• Poll Results: Favorite Pony


    Really...? I mean, she is awesome, don't get me wrong,  but when did she become the BEST pony? Fluttershy doesn't even WANT attention.

    And how the hell did Doctor Whoof beat the Great and Powerful Trixie?

    I'm pretty disappointed guys, and so is Twilight Sparkle.  I hope you are all happy.  The poor girl has been crying her eyes out for a few hours now.   

    Also Lyra asked me to keep her and bonbon off the list.  Apparently they are tired of everyone butting in on their personal lives.  In fact, Bonbon broke up with Lyra around the middle of season 1 thanks to you.  It's rumored that they still see each other in secret, but they sure as hell don't live together anymore.