• Nightly Roundup #32

    Definitely a lack of drawfriend today!  So have one from yesterday.

    Tomorrow will be huge though right?


    Pony Episode Chronology Version 2

    RusselH has modified the hell out of his Pony Episode Chronology from a few days ago. Apparently someone sent it early without his consent. The new version can be found at the post! Or here!

    Bronies for Good Drive on Ponychan

    A bunch people over on Ponychan have teamed up to do some crazy charity drive. Ideas on what exactly to do are currently storming over at this thread. If you are interested, go check it out!

    Tropecast Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

    You can find Friendship is Magic hangin out right next to Pokemon, Wrestling, and Yu-Gi-Oh, over at the Tropecast Top 10 Guilty Pleasures section of Webcast Beacon. Now we just need games to go with it like everyone else!

    Icelandic Subtitles

    Another brony has released a subtitle set! This time it's all in Icelandic. You can find the files for it here!

    Malaysian McDonalds Ponies Slightly Limited

    Sadly, the bronies over in Malaysia got a bit shafted on their McDonalds toys. Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Cheerilee, and Pinkie Pie are the only characters available. It is currently unknown if the rest of the set will be available later on. At least there is still ebay!

    "Ask A Pony" Blog Listing

    Apparently there are a ton "Ask a Pony" blogs out there. Enough to warrant an entire portal style google doc. You can find it here!

     I'm pretty sure the Trixie ones are the best though. 

    Space Shuttle Pulls off a Sonic Rainboom

    OmigoshOmigoshOmigosh.  This is from Space Shuttle Atlantis busting out a sonic rainboom.  Looks like it actually exists guys! It may not be a giant explosion of light covering a hundred mile radius, but I'll take what I can get! 

    Comic: Alex's Guide Posts Ponies

    Another webcomic artist has gone pony!  I'm pretty sure this is going to be a requirement for all of them soon. You can find all of them here!

    Story of the Blanks Featured at Blistered Thumbs

    The gaming website Blisteredthumbs.net has included "Story of the Blanks" in their recent Delightful Treats of the Week post.

    If you guys haven't played it yet, I would highly suggest heading over to newgrounds and giving it a shot.  It's short, but totally worth it.  Might want to do it with the lights on though. 

    British Facebook Brony Hub

    A group for british bronies is currently recruiting more over on facebook!  You can check it out here!

    Roleplaying Forum: Afternoon in Trottingham

    Another RP forum has popped up!  This one promises less rules, and encourges insanity.  Sounds like my old Dungeons and Dragons group.  You can find it here!

    Party City Picks Up Pony Stuff

    Looks like Party City has some custom style birthday stuff available, along with that semi-creepy Rainbow Dash dress from a while back.

    So if you need thank you cards, or banners, you know where to find them!  

    New Tinychat Channel Up

    Apparently all of the tinychat rooms died out!  So they made a new one! You can find it here!

    Brony Movie Night / Gaming Clan Communities

    A few new communities are looking for more people to fill out their rosters! Have a list!

    Brony Movie Night Steam Group

    Colt Recon - Free Play Games and Counter Trike

    [EBC] Equestria Bad Compony (360) - Battlefield Clan

    Equestria Chronicles "Craziest Fanfic Ever" Event

    The people over at the grimdark RP forum, Equestria Chronicles, currently have a fanfiction contest under way, have some copypaste!

    The contest itself is called "Craziest Fanfic Ever Contest," where the contestants have to
    write a piece of pony fan fiction that is 2000 words or less under following basic guides:

    1. Your fanfic may contain canon or original characters. It may also include ponies from the site.
    2. Your fanfic does NOT have to be in line with the site plot or canon plot.
    3. Your fanfic MUST include a strange ship.
    4. Your fanfic MUST incorporate the phrase "But really, I don't want to. It's just too hard and I don't like it that way."
    5. Your fanfic can be any genre. Normal, crossover, grimdark, clopfics. Anything.
    6. Staff members may not enter, because they are judging.
    7. You may enter as many fanfics as you want.
    8. No plagiarism. All fanfics must be of your original creation.
    9. Please no more than 2,000 words. We want these to be on the shorter side.
    10. Submit your fiction to: [email protected]

    More information can be found in this post:  http://equestriachronicles.forumotions.net/t183-craziest-fanfic-ever-contest

    We are also offering a free art commission to the winner. Here are some examples of the pony art I have done on
    commission for members of Equestria Chronicles: [ONE]  [TWO]  [THREE]  [FOUR]

    Pony Dresses

    Someone over at Polyvore is taking existing designs and combing them to match ponies!  Sadly most of us aren't really capable of wearing dresses (in public at least), but they are pretty neat regardless! You can find them here!

    My Little Musical Auditions Ending Soon

    The My Little Musical project is currently holding auditions for various roles.  On July 17th, casting will be closed, so if you are interested in participating, head on over to the ponychan thread here for more information!

    Worms Reloaded: Pony Speechbank Demonstration Video

    Earlier I posted about a Worms Reloaded mod that adds pony speech to everything.   Someone created a video to demonstrate what exactly the mod does! You can find it here!

    Pony Call to Arms!

    A game called "Own This World" where players from various GPS locations team up and declare war on other coordinates has a small following of bronies that are teaming up to literally take over the world.  If you are interested in helping out, hit up the ponychan thread here!

    Equestria Daily News

    The Ponies Around the World event is absolutely insane right now.  There are over 50 entries already, and we still have 4 days left.  I don't think I can handle extending it sadly.  I might try making this a monthly thing though.

    Some of these locations are amazing!  I really need to get out more..

    That's it for the nightly news! Probably a few typos in there, but this one is pretty beastly and I have a bunch of stuff to do still.

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