• Story Updates November 22 (Early Morning)

    Just three updates this time around.  I've started using images from the actual stories, I think one time each is fair, right?

    Anyway, have some!

    Story: The Eversleep (Update Story 2 Part 7+8!) 

    5 Star

    [Grimdark][Sad][Normal] I don't see how something can be all three of those tags, but, alright.

    Description: When the world turns upside down for the Kingdom of Equestria, is
    it impossible for it to recover? When final words are spoken, all of
    Equestria will be forced to take sides. A select few must shoulder the
    burden of restoring balance to the kingdom, doing whatever it takes to
    bring back the peace, risking the sacrifice of all they hold dear.
    The Eversleep

    Story: Shipping and Handling (Update Part 4!) 

    5 Star


    Author: Pegasus Rescue Brigade
    Description: When Ditzy Doo loses her job at Cloudsdale Mail and Freight, she gets a job at another shipping company... only to find out their definition of shipping has nothing to do with delivering packages! Desperate for income to support herself and Dinky, will Ditzy be able to make it as a pony matchmaker?
    Shipping and Handling

    Story: Fire and Rain (Update Part 5!) 

    5 Star

    [Dark][Light Shipping] Psychology!

    Author: Vimbert the Unimpressive
    Description: We all know those who seem to exist only to
    support others. These pillars of generosity give and give, rarely asking
    for anything in return. There are those who come to rely on their help.
    However, these born supporters are rarely so stable as they appear. Tiny
    cracks can, over time, turn into major faults which eat away at the
    foundation of one's character. Traits once seen as assets can become
    faults overnight. Can an ordinary earth pony solve a vexing mystery before
    he loses everything?

    In the search for truth, the journey is never easy and the answers are
    rarely clear.
    Fire and Rain 

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