• 9 Million Hits! Comics, Super Saiyans, and Trixie!

    That was fast!  Looks like 10 million will happen before season two after all!

    I'm glad the pony craze didn't die down with season one over.  I am not getting any of that planned coding eduction done, but at least we are all entertained while we wait right?

    Lurid from the Ponycraft.net server sent me the comic to the left. I had plans to visit and report on each of the pony minecraft servers, but you guys keep me pretty busy!  Hopefully I can find time for that soon.  I still really want to try that whole journalism thing out.

    And of course Madmax can be found up above!

    As for future events... Lets see...

    The Friend-off got delayed, again, if you haven't already noticed.  Phoe is doing the drawing event, Cereal is busy IRL, and I am completely flooded with site management stuff as is, so It will have to wait until things open up a bit!  This next one will be a reverse friend-off.  Drawfriends Write, and Writefriends draw.  Should be interesting.

    Anyway I'm off to bed.  Enjoy the completely obvious over 9million theme.  As if you didn't see THAT one coming.  I really missed making banners.  It's one of the more fun things to do with the site.

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