okay, probably not...

    23. Oh wow, now Shakespeare's been ponified.

    24. You only thought Oedipus had problems

    25. Interesting... I would have expected Rarijack as the lead couple in a pony adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. If anything, though, this just piques my interest even more... I'm definitely gonna have to read it.

    26. I was slightly iffy about the Rarijack until the Brokeback Mountain joke was cracked. Then I was totally on board.

      Minor errors abound, but I'm willing to overlook them if this story is going the way I think it is. And if this is going to be a Comedy of Errors in any capacity, I think it IS what I think it is...

    27. I read this story when it first went up on DA last night and I love it. I can't wait for the rest of this story and to see hwo Luna and Rarity end up causing trouble/hilarity.

    28. @Yours sincerely Spartanly can be used to describe something that lacks luxury or excessiveness.

      anyways, good first installment, can't wait for more!

    29. ...wait... rarity wouldn't be refering to herself aj or twi like that given the context, pinkie's in town and she just discounted fluttershy... oh crap she thinks it's RD...

    30. @Hydra in a Top Hat
      Did you read Swayback Mountain? It's pretty good, you should check it out.

    31. Thanks for taking the time to comment, everyone! Everyone, that is, except for you guys who seem to need to tell people that you're not going to read something. Do you ever walk into a cafe and tell the customers "I'm not going to drink coffee here? So long!" I didn't think so! ;)

      Anyhoo, some specific replies below:

      @Yours sincerely

      Thanks for picking that up, Yours sincerely! The sentence was a little inelegant (all bathrooms are, after all, spartanly furnished - I mean, you're not going to put a wardrobe in there, are you?) But as for other minor "derps", I would be most indebted to you if you'd email me a list of them - but take care to read my caveat at the bottom of all these replies!

      @Fallin' Winter

      Yay, I don't have to explain it now! Thanks Fallin' Winter.

      @Mister Morden

      Don't worry about that star-rating, Mr Morden! For every fan I have, there are two who don't care for my work (and one of these has probably never troubled themselves to read any of it!).
      I'm just pleased to have somebody read my work - my daily page views on DA today are at 2095 and rising (I hope it's not just one rabid fan constantly hitting refresh!), so even if only a tenth of the people visiting bother to read the story and enjoy it I'm happy.


      I'm afraid it isn't - I just thought Aurora was a cool name. Could you send me a link to your work? I'm interested in reading it!

      @Hydra in a Top Hat

      This story is an unofficial sequel to my original Rarijack story, Swayback Mountain, which you can find and read on this very website!

      Oh, and if anyone finds any typos or spelling mistakes, please don't just jump into the thread and not leave specifics - let me know via my email! I proof all my work, but as any writer knows proofing your own work is a fool's game. But before you get typing, please be warned that I use Australian English and am not going to change things like "colour" or "realise".

    32. Since when does Butterscotch NOT do one shots?

      Ah well, I guess I'll be looking forward to the next one!

    33. Hey Butterscotch! I REALLY liked this one, for some reason your style always just has that romantic spark to it. This one was no exception. <3

    34. "Some who have read the book, or at any rate have reviewed it, have found it boring, absurd, or contemptible; and I have no cause to complain, since I have similar opinions of their works, or of the kinds of writing that they evidently prefer."

      --J.R.R. Tolkien, speaking of critics who can't be bothered to read what they criticize

      Butterscotch, you are in good company.

    35. Oh now, why not use the right picture for this?

    36. YES! It's about time someone did a new Twilestia fic!

    37. @Fifth AlicornThe Party Hasn't Ended? The Book of Pinkiesm? Both are multichapter stories of his.

    38. Damn, I've read way too many fics where Celly is Twi's mother to come anywhere near this one o)

    39. OMG, Butterscotch Sundae Fic! Love her stuff! This will be awesome!

    40. Swayback Mountain is what got me on board with Buttersc0tch's world of shipping. I don't know how people can dislike shipping when it makes you feel so good and happy and makes the ponies seem so much more real. Maybe I'm just more susceptible to romance than other ponies.

    41. Buttersc0tch Sundae is best pony.

    42. @Mr. Unsmiley

      Hmm. Haven't read those. Guess that shows how much I know

    43. This story was a nice thing to wake up to.
      looking forward to the next chap. :)

    44. You finish this right now. DO YOU HEAR ME? NOW.

    45. Do you want to know the truth. Half way through the shower sean I didn't even realise it was a shower seen. The yuri came (not the most aprocreate word salection) outa left feild. Don't get me wrong this is very well writen, I guess i just don't have the dirty mind I thought i had

    46. @mycutiemarkisagun
      I believe it's a tranquilizer that should be readied... or chamomile. Helps with the 'cap-lock syndrome'.

      ...now to read the story.

    47. Part 1 :

      >ready to send once Spike returned from his boys-only camping trip with Pipsqueak, Snips and Snails.
      -Ah, I see that dear ‘ol... well, new Pipsqueak is already finding his place in stories. ;)

      >"Well, if it's not young Spike, then do you have any idea who it might be?"
      >Twilight shook her head. "I have absolutely no idea."
      -Mmh, well, she could have at least thought of ‘’missing her parents’’... They live in Canterlot and are technically ‘close to her heart’ (too)... Would have made for a relatively subtle indication for Celestia (though we already know she wants Celestia, but you know what I mean) ?

      >that was making her feel this terrible 'bluh'
      -I wonder... is a ‘bluh’ equivalent to a ‘bleh’ ? Does it hold a comparative value, but applied to a different set of ‘variables’ ? And, what about the ‘meh’ ? ... ... ;)

      >she'd be able to shake the bluhs!
      -Sounds similar to having the ‘blues’ ?

      >rebounded off the helm of a Pegasus guard (whose name was Firewing)
      -I really don’t know why, but I thought : whose name was Sir Forgetalot (forget-a-lot)

      >But she was only two thousand years old
      -2000 Years old ? 2000... wait what ? Why this arbitrary number, and not an older one ? In fact, why stating an age, when alicorns (or at least those 2 Princesses-Goddesses) are supposed to be ‘virtually’ (and technically) ageless beings ?

      >where it bounced off the statue of Discord
      -She put back the statue of Discord in the Royal Garden ? ...she should really invest in one of those High-security underground vaults, to store petrified mortal-enemies.

      >Caramel, who as usual had spent most of the day making sure his mane was kept absolutely perfect and barely dug a single hole.
      -I NEVER saw Caramel portrayed like that, in ANY story before... I don’t get why you did that to his character ? (he’s not Blueblood or anything like him, seriously)

      >"You know there'd be hell ta pay if anypony found out," said Applejack seriously.
      -Why ? Is there an anti ‘mare-mare relations’ law ? And, I really doubt there’s a taboo in Equestrian society against that kind of relations (except maybe the usual handful of fancy-‘’noble’’ ponies in Canterlot).

      >the memory of Rarity's own tear-felt confession all those months ago in the Swayback Mountains
      -Ooooohhh... right ! That story. Been a long time, really. I had almost forgot that she made that story too. I remember that it was a great and nice story though.


      So far, it’s rather interesting... but, there’s that thing with Caramel that make me frown slightly.

    48. The story is a good read. Some of it is pretty silly, but I enjoy the humor.

      I also am curious to see your interpretation of the Twilestia ship. Reading another story with that ship right now that I heartily enjoy.

      Keep up the good work!

    49. Read the first two chapters, I'm hooked. I would love to read more fiction with Rarity/Applejack shipping. Seems like such a great combonation.

    50. Part 2 : (for some unknown reasons, my earlier post of this... vanished after I refreshed the page ??)

      >Rarity snorted. "Oh please, darling! This is our Rainbow we're talking about here. Of course she has no idea!"
      -Rarity doesn’t have any clue either... Also, not sure to ‘like’ this ’think she knows everything’/’think that all she thinks is 100% true’-version of Rarity. I mean, sure, she’s Rarity... but she’s not ‘that’ bad ?

      >"Thank you, Spitfire ma'am!" said Ditzy, saluting first with her left forehoof
      -Ditzy/Derpy is a Wonderbolt... was it introduced in another (previous) story, that I forgot ? Is Dinky aware that her mother is a Wonderbolt (part-time Wonderbolt/Mailmare) ?

      >not seeing the deep blush on the rainbow-maned Pegasus filly's face
      -Hey RD ! Don’t forget Pinky Pie ‘THAT’ quickly !

      >Oh, trying to bring ponies with compatible hearts together was so much fun!
      -Bad Luna, bad. According to the script and statistics, RD is best with the energetic and fun Pinky Pie. She probably missed a comma, when calculating on her Abacus... like Rarity about RD.

      >The lights were on, and as Twilight focused in on the window she could see the opposite wall of the room
      -A darn powerful and sophisticated telescope that she has there ?

      >feeling of bluh-ness
      -That’s 3.1415/4 units of a ‘bleh’ for you.

      >Luna nodded,
      >Lulu shrugged.
      >Luna looked
      -(middle one) Accidental error ? It’s part of the ‘narrative text’, not part of the previous conversation where Celestia gave Luna this nickname.

      >Luna laughed. "Oh, you can use the E word, sister.
      -Enderman ? EEEEeeeee ! ...ahh, dear ‘ol Chaps. (Let’s Player reference... guess who.)

      >"It's not a game, you know. You should be careful.
      -Yeah, Luna... be more careful with Pinky Pie... I mean RD... I mean... What did I meant ?

      >"Well, au revoir!" She waved goodbye
      -When in need for some ‘Fancy’, use french for about a 20% increase ! Results guaranteed !


      Rather good once again... I simply hope that ‘The Party Hasn't Ended’ hasn’t been forgotten already, you know... just saying.

    51. @Nova25 I don't think Buttersc0tch's stories all have continuity...remember that she also wrote "First Blush" (Soarin' x Dash) and "Here's to You, Miss Pinkamena Diane Pie!" (Spike x Pinkie) but those stories don't contradict "The Party Hasn't Ended" because they aren't a part of that storyline. The Moondancer x Starcatcher reference was a nice little wink though. ;) "Swayback Mountain" (Rarity x Applejack)tends to pop up in multiple Buttersc0tch stories ("The Party Hasn't Ended" and this one of course) though, so I guess that one sometimes has continuity, LOL. I don't think you have anything to worry about. PinkieDash is the OTP anyway, hehe. :D

      Great story, can't wait for more. :)

    52. It might have a low star rating for the sole fact that while a lot of readers like shipfics, the same amount don't. Still, I wouldn't rate Fallout Equestria bad just cause I don't like the Fallout series(the game, not the fic). It's just a matter of opinion. However, I will say this... I admit, at the moment, this story, while adorable and charming in it's own fashion, at the moment doesn't compare to her previous titles for which Butterscotch is really known for. People probably reading this story and never having heard of Butterscotch are probably like "What's the big deal? Nothing really that amazing, really". Read Swayback Mountain and The Party hasn't Ended and then you neighsayers will see why Butterscotch is adored so much and why any story of her's happens to get a lot of attention. But back to the point at hand, I'm loving this fic so far. I'm probably the least picky reader in all of Equestria but still, amazing story so far. Can't wait for more :D

    53. Huzzah an update!

      The plot is really moving forward now. Pinkie being Pinkie always makes me laugh.

      Keep up the good work Butterscotch!

    54. For the record, I wasn't dissing Butterscotch with my comment. Just pointing out that no-one does ridiculously, almost oppressively adorable shipping better.


    55. This is such a good story so far, more please!! ButterScotchSundae does the best shipfics :)

    56. I don't think the author actually knows what "Star-Crossed Lovers" means...

    57. Luna is having *way* too much fun tonight. I guess a goddess has to keep herself entertained.

      And I approve of this adorable Twilestia-ness!

    58. I greatly enjoy this series - it's actually the first FiM fan fiction I ever read. Since then, I've gone and read most of ButterScotch's other stories (save for the human ones) and they're all really good, just, I am really, really liking Much Ahoof better. Twilestia is just too cute, especially with the tasteful renditions of ButterScotch.

    59. Stupid Dash! Was that the best prank she could think of on the spot? Arg. And Rarity, really, so much drama! I am so disappointed.

      Luna & Fluttershy was another prank that went wrong, but Luna paid the price struggling with her Moon. And hilarity ensued.

      Twilight finding the spell and opening the door were both really powerful and beautiful moments.

      If you were to keep part 8 as a subscription-only chapter, you'd make a killing. And I'd hate you. I can't wait for the conclusion!

    60. Well, that turned into insanity and shenanigans rather quickly! Glad to know Canterlot hasn't been moon-squished though. That was a very entertaining read. Thank you for sharing!