• Drawfriend Stuff #95

    Goddess Edition, or something.  It just looks cool.

    Too many awesome sonic booms to choose from this time.  I missed a few back in the training ground thread, so be sure to check it out.  I can't have half of drawfriend be copies though!

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    Source 6 noel

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    Source 8
    Saucy Dash/Fluttershy

    Source 9
    Saucy Rarity/Fluttershy

    Source 10-Probably an event entry, but I don't feel like re-assigning numbers.

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    Saucy Cherilee/Twilight Sparkle

    Source 16 cartoonlion
    Saucy Fluttershy/Dash

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    Source 24-Kinoko
    Story to go with it: The seating: Before painting I studied da Vinci's original Last
    Supper. Placing Celestia in the central place of Jesus was quite
    obvious. The apostles are in groups of three, and this was good
    because I could have formed two groups of the six main ponies. Since
    in Bible John was Jesus' favourite disciple, it was natural to put
    Twilight Sparkle in his place, as Celestia's favourite. However Judas
    the traitor was next to John, and who of the six main characters could
    have empony a traitor? I had no choice but to break up the main
    characters' groups and put Luna there. I put Trixie in the place of
    Peter (because of the similar aggressive behaviour), while originally
    I thought to place Spike there. The rest of the ponies and fillies
    then just got the sides.

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