• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 6

    You know, it's getting harder and harder to find good, sketch-style images that are relevant to the day's gallery theme. I may need to start raiding your earlier submissions if I want to maintain this visual style. And I do! It's how you know it's me posting these and not Emergency-Sethisto. Today's been an interesting day. We've been having some major storms brewing overhead of Phoeville, and I found myself - without thinking about it or attempting to make a joke - looking up at the sky and asking if the pegasus ponies could reschedule. Damn it, I want Equestrian weather.

    Speaking of the little flying ponies, you guys sent in quite a lot of them! I'm counting 230 entrants in this year's Best Young Flier competition. Power outages last night prevented me from telling you my "two dollar banana" story like I promised. Find that and ponies, after the break! Remember to follow the submission guidelines when sending in tomorrow's pictures. I've gotten a couple of requests to point ponies in this direction again, and since I'm such a generous ruler, have some pony drawing guides!

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony as a filly (or a colt). Ok class, it's time to work on your proportions! Don't forget, little foals have different body structures from fully grown (but still little) ponies. Now, I can think of at least two different ways to pun your way out of this assignment, but I'm sure there are more. Good luck finding them!

    Ok. So. Bananas. Once upon a time in a magical place called "Indianapolis", some friends and I were all sitting around in a fancy suite at The Hyatt, I think it was, staying up way too late and drinking way too much. This being the case, we were hungry and the city was pretty much closed down, leaving room service as our only recourse. Cracking open the menu we see a fine selection of moderately overpriced foods, but one item leaps out at us. "$2 - Whole Banana". Not five items up from this you could order a pizza for something like $15, so the idea of a single banana costing so much seemed impossible. It must be some sort of dessert, or a side dish we'd never heard of, or... something! Curiosity got the better of us. And it was just a banana. Not even a very good banana, although it was whole. We stared at it for what felt like hours before bursting into laughter that never really stopped. Two dollars. Whole banana. It was amazing, you'll have to trust me. Er... right, anyway. Pegasus Gallery, ready for takeoff!

    1) By Strawberry Spice (Lyra does not need wings to fly.)

    2) By blindferret

    3) By kjh242

    4) By Anakah

    5) By Mr. Wonko

    6) By Zu Kraze

    7) By Lacrox

    8) By Latte

    9) By ChaosDrop (You know, Scoots, most athletes are too busy training to be the best at videogames...)

    10) By Milk (Sorry you missed your favorite number again!)

    11) By Fallin' Winter

    12) By Fish0and0chips

    13) By FoxOfWar

    14) By Captain British

    15) By Magnet

    16) By Damian Foxx (Kid Icarus was a great game. You should play it.)

    17) By zomgitsalaura

    18) By Nathaniel Burss (TwiddleChimp)

    19) By Thanqol (Secretly, this is why Twilight eventually just used the cloud-walking spell)

    20) By Cybie

    21) By Rayniecloud

    22) By Twilight360

    23) By Lorina

    24) By Tarynsgate (I really like the design on Scootaloo's mom.)

    25) By Chistery

    26) By Rocket

    27) By Arion

    28) By Inspiration

    29) By Mihaaaa (Oh you little punk.)

    30) By Invidlord

    31) By Shiver (And then Rarity was a Final Fantasy summon)

    32) By Rai-dash

    33) By Caramel (For Sale: Phoenix cage. Never used.)

    34) By Partition (This may be my favorite Rainboom effect.)

    35) By RoseLuckâ„¢

    36) By Spark (...Nope, nevermind. Lyra! <3)

    37) By NotaBear (Stop cheating, Scoots.)

    38) By FrostV952

    39) By niki

    40) By Smock

    41) By Daniel (danis2005)

    42) By Natry

    43) By masteredwood

    44) By Portalsoup

    45) By AlterForm (I love this so much.)

    46) By Saphin

    47) By PandaRoux

    48) By Quantum

    49) By Frith

    50) By Roper

    51) By AnonPonyD

    52) By ShinePaw

    53) By ClearSkies

    54) By Stabbercube

    55) By Pcjoyce

    56) By Family Man

    57) By Blueberry Muffin

    58) By Shiko

    59) By Squidbombed

    60) By dhas

    61) By Uncle Leo

    62) By Hamcha

    63) By Miyajima

    64) By Goggle Sparks

    65) By Lancer5317 (It was inevitable...)

    66) By Taco Bandit (Those look like they hurt.)

    67) By PenguinPlayer

    68) By kna

    69) By Trot Pilgrim

    70) By Lunar Apologist (Is this how she brings in the night? Wowies.)

    71) By Mary Jane

    72) By ^Graff

    73) By kogheys

    74) By Sneo (Hey guys, the Wonderbolts are like the Blue Angels! Also, Spike has a crush on Rarity!)

    75) By Game Broth

    76) By Quill

    77) By Kitty Tail (Does anypony else remember the F1-17A Stealth Fighter game?)

    78) By EssAeEm (And this wins the)

    79) By Basher40445

    80) By Zee

    81) By Pineapple Skitter

    82) By PinkamenaPie (Behold the power of cupcakes.)

    83) By James Lyons

    84) By Paavi0

    85) By Evergreen II

    86) By Erthilo

    87) By Jdan-S (Nyan~)

    88) By Ori

    89) By Clinton Arnold

    90) By Ricky

    91) By Moabite

    92) By The Obsessor

    93) By Fickle (Visual puns!)

    94) By Dangereaux

    95) By redcladhero

    96) By Nullh

    97) By Twisted Pony

    98) By loveapplemint

    99) By PinkiePied

    100) By Amehdaus (Wiiiiings!)

    101) By Shockwave

    102) By Fox E:

    103) By Tenchi Outsuno

    104) By rich-tea

    105) By Chromadancer

    106) By unholyhen

    107) By Ego (You know, I really like Octavia a lot. I think I have a thing for music ponies.)

    108) By SecretPony

    109) By Kelz

    110) By Miguel (only 15 min)

    111) By Lunawings

    112) By Spiritofthwwolf

    113) By rkr7

    114) By Professor Basil (Holy crap! Cubism!)

    115) By Fetchbeer

    116) By Alipes

    117) By Kitsune (Miles Prony)

    118) By Sherlock Hooves

    119) By Dragon Rage

    120) By DiZaster321

    121) By Ash (Cheerilee forgot to account for the magic pegasus dust sprinkled on each child at birth. They... um... skipped Scootaloo.)

    122) By Starlight Bolt

    123) By Coquette (Unable to find the time to draw Rarity, this artist murdered Sweetie Belle. No, really.)

    124) By kits

    125) By ThatOnePegasus

    126) By DJ Rainbow Dash

    127) By Buddy Vox (Aural Puns!)

    128) By Xeonneo (This artist politely requests you help him name this pony.)

    129) By Luna

    130) By Doc New!FillySAOwk

    131) By Brongaar

    132) By Muffinsforever (yay)

    133) By toonboy92484 (Dash legitimately won enough of those contests to be the Iron Pony, I'm sick of you people and your Apple-pushing.)

    134) By Tarragon

    135) By Hellkipz

    136) By Blu (Formally Blü)

    137) By RaspleZS

    138) By G-Rocks

    139) By GeeSee

    140) By garnetfaerie

    141) By Riokenn (There are very real tears streaming down my face right now. I can't make them stop.)

    142) By TheWiseWolf

    143) By PonyLover

    144) By Pony Stark

    145) By Atlur

    146) By Doc Steedly ( Doculean )

    147) By Systemdertoten

    148) By Sip I.A.

    149) By Starlite

    150) By Afentis

    151) By Sapphire

    152) By djrk16

    153) By Omega RKB

    154) By Chance Witte

    155) By Zach

    156) By oghm

    Grimdark warning - linked

    157) By Kt Kat

    158) By VeoBandit

    159) By TapeDiggity

    160) By Condor

    161) By Issy

    162) By Sluggsnipa

    163) By Relias

    164) By Foxdeimos

    165) By Circuit Mane

    166) By Virga Rainboom

    167) By Periphery

    168) By Leafette (I'm trying to be clever but all I can do is d'aww.)

    169) By Illumina

    170) By ProjectFreeism

    171) By MHPayne

    172) By badzerg

    173) By K9saurus

    174) By Puffy

    175) By SiuiS (So, I um, I wrote this story a while back and...u-um... eep.)

    176) By 1337 br0n-3 (Y'know, I'm kind of surprised this is the only one of these.)

    177) By Hakys

    178) By Rainbow Flash

    179) By Canadian Bacon

    180) By Neoridgeback

    181) By Rydel

    182) By Nimble Haste (All the puns! At once!)

    183) By Taffy

    184) By Immersa

    185) By al03480049

    186) By Alleydodger

    187) By Flygon16 (I think there may actually be more jokes than legit attempts.)

    188) By Scribbles

    189) By Leaf Growth

    190) By Mockingbird

    191) By empty10

    192) By panda_instinct

    193) By calamari (Why does this keep happening?)

    194) By Topocruz

    195) By Windfall

    196) By ninjawarior

    197) By Eliwood10 (See, the irony here is that she actually has wings, so it's a double enten-- never mind.)

    198) By Sherbet Quillfeather

    199) By Spurs

    200) By Macon Mixx

    201) By Alleen

    202) By Tanman

    203) By Prismatic Pretzel

    204) By Eeful

    205) By MasterofRoku

    206) By nuclearsuplexattack

    207) By Infinity

    208) By Filiecs

    209) By Da Chi

    210) By Leo_Kiltguy

    211) By A Terrible Person

    212) By djTeka

    213) By JanzyBrony

    214) By Kooldude

    215) By lolstaz (I wonder if this was rushed?)

    216) By 8ftmetalhead

    217) By StarStep

    218) By ThunderThorn (I agree with Twilight.)

    219) By Lunchmonke

    220) By Why485

    221) By Avohkah Tamer

    222) By baby Roo

    223) By Nvr Rmbr (who tells us that Derpy is trying to break the sound barrier but cannot find it)

    224) By xadhoom

    225) By Doombah (who had technical difficulties getting this in one shot. Here's all three portions!)

    226) By Silver Shine

    227) By Aeiou

    228) By Jackolako

    229) By basharoonskis

    230) By MHPayne

    231) By Xiagu (who submitted this via e-mail slightly late, but during the period in which I was still uploading late images. Not going to punish somepony for me passing out)

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