• Q&Neigh: Phoe

    Rounding up our selection of blogponies (unless Tek resurfaces and shows interest), it's none other than me! Whether you've been anticipating this, dreading it, or were just plain ambivalent, here I am to shed as much light on as many topics as I can in the time allotted.

    Same format as Seth and Cereal's, but later editions of this we're going to change things up to make it easier to get your question out there. Ok, let's have some fun, everypony!

    Cereal Velocity
    What is your most irrational fear?

    Spiders. Also, you're cheating.

    I shall ask the most obvious question: Why Lyra?

    Her mannerisms are adorable, and her color scheme is beautiful. She's more fun than other background ponies.

    S.Aura Knight
    So, the magenta/pink mane was created by the fans, but why a white Pegasus, Phoe, and not a Unicorn or Earth Pony?

    I've had a bunch of conversations with friends about what kind of pony I'd be. I used to insist earth pony, but a whole bunch of them told me pegasus, because 'wings suit you, Phoe.' Thought about it, eventually agreed.

    Kimba the White Lion
    How'd you get into ponies?

    Heard about them while reading Shortpacked, thought 'wait, that thing from my childhood that bored me to death?' Tried it out, got hooked. Now I'm here!

    Creative question: If you could be any musical instrument, what would you be and why?

    A violin, so people would think I was artistic and intelligent.

    Is Seth as insane behind the scenes as he appears to be on the blog?

    More, actually.

    Who has better fanon, Octavia or Lyra?

    Octavia. She's had a lot more thought exercises done for her that I'm aware of, so she's better developed. Which is a shame.

    How did you get to be one of the site admins?

    I have no idea. Seth randomly asked me one day if I'd like to be.

    Sphere of Suggestion
    Are you an actual artist yourself?

    I have a sketchbook, if that counts. Whether or not that means I can draw is a matter if perspective (I say no! =D)

    Least Favorite Pony?

    No such thing.


    Why choose a background pony as your favorite (or if not technically your "favorite", your avatar)? Did a certain piece of fanfiction or art charm you to Lyra?

    I don't know if there was a specific piece of art so much as a deluge of it. I was just sort of flipping through pictures and was... struck by her. I've been entranced ever since.

    Axle and Wheel
    Besides Ponies, What are your other interests?

    Writing, gaming, art, music, and getting people to make as much of all of these things as possible

    Would you say there's any dynamic amongst the three of you, Seth, Cereal, and you, or is it all strictly business? How much do you interact beyond blog-maintenance?

    We talk all the time. Honestly, they feel almost like family at this point. Brothers or children, I'll leave to your imagination.

    what's your favorite ship?

    Believe it or not, FlutterDash.

    Were you a nerd before ponies, or do you even consider yourself one now? (I have always been a nerd)

    I was born a nerd and I will die a nerd. Eventually.


    Question: What was your favorite theme from the NATG and why?

    I hate power outages, too. That question's hard, though. I guess Crying Ponies because of the sheer depth of emotionality that unleashed, but honestly, they were all amazing.

    how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck had power-tools?

    None. The woodchuck would be too busy checking his Blackberry.

    Crimson Warning
    Hey, Phoe. What was it like running the Training Grounds? I bet it was real busy...

    It was amazingly hectic and crazy, but so much fun. I cried when it ended. Then I slept for a week.

    are you single? ;)

    Sorry, I'm taken. D=

    How long did it take to get your sleep schedule back to normal after the Artist Training Ground?

    So far?

    Cereal didn't answer me, maybe you know. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

    2,583. And your tongue will be very raw and sensitive for hours.

    Why the bondage?

    I think the better question is why not the bondage?

    Sometime in the future, do you see yourself reviving the Newbie Artist Training Grounds?

    100% absolutely without doubt.

    What do you love most about the community, and also what do you think has been one of the most inspiring story from the community?

    My favorite part of this community is how amazingly creative it is. Every day we get tons of amazing fanfiction, music, and videos. I've never been a part of something like this before. It's magical.

    Would you rather the MLPFiM team paid more attention to the "brony" audience in the next season (such as with those funny ads), or continued to work as they did in the previous (with a minor nod every now and again)?

    I think the best move for them is to not limit their options by writing for any one fanbase over another, and give us our shoutouts in commercials and other things outside the show. Brony Appreciation Day is a wonderful idea; they don't need to change their writing for us, too.

    What's your favorite type of cookie?

    Gingersnaps. So delicious.

    How have ponies and Equestria Daily affected your life?

    I have significantly less free time than I used to, but I haven't been this HAPPY in a long, long time.

    Star Winged Brit
    Out of the mane 6 who would you most like to hang out with?

    I think I'd have the must fun hanging out with Twilight. I adore Rainbow Dash, but I'm just not active enough to keep up with somepony like her.

    Hey phoe, whats with the name?

    It's an abbreviation of my real name.

    There's this guy who seemed cool at first, but then later turned out to be really mean and made my friend cry. How do you deal with mean people?

    You tell them what they've done and ask them to stop. If they don't, do your best to keep on smiling and move on with your life. Also, don't forget to hug your friend.

    What happens when you cross Lyra with bondage?

    It starts with wing and ends with a word I'm not going to say in this segment.

    If there was an episode centered around Lyra, what in your wildest dreams would you want to happen to our beloved lyre playing protagonist?

    I'd like to see them explore her relationship with Bon Bon, although of course I know in the show they'd never be able to make them overt lovers. Mostly I'd like to know what she thinks about. Does she fantasize about being a human? Was she one, once? Does she taste like mint ice cream? An episode that answers those questions would be amazing.

    Favorite fanfic?

    Misted Stage or Bubbles. It depends on what mood I'm in.

    Sir Peppermint Jam
    What kind of advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming a brony? And what would you say to someone who completely dislikes the show and characters within without really giving a reason why? Also, and you don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but what kind of advice would you give to a newbie writer/artist/anything else?

    I think if you're thinking about becoming a brony, you should just go ahead and get your feet wet. Watch an episode or two, chuckle at a PMV, see where things go from there. If somepony dislikes the show without reason... well, I'm sorry for them. They're missing out on a really wonderful experience, and some classic animation jokes and references. But you can't force it down their throats; that's not very pony. If you're a new writer, my first piece of advice is to read. Always keep your favorite stories in mind, and try to emulate the bits that leaped out at you and captured your imagination. As you become more comfortable, branch out and try new things. Experiment until you find a voice that's uniquely yours. But above all, keep on writing. Or drawing. Give yourself permission to "fail", that is to make a bad piece. It will happen, and it's ok. Just keep working at it!

    Tiny ponies make you squee. Why is that?

    Ponies are cute. Tiny things are cute. Tiny ponies are earth shatteringly cute. QED.

    Conner Cogwork
    You have a tiny Lyra in your hooves. What do you do with her?

    I lose hours of my life brushing her mane. I haven't really planned it out any farther than that.

    What exactly is the appealing of the show to you?

    It's a culturally rich show that's both impossibly cute and intellectually stimulating. And it spawned a kick-flank community.

    You and Lyra are being chased by a velociraptor, but Lyra can't keep up and is doomed to be caught. What do you do????? (no super powers)

    I stand perfectly still, because I think that maybe their vision is based on movement, like a T-Rex. When that turns out not to be the case, I make fun of them for looking like a chicken. Later, it turns out it was Scootaloo all along. The End.

    The first time you watched Episode 2, did you feel sorry for Luna, or were you disapointed that Nightmare Moon had a change of heart rather than being defeated?

    Why would I be disappointed that she was redeemed instead of defeated? I think that's the only appropriate way to deal with a villain like that in a show like this. That said, she's had her climax of drama, and while you might set me on fire for suggesting this, I'm hoping she does not play a major role in Season 2.

    The Great and Powerful Trixie
    Trixie would like to know how some mint colored filly who is obviously far inferior to The Great and Powerful Trixie herself can be ones favorite pony. When it is I, Trixie who although lost the title of the most powerful to that annoying Twilight Sparkle, she still retains the title of the greatest unicorn in all of Equestria! So long story short Trixie would like to know, do you not like Trixie? If so why not?

    I love you, Trixie. You're a charismatic and smug little jerk, and you're delightfully upfront about it. Villains with stage presence are usually my favorites in any series. But can you see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch sit on a bench sitting up? I think not.

    How do you pronounce your name?

    Whom, in your opinion, is the best voice actress and/or singer in the show?

    'Fee'. Nopony gets it right.

    Ashleigh Bell, no question. Her work in At the Gala cemented this forever, no matter what happens from here on out.

    What is the blog's stance on trollfics?

    They're not usually well written enough to be posted.

    What title do you like best for female bronies? Just 'brony' or 'filly' or something else?

    I'm partial to 'Equestria Girl' myself.

    what is your favorite ship, like *schwoo PEWPEWPEW* ship not "AND THEN THEY FUCKED!" ship?

    A specific one? I dunno. But I love aircraft carriers.

    What kind of story is scarier:

    Spiritual horror like white noise 2
    Mental horror like the grudge
    or Physical horror like night of the living dead.

    Mental horror, almost every time. Really it depends on how it's presented, but I think no matter what for it to be scary it has to get inside your head.

    Gozer the Equestrian
    What do you think is Celestia's real motive for having Twilight study friendship in Ponville?

    It's a convenient excuse to reward her student for all her hard work rescuing her sister, and also places the most-likely most powerful unicorn in Equestria in a place that seems to be a hotspot for trouble. Celestia is always rocking the Batman Gambits.

    What does purple smell like?

    Like snozzberries.

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