• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 6

    You know, it's getting harder and harder to find good, sketch-style images that are relevant to the day's gallery theme. I may need to start raiding your earlier submissions if I want to maintain this visual style. And I do! It's how you know it's me posting these and not Emergency-Sethisto. Today's been an interesting day. We've been having some major storms brewing overhead of Phoeville, and I found myself - without thinking about it or attempting to make a joke - looking up at the sky and asking if the pegasus ponies could reschedule. Damn it, I want Equestrian weather.

    Speaking of the little flying ponies, you guys sent in quite a lot of them! I'm counting 230 entrants in this year's Best Young Flier competition. Power outages last night prevented me from telling you my "two dollar banana" story like I promised. Find that and ponies, after the break! Remember to follow the submission guidelines when sending in tomorrow's pictures. I've gotten a couple of requests to point ponies in this direction again, and since I'm such a generous ruler, have some pony drawing guides!

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony as a filly (or a colt). Ok class, it's time to work on your proportions! Don't forget, little foals have different body structures from fully grown (but still little) ponies. Now, I can think of at least two different ways to pun your way out of this assignment, but I'm sure there are more. Good luck finding them!

    Ok. So. Bananas. Once upon a time in a magical place called "Indianapolis", some friends and I were all sitting around in a fancy suite at The Hyatt, I think it was, staying up way too late and drinking way too much. This being the case, we were hungry and the city was pretty much closed down, leaving room service as our only recourse. Cracking open the menu we see a fine selection of moderately overpriced foods, but one item leaps out at us. "$2 - Whole Banana". Not five items up from this you could order a pizza for something like $15, so the idea of a single banana costing so much seemed impossible. It must be some sort of dessert, or a side dish we'd never heard of, or... something! Curiosity got the better of us. And it was just a banana. Not even a very good banana, although it was whole. We stared at it for what felt like hours before bursting into laughter that never really stopped. Two dollars. Whole banana. It was amazing, you'll have to trust me. Er... right, anyway. Pegasus Gallery, ready for takeoff!

    1) By Strawberry Spice (Lyra does not need wings to fly.)

    2) By blindferret

    3) By kjh242

    4) By Anakah

    5) By Mr. Wonko

    6) By Zu Kraze

    7) By Lacrox

    8) By Latte

    9) By ChaosDrop (You know, Scoots, most athletes are too busy training to be the best at videogames...)

    10) By Milk (Sorry you missed your favorite number again!)

    11) By Fallin' Winter

    12) By Fish0and0chips

    13) By FoxOfWar

    14) By Captain British

    15) By Magnet

    16) By Damian Foxx (Kid Icarus was a great game. You should play it.)

    17) By zomgitsalaura

    18) By Nathaniel Burss (TwiddleChimp)

    19) By Thanqol (Secretly, this is why Twilight eventually just used the cloud-walking spell)

    20) By Cybie

    21) By Rayniecloud

    22) By Twilight360

    23) By Lorina

    24) By Tarynsgate (I really like the design on Scootaloo's mom.)

    25) By Chistery

    26) By Rocket

    27) By Arion

    28) By Inspiration

    29) By Mihaaaa (Oh you little punk.)

    30) By Invidlord

    31) By Shiver (And then Rarity was a Final Fantasy summon)

    32) By Rai-dash

    33) By Caramel (For Sale: Phoenix cage. Never used.)

    34) By Partition (This may be my favorite Rainboom effect.)

    35) By RoseLuckâ„¢

    36) By Spark (...Nope, nevermind. Lyra! <3)

    37) By NotaBear (Stop cheating, Scoots.)

    38) By FrostV952

    39) By niki

    40) By Smock

    41) By Daniel (danis2005)

    42) By Natry

    43) By masteredwood

    44) By Portalsoup

    45) By AlterForm (I love this so much.)

    46) By Saphin

    47) By PandaRoux

    48) By Quantum

    49) By Frith

    50) By Roper

    51) By AnonPonyD

    52) By ShinePaw

    53) By ClearSkies

    54) By Stabbercube

    55) By Pcjoyce

    56) By Family Man

    57) By Blueberry Muffin

    58) By Shiko

    59) By Squidbombed

    60) By dhas

    61) By Uncle Leo

    62) By Hamcha

    63) By Miyajima

    64) By Goggle Sparks

    65) By Lancer5317 (It was inevitable...)

    66) By Taco Bandit (Those look like they hurt.)

    67) By PenguinPlayer

    68) By kna

    69) By Trot Pilgrim

    70) By Lunar Apologist (Is this how she brings in the night? Wowies.)

    71) By Mary Jane

    72) By ^Graff

    73) By kogheys

    74) By Sneo (Hey guys, the Wonderbolts are like the Blue Angels! Also, Spike has a crush on Rarity!)

    75) By Game Broth

    76) By Quill

    77) By Kitty Tail (Does anypony else remember the F1-17A Stealth Fighter game?)

    78) By EssAeEm (And this wins the)

    79) By Basher40445

    80) By Zee

    81) By Pineapple Skitter

    82) By PinkamenaPie (Behold the power of cupcakes.)

    83) By James Lyons

    84) By Paavi0

    85) By Evergreen II

    86) By Erthilo

    87) By Jdan-S (Nyan~)

    88) By Ori

    89) By Clinton Arnold

    90) By Ricky

    91) By Moabite

    92) By The Obsessor

    93) By Fickle (Visual puns!)

    94) By Dangereaux

    95) By redcladhero

    96) By Nullh

    97) By Twisted Pony

    98) By loveapplemint

    99) By PinkiePied

    100) By Amehdaus (Wiiiiings!)

    101) By Shockwave

    102) By Fox E:

    103) By Tenchi Outsuno

    104) By rich-tea

    105) By Chromadancer

    106) By unholyhen

    107) By Ego (You know, I really like Octavia a lot. I think I have a thing for music ponies.)

    108) By SecretPony

    109) By Kelz

    110) By Miguel (only 15 min)

    111) By Lunawings

    112) By Spiritofthwwolf

    113) By rkr7

    114) By Professor Basil (Holy crap! Cubism!)

    115) By Fetchbeer

    116) By Alipes

    117) By Kitsune (Miles Prony)

    118) By Sherlock Hooves

    119) By Dragon Rage

    120) By DiZaster321

    121) By Ash (Cheerilee forgot to account for the magic pegasus dust sprinkled on each child at birth. They... um... skipped Scootaloo.)

    122) By Starlight Bolt

    123) By Coquette (Unable to find the time to draw Rarity, this artist murdered Sweetie Belle. No, really.)

    124) By kits

    125) By ThatOnePegasus

    126) By DJ Rainbow Dash

    127) By Buddy Vox (Aural Puns!)

    128) By Xeonneo (This artist politely requests you help him name this pony.)

    129) By Luna

    130) By Doc New!FillySAOwk

    131) By Brongaar

    132) By Muffinsforever (yay)

    133) By toonboy92484 (Dash legitimately won enough of those contests to be the Iron Pony, I'm sick of you people and your Apple-pushing.)

    134) By Tarragon

    135) By Hellkipz

    136) By Blu (Formally Blü)

    137) By RaspleZS

    138) By G-Rocks

    139) By GeeSee

    140) By garnetfaerie

    141) By Riokenn (There are very real tears streaming down my face right now. I can't make them stop.)

    142) By TheWiseWolf

    143) By PonyLover

    144) By Pony Stark

    145) By Atlur

    146) By Doc Steedly ( Doculean )

    147) By Systemdertoten

    148) By Sip I.A.

    149) By Starlite

    150) By Afentis

    151) By Sapphire

    152) By djrk16

    153) By Omega RKB

    154) By Chance Witte

    155) By Zach

    156) By oghm

    Grimdark warning - linked

    157) By Kt Kat

    158) By VeoBandit

    159) By TapeDiggity

    160) By Condor

    161) By Issy

    162) By Sluggsnipa

    163) By Relias

    164) By Foxdeimos

    165) By Circuit Mane

    166) By Virga Rainboom

    167) By Periphery

    168) By Leafette (I'm trying to be clever but all I can do is d'aww.)

    169) By Illumina

    170) By ProjectFreeism

    171) By MHPayne

    172) By badzerg

    173) By K9saurus

    174) By Puffy

    175) By SiuiS (So, I um, I wrote this story a while back and...u-um... eep.)

    176) By 1337 br0n-3 (Y'know, I'm kind of surprised this is the only one of these.)

    177) By Hakys

    178) By Rainbow Flash

    179) By Canadian Bacon

    180) By Neoridgeback

    181) By Rydel

    182) By Nimble Haste (All the puns! At once!)

    183) By Taffy

    184) By Immersa

    185) By al03480049

    186) By Alleydodger

    187) By Flygon16 (I think there may actually be more jokes than legit attempts.)

    188) By Scribbles

    189) By Leaf Growth

    190) By Mockingbird

    191) By empty10

    192) By panda_instinct

    193) By calamari (Why does this keep happening?)

    194) By Topocruz

    195) By Windfall

    196) By ninjawarior

    197) By Eliwood10 (See, the irony here is that she actually has wings, so it's a double enten-- never mind.)

    198) By Sherbet Quillfeather

    199) By Spurs

    200) By Macon Mixx

    201) By Alleen

    202) By Tanman

    203) By Prismatic Pretzel

    204) By Eeful

    205) By MasterofRoku

    206) By nuclearsuplexattack

    207) By Infinity

    208) By Filiecs

    209) By Da Chi

    210) By Leo_Kiltguy

    211) By A Terrible Person

    212) By djTeka

    213) By JanzyBrony

    214) By Kooldude

    215) By lolstaz (I wonder if this was rushed?)

    216) By 8ftmetalhead

    217) By StarStep

    218) By ThunderThorn (I agree with Twilight.)

    219) By Lunchmonke

    220) By Why485

    221) By Avohkah Tamer

    222) By baby Roo

    223) By Nvr Rmbr (who tells us that Derpy is trying to break the sound barrier but cannot find it)

    224) By xadhoom

    225) By Doombah (who had technical difficulties getting this in one shot. Here's all three portions!)

    226) By Silver Shine

    227) By Aeiou

    228) By Jackolako

    229) By basharoonskis

    230) By MHPayne

    231) By Xiagu (who submitted this via e-mail slightly late, but during the period in which I was still uploading late images. Not going to punish somepony for me passing out)


    1. #194.

      I really need to stop doing my drawing a few hours before the dealine.

    2. £80 here. Need to look over things when its not the middle of night i think xD

      way many mistakes and half done stuffs :P

    3. @TopoCruz

      Same, pulling a last minute doesn't make these easy.

    4. >Draw a pony as a filly (or a colt)

      Great..I have a piece that fits the request but I've already have it posted on the lastest drawfriend post.

    5. @TopoCruz Me too! But getting off work at 10pm makes it kind of hard. There was so much more I wanted to do with mine.

    6. #218, barely was able to finish before the deadline.

      I really should give myself more time to work on these.

    7. Haha I think #155 is my favirite, but its hard to pick because they are all so good!

      Im #158 today. Im not to happy with how it turned out.

    8. Obviously I wasn't the only with with the "Musical Stave" idea.
      As a filly or colt? Hmmm..

    9. 197 here. Not too pleased with the end result. Oh well, today's shouldn't be too bad.

    10. #132 made me lol

    11. 114 - whoa!

      also yay for all of us who did a Luna Boom! :D

    12. Aha, draw a younger version of a pony; I've been waiting for this one! I've had an idea in mind for a while.

    13. As for the Blue Angels Picture the Vapor cone needs to be less angular.

    14. #221 here.

      Argh, I finished it about a minute before the deadline. If I could have finished sooner, I would have colored/shaded it much better. =(

    15. #109 here :D

      It's nice to see that my friend sent a drawing, after he said to me he wasn't going to participate this day
      And is awesome that his pic is next to mine!

      I like how #207 took the photo of that drawing

    16. #12, I'm surprised it's so high up the list, I submitted about 2 hours later than usual. Also, if anyone's wondering where pinkie's tail is, she probably lost it somewhere on the way to supersonic speed.... or something.

    17. Stick to the theme, ponies.

    18. #186 here.

      Wish i had more time to wrok on these :/ have to crank out quick sketches at school and get them scanned and posted as soon as i get home. Doesn't leave much time to colour like i want too...

    19. #132 ~yay! I'm glad only like 3 other people came up with a similar idea.

      I KNOW EXACTLY who to draw for the next one, it's gonna suck coloring it though.

    20. @Phoe
      >I think there may actually be more jokes than legit attempts

      Can you really blame us? It's almost like we're being challenged to do so =D

      Btw, 187 if y'all are interested.

    21. Pegasus Silver ShineJune 1, 2011 at 12:20 AM

      Oh man! I thought I missed the deadline. Then I refreshed and noticed the entry number change from 210 to 227. Checked to see my pic uploaded after all. That was almost heart attack inducing. I kind of finished that pic right as the clock hit 1:00 ^^;;

      Pic was originally just gonna be AJ with her hair down, but then I thought.
      "Meh, I could add wings."
      End result = 226 :D
      So glad again that it got uploaded after all >w<

    22. 183 was me. Next time I'll try to do it earlier so I have time to color it. Tooooo close to the deadline!

    23. #90. The ones with the puns are the drawings that shine imo :P

    24. Let's see, mine's 155. Now, let's see 156- OH DEAR GOD.

    25. 209. Finished just in time!

      Though there are SO many awesome ones this time. It's hard to keep track of them all!

    26. #70 here. Glad to see others went with Luna as well!

      I do wish I'd had more time to work on this today - I know I could have at least cleaned it up a little. But, it was either submit it as-is or not do it at all, so...

      Still, though, tomorrow's theme sounds fun!

    27. #24 here! and by extension I think I already covered tomorow's theme! hahaha (I'm just a lazy smartass, I know..)

    28. #164 here. Finally decided to stop being lazy and reinstalling Flash, so (hopefully) no more low quality digital cam shots from me. Also, I got a tad lazy at the end and totally rushed on the clouds. I was also going to add some more "muffin" related stuff.

      Well, at least her "boom" effect is slightly muffin-shaped. I hope that counts.

    29. Very good stuff! It's great to see so many people getting better and better, you are all heroes of arting. I'm surprised I got in at under 100, I think the 8 hour time difference helps xD
      Oh, and absolute respect for Professor Basil at 114. You sir, are the (wo?)man.

    30. I just noticed I have like 15 views on these on DA but like 170 downloads... I think that is interesting.

      I love all the puns. And kudos to the Derpy drawings, that was my original idea but I cant draw muffins (oh the irony) and I wanted a different pony for every submission; also you guys are awesome with the visual puns, I wish I thought of that.

    31. Whew, I was busy trying to get my *badword* scanner to work so I completely forgot about this, glad to see my image showed (Even though I'd rather not recycle an image not made specifically for this event - sorry for using your drawing Chad! P.S., remind me to give it to you lol)

      And I still have to draw a pony dressed as Trixie and eating an apple to make up for the days that I missed, I guess said pony will be a filly then.

      ANYWAYS, enough ranting and moaning, awesome submissions as always everyone.

    32. #225 here. Big thanks to Phoe for helping me out on the tech end of this. :) I need to get my scanner working...

      The last panel is Dashie saying "Why couldn't you do that for me!"

    33. 199 Here. Accidentally forgot a nostral and made a male character a filly (Since corrected), but other than that not too bad of an entry.

    34. #156

      The sequel you've been waiting for!

      Cupcakes 2

      Coming soon to a blog near you!

      (Really though, well done everyone)

    35. #99 reporting in

      pretty proud of this one.
      I think im getting better :3

    36. I'm sorry I didn't make it in time :(. Basicly I had the same idea about Luna's SonicNightBoom but anyway Lunar Apologist's (#70 you are awesome!) picture is much better than what I could do.

      Great work everypony, I hope I won't be late for day 6.

    37. Aaaaand I think I managed to get everypony in. We got a new "check for repeats" button added to the compiler today, so that helped a ton. Just so long as my lesson plan doesn't explode in my face or fly away in these winds, I think we should be pretty well in the clear from here!

      Thanks so much for participating thus far, everypony. We're almost to the really exciting stuff; I can hardly wait.

    38. High-five to Rainbow Flash's #178

      Great minds think alike ^_^

      -Amehdaus (#100)

    39. I liked all the variations I saw with these pic!

    40. #64 :3

      Wish I could make the movement seem more natural. But then again, I finished it at 5AM T-T

      I'll get the eyes, my imagination, and other things right in time, though.

    41. 34 reporting in. This was a really good one, lots of cool entries! I especially liked Fluttershy's quiet sound barriers.

    42. Marvelous work once again, everyone. Looking forward to tomorrow's results.

    43. #227
      Geeze I hate the way my 'sonic rainboom' looks.

      But I love all the Octavia ones! How unexpected and awesome!

    44. Ffffff I got mine in about 30 minutes ago. I think Phoe is probably asleep by now...

      Shouldn't have taken that stupid nap...

    45. I emailed you mine, Phoe, I'm only like an hour and 15 minutes late... please post mine? :S

      I'll love you forever more than I already do if you do!
      grammar! i am good at it

    46. @Thattagen
      after reading all of the earlier procrastinators' comments too, I feel not alone anymore!

      ...should still start working on these earlier though. My sleep schedule is sooo borked now...

    47. It's weird, this drawing was the one that took me longer to make (over 5 hours) and i submitted at like 23:00 GMT+1 when i usual submit my stuff much earlier (about 16:00) and i'm just #62? Just how many people retired before Day 5?

    48. @#128: How's this for a name? Lead Wing or Lead Weight?

    49. #137, it is me.
      I definitely need to stick to pencil and paper, or get a tablet...
      And, yes it's carrot stems/leaves for wings!

      4 Carrot Tops, 2 Carrot-booms? (Sorry if I miscounted.) I thought that "cone=carrot" and "boom=leaves" was obvious! Too obvious?

      209) It's suh-wheat seeing somepony else use 'Sa-wheat!' (I don't want to take claim for it though!)

    50. #66 today.(...poor fluttershy)

      @Phoe I know they do look like they hurt ^^;

      Didn't really like how my turn out but I figured out what I did wrong. But anyways good job everypony! Still great pictures I see. I heard some of you were going to stop drawing ponies from the other post. DON'T GIVE UP! You can do it if you put you mind to it! I believe in you!:D

      Well good luck everypon on today's theme. Beddy bye time for me...Nite♥ :3

    51. Yay i actually got in this time! ^^
      # 15 :D

      Didn't realise transparency on .pngs would come up as black- oops.

    52. #150 here, started running out of coherency near the end of mine.

    53. Wait, if the numbers depend on date of submission, they boy I got it quite earlier than I expected.

    54. Lucky number 13 here.

      ...I like toying around with Rarity's hair and my fresh color inks. Does it show?

      Also, a subtle nod to yesterday's subject of fruits which I did not end up drawing.

      Really liked the few Octavia ones. Maybe I should draw her too.

    55. If the numbers are dependent on time of submission, then everypony was late yesterday, since I sent it before going to bed and got in the hundreds.

      Now, how to work Fillixie in with the CMC and Luna after Apple Bloom sticks a stick up Trixie's nose...

    56. I made it to #205, that's good.

      I was planning on having Pinkie fly with her jetpack but when I was working on the body, I forgot that and started to add Twilight in the scene.
      I do like the ones with the ponies having chicken and I like the one where fluttershy goes 4 winged angel.

    57. Latverian_Ponyfan_2993June 1, 2011 at 3:46 AM

      Blast, looks like my submission got eaten by the submission page or something. Or maybe nobody likes hoops. C'est la vie.

    58. I love all of Derpy's bubblebooms and Fluttershy's sonic whimpers, but 191 is my favorite. Empty10 is awesome as usual.

    59. oh god, #156... It briefly crossed my mind but I didn't think anyone would actually do it.

    60. #50 here..... and @RaspleZS, it was so obvious that I completely missed it.... Doh!

    61. #193

      THE FUCK?

      Care to explain why is this shit there? Like... really?

    62. Addendum to my previous post: in regards to today's theme.

      ...are you sure the site and its' denizens can take the cuteness proximity bomb that is hundreds of cutesy lil' fillies?

      At least, I have the feeling I can't even look towards the candy store when I pass by it next time after that... not without feeling queasy from sugar overload.

      That said, very much looking forward to 'em ;)

    63. I can think of at least 4 ways of misinterpreting todays theme. I wonder if I can fit them all in one image while also including an ordinary filly as requested...

    64. #74

      I feel mocked D:
      Also, The Blue Angels aren't so known in Norway ok :x? It felt natural to add the explanation...

    65. #201 today.
      Super-sonic parlor magic!
      And Angel Bunny ( Kind of :/ ).

    66. #78 checking in.

      Cool! It looks like my drawing wins the! When should I expect my "the," Phoe? ;)

      Not completely pleased with how the sonic boom effect came out, but I love Fluttershy's reaction, so you win some and you loose some. Now to go learn how to draw a filly.

    67. 156 (and even 193 to a lesser degree)
      No...just...just no.
      I thought submissions were supposed to be CLEAN (as in no saucy/grimdark). Remove please.

    68. While I don't really mind going slightly saucy(I do admit that they don't really have a place here though), I do mind the grimdark ideas. I would rather not have 'em in the trainin' grounds.

      I have nothing against people drawing the stuff - I just don't want to watch it. Please keep it to your own private art galleries and away from this kind of posts ;)

      I mean, I can just skim over them, so not that big a deal... but just asking.

    69. 65 here, and just to let you know, 167 is some epic win. So check it out.

    70. Amazing job, everyone!
      #10 here. (Still haven't hit that 7 mark! D:)
      All these pieces are amazing, mine seems so...plain. x:

    71. Wow, lotsa morbid ponies today, guess the frenzy of having wings brings out the bloodlust in everypony o.O I hate to be a party pooper but I hope it doesn't turn into a running thing with people trying to outdo each other on the disturbing factor. >.<

      Anyway my pic is 157! \^.^/ I love drawing wings :D

    72. @Anonymous

      Dear Princess Celestia,

      Today I learned that my comment box does not support quotation marks, and attempting to title contests for my students to win will only make me look like an idiot.

      Yours sincerely,


    73. AWww,,,

      so there were people that had my idea..

      I wish I had had time yesterday to actually draw it.

      confound you 70 and 72

    74. #23 here :) Looks like #78 had the same idea! Flying Rapidash!... Poor Twilight.

      And yeah... Not sure I like all the bloody stuff either.

      (Totally have my idea for the new topic! Must go draw right now.)

    75. Darn. Apparently being an hour late gets you... not posted. D:
      Or maybe I just got up earlier than Phoe did. Er nowait Phoe posted 24 minutes ago above me :C

      Well... anyone reading this, have it anyway! LINK!


      Also, so many sonic eyupbooms. xD Those are all great.

    76. Too bad I wasn't entered in yesterday because of homework. Stupid homework. 2 weeks left, this is going to suck.

    77. @Xiagu

      Check again. I was still checking e-mails and fiddling with things, and couldn't get it up until a minute ago. I'm really trying my hardest not to exclude anypony who makes an honest effort.

      It's just... you know, I'm only able to sleep from the hours of 4AM to 8AM anymore. I don't always move so quickly.

    78. #33 here. Apparently sending your submission 9 and a half hours after the theme's been announced nets you a really early number. Who knew?

      Also, the grimdark made me Sadface.

    79. Noes I'm still 2 days behind!

    80. 127 today.

      I guess I'm not as clever as I thought I was? :P

      I can't possibly picka favorite today; too many funny and great pictures.

      ~Buddy Vox

    81. @Lunar Apologist Totally loving yours.

      #102 this time. Took me all day, and as you can see it's stitched together from seven different pages of sketches and redraws. =X It is only my third drawing pretty much ever though, so there you go. Hopefully someone'll get the reference.

      Also, I did submit two images via the submission form, but only the second one [#102] showed up. Bug / "check for repeats" button / script overwrites older submissions to limit them to only one?

      The other image if anyone's curious. Not really a joke or anything, but it was an excuse to draw my reaction the first time I saw that episode. =P

    82. @ Phoe

      #78 here again. Don't sweat it, Phoe. You're doing a great job! Thanks again for all you're hard work the putting into this event! :)

    83. 119 here. Really drew it more for my own catharsis than anything else. I actually drew something else entirely earlier in the day, but I never finished it and figured it was missing the point anyways.

      Looking at all the jets and such here, though, I think I really could have gotten away with it, but eh. Maybe I'll finish it some other day.

    84. Silly power outages. I have one last night, too, which was why I didn't get to upload my submission! That's alright, though, I'll just have to submit extra hard today!

    85. Awww mine's still not posted!
      Ah well, here's a link for anyone interested.

      The elusive #232!!!

      Or maybe I'll see it in today's compilation?

    86. HAH #146 here, GReat job everypony, most of them were all awesome. If yer curious tho, my pic wasnt finished . . . but i finished it that far for the submission times ( the descpritive that i made the pic from was a little thingy i typed out in this post http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/music-rainbow-rhapsody-giggle-at_17.html

      If yall are interested . . . its the longest post there. I may not have time to participate in todays . . . im going to try . . . even if i dont get it colored . . . . maybe ill do lotus or aloe . . . hmmmmm

    87. Mine is #58.
      I like how it turned out this time.

    88. Also, I see the images are resized this time! Nice job, I like the new script.

    89. #3. how on Earth did I get 3? Anyways, Mad schientest Twilight.

    90. #56 here. Took too much time, but I properly made it too complicated for myself. Spitfire is heavily inspired by c4tspajamas' rendition of her, as I love how he/she draws Spitfire's hair.

    91. @Magnet

      Transparency doesn't go black anymore. You just submitted before the fix was applied :)

    92. @Latverian_Ponyfan_2993

      What username did you use to submit? I'll check for your entry in the log.

    93. To #156, great job! We had the same idea and you pulled it off way better than I did. Congrats! Ignore the haters and be proud of your excellent art.

    94. @calamari
      It's not art. It's plainly a disturbing drawing. It's out of spirit of the show, of this blog, and of the very activity we're all participating in.
      It's the equivalent of walking through a series of childrens drawings and seeing a rule 34 of your favorite show crammed in the middle.
      Grimdark has no place in this, and I'm surprised that neither Seth nor Phoe have pulled either pic yet.

    95. 28 - I kind of like it too.
      45 - I see what you did there.
      86 - I still kind of like it.
      87 - ...D'awwww
      127 - Teehee
      145 - That... seems oddly accurate.
      155 - Lulz at Dash in background.
      156 - No comment.
      164 - You sure are Derpy =D
      197 - I GET IT!!!
      228 - I STILL GET IT!!!
      231 - I see what you did there.

    96. @Anonymous

      It's not art... LOLLLLL you censorship freaks really crack me up. It's definitely art. It's just art you don't happen to like. I guess Cupcakes wasn't literature because you didn't like it either? Guess what, there are a lot of things out there that you probably won't see in sunday school, but that are valid expressions of humanity. Learn how to deal with it or please just go away.

    97. @Anonymous
      At the very basic definition of art, yeah, I could consider it art. Under circumstances of this being fan art for something that murder can appropriately relate too, I wouldn't have given it a second thought, but this is My Little Pony, we're talking about here.
      I don't care for censorship too often, but I certainly don't find images of little fillies (that represent children) murdering innocent characters, detaching limbs and attaching it to oneself and writing messages on a wall in that characters blood to be of good taste.
      I shouldn't have to subject myself to disturbing images in order to participate in this event or even appreciate the work of others. If some ponies feel the need to draw this stuff, fine, I don't honestly care, so long as I can avoid it, but I shouldn't have to "go away" or go out of my way to avoid this stuff when it's so much simpler just to not have it posted to begin with.

    98. @Anonymous
      I honestly love seeing gory stuff as much as cutesy stuff, but I guess I see what you mean, only because this is a pretty friendly site. If it's really bugging anypony that much, I don't see why we couldn't kindly suggest that they put a link to the picture and a warning like they do with the saucy images in the drawfriend posts. It's only fair, I think.

    99. Latverian_Ponyfan_2993June 1, 2011 at 1:47 PM

      The same name. Possibly I only previewed it, and didn't fully submit it. Oh well, just have to work harder today.

    100. @Latverian_Ponyfan_2993

      Thanks, I did a search and found your entry. I see a log entry where it recorded that you clicked Preview, but I don't see one where you clicked Submit. My program records the log entry before it does anything else, so even if the Submit ultimately failed, the attempt should show up in my log. Is it possible that you didn't click Submit? After clicking submit and waiting for a few seconds while it processed, you should have seen a thumbnail of your entry, and text indicating that the submission was successful. Here is the link from your preview entry in the log, I like it!


    101. In case it matters to anypony, I drew mine as a result of having read Cupcakes. While reading that story, I desperately wanted Pinkie Pie to feel even a tiny bit of remorse for what she had done, but obviously it wouldn't have been as effective a story if the author had done that. However, I felt I could do that through art, so I tried it. She committed her vile acts and then tried out the wings and couldn't even fly (she is supposed to be laying on the ground, although maybe my lack of skill hid that?). She then realizes she killed her friend for nothing (although even if the wings worked, I wonder how long it would have satisfied her). She lays there ashamed and guilty, at least that's what I was attempting to convey. Did any of that come across in my work?

    102. @Phoe
      Aw, thanks Phoe! *hug*
      I got an hour more sleep than you and I still feel lousy, so props to you for being a boss.

      I think it looks ballin'.

    103. Aw, I actually have an idea for today's theme but no time :( stupid english paper.
      I'd have to say my favorites were 132 and 145, though.

    104. @Fox E:

      Both of them were in there originally. They showed up as a duplicate tho, and probably got deleted by mistake.

    105. #169 here. With all the other interesting crossovers lately, I'm kind of surprised I'm the only one who did a Gundam / MLP FiM mix.
      Kira Yamato even seems like a fair personality match for Twilight - I can't count how many times he talked about wanting to protect his friends during a fight.

    106. Lead weight... That might work...
      Still, anyone else have ideas for my OC's name?

    107. #108 here, i <3 that so many others drew jets too!

    108. uuurgh
      fillies are tricky :C

    109. Nice pics everypony.

      I unfortunately didn't have the time to do this one or sadly the next one. :(

      Here's hoping I can make the one after the next.

    110. 119 is pretty cute, she's like "nom".

    111. I realzied how lame mine looked...

      *Poker Face*

    112. #122 here, AMERICA!