• Nightly Roundup #130

    Neighsayers gonna neigh.

    Have a roundup.

    Seasons Greetings Project for the FiM Staff

    Our bros at studio B are awesome, so naturally we need to SHOWER THEM IN GIFTS! Have some copy pasta!
    Hey folks. Big Brony here, and I've got something I need everypony's help with.

    A few friends and I are planning a special holiday greetings card from the fandom to the creators of Friendship is Magic. You might be wondering why we're starting this project so early, but believe me -- you'd be surprised how quickly the months can roll by when you're planning something close to the holidays. Better to get a head start.

    Anyway, here's what to do if you want to participate:

    1. Using a piece of paper (or your favorite paint program and a tablet), write a short holiday greetings message to the staff. Try to keep it short as we're anticipating the end result's going to be very big. Little doodles are OK if you're artistically inclined. (Please don't write/draw anything dirty or suggestive, or make suggestions like "More Luna!" or anything like that -- let's just keep it friendly and simple.)

    2. Try to make it large-sized. If it's handwritten, scan it in at 150 dpi minimum, preferably 300 dpi. We're hoping to make this something they can print out and put up if they want to. Color ink's fine as long as the background is white. If you're not scanner-savvy, don't worry about it; just do your best and send it as-is, and we'll work with it.

    3. E-mail it to BigBrony1 (at) gmail (dot) com. If you don't have a scanner OR a paint program, then just e-mail me with the text you want included and we'll set it in a suitable font. If there's any problem with your submission I'll reply and let you know.

    The deadline for this is DECEMBER 15th, 2011!

    Once I've got everypony's submissions, I'll put them all on several pages and add "Happy Holidays from the Bronies." I'll put the pages up on Imageshack, then send the URL to the staff around Christmas.

    Any questions? E-mail me!




    Source: Thomas

    Pony Guitar Hero Texture Mod

    Just in case your life wasn't completely overflowin with pony enough as is, someone has released a full package mod for Guitar hero. Pretty crazy! Sadly it's not released yet.

    Add EQD to iGoogle

    I don't really know if any of you use iGoogle, but apparently EQD is compatible with it.  Check out the  image below from Adrian, that explains the process of adding it.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More 

    PHS Brony Group


    Derpy Hooves Voice Acting Competition

    Another crazy competition is under way, dedicated to the one and other Derpy Hooves.  Check out the video below for more information

    Bonbon's Mystery Voice Changing

    So You think You're a Brony Ep. 9



    1. Maybe it will be a running joke to have different voices for BonBon each appearance.

    2. Seems to be only half completed Seth. Fix the roundup please.

    3. Only half a round-up?!
      Of all the things that could happen, this is the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING! D=

    4. What you don't know is BonBon's cutiemark represents her voice acting abilities.

    5. I have to say my favorite voice of BonBon was the one on the newest Episode. Just hearing her say: "That amazing, incredible doll!" makes me crack up and start laughing uncontrollably. I hope they stick with that one because it's really funny.

    6. Derpy didn't want anything else to distract us from the voice acting competition I guess?

      Anyway, thanks for putting up the Studio B holiday card blurb. I've already sent off my message (and why do I hear Seth laughing evilly as he thinks about how somepony else's E-mail box is about to be brony bombed?)

    7. The half round up caused her voice to change :D

    8. @Vibben
      or she has a split personality for each bonbon on her cutie mark

    9. Seemed a little short, but, whatever!

    10. I have a question, what the fuck is iGoogle?

    11. neighsayers indeed gonna neigh.

      Interesting about an Arabic version I have real difficulty imagining what it would sound like.
      Pony cakes sure are popular it seems, they look awesome.
      I crack up most at BonBons "I dint put doze in mai bayg" but I liked the new voice too, it was great and it fits more.

      seems like some of the roundups incomplete though, I think you may have derped.

    12. Derp on the roundup = seth not sleeping much. Get some rest brony!

    13. Clearly, Seth was distracted by his waifu.

    14. I ain't no neighsayer. *hugs sleeping Trixie* <3

      Awww, another really sweet gesture from the community. This time in the form of a holiday greeting card. Bet there will be hundreds of submissions if I know this community well enough. lol It's a cute idea. I like it. :>

      Ooh, more delicious pony cupcakes. It looks like they have paper cutie marks on the top. I wonder if it's that edible paper...

      Not a big Guitar Hero fan, but why not! Must ponify everything! :D

      Derpy voice acting competition? Uh-oh. lol I wonder how many will try out for that. I know there are a number of people who try and give her a good suitable voice.

      My favorite line from Bonbon and voice to go with it is still "I didn't put those in my bag." Haha. I crack up laughing every single time I hear it still. It's priceless. <3

      And Epis! ... Whatever that means... poor derpin Seth. lol

      Also, the new banner... haha. There's some of that tieing up I was questing about Phoe earlier... ;) But yay! Brushings and ice cream for everyone! Brushie *lick* brushie *lick* brushie.

    15. Epis is now a meme in the brony community. I HAVE WILLED IT, SO IT SHALL BE!

    16. He didn't derp it, Phoe knocked him out and and finished it her way.

    17. Derpy already has an official voice actor. Just contact her.

    18. glad im not the only one to notcie all of bon bons voice changing

    19. ...Well, that's odd. Because the first episode has been on Youtube in Arabic for a week now, having aired on the sixth. The channel I'm watching has uploaded up through episode five, as of last night.

      So either MyLittlePonyAraby has better information than you, or (s)he is an extraordinarily good faker.

    20. Bon Bon is an actor and finds it hard to get out of character. Or the producers were never able to find the same voice actor for her, and didn't much care.

    21. Bon Bon sounds like such a bitch when she says 'Never heard of you' to Rarity. Makes me wanna punch her in the face... Also I just hate anyone who speaks like that, derp.

    22. Yeah, I was gonna say, maybe she is a Voice Actor herself, and is just always practicing...

    23. MLP arabic is already released a couple of weeks ago, the last episode I remember showed is Boast Busters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGoNADUoVN8

    24. I like the valley girl voice on Bon Bon the best.

      Inb4 My Little Pony corrupts the Middle East with its message of love and tolerance. Mwahahaha.

    25. So bon bon is either an accomplished voice actor or she was born of triplets.

    26. Guitar Hero? Pfft. You should see the Rock Band customs of some favorite PMV songs.

    27. @pmcollectorboy
      Pfft, Rock Band customs of some favorite PMV songs? You should see my Rock Band customs of PMV songs that utilize the original master recordings that I got permission to use by some well-liked PMV musicians in the Brony community when I finish them. (I mean, if that's okay...)

    28. @SN3AKYf0x

      Like Bloody Mary? I like that idea. I like it a lot. This must be overriding fanon now. I say MAKE IT SO.

    29. I love igoogle. It's a web portal. I can open webpages, check my facebook, see my mail, and see all my RSS feeds on one webpage. It cuts hours of refreshing and tons of tabs into a 30 second scroll down a single web page to check for new updates.

    30. I don't really care for any of the Bonbon voices. Not the rough, fake voice at the apple stand, nor the snob voice in Rarity's Boutique (although it was appropriate for the situation), nor the Hannah-Barbera voice in the Smartypants scene. None of the three would go well in a sane, friendly dialog between Lyra and Bonbon.

    31. @Daisymare Ditzy's got an official VA? Official official, or fan-official?

    32. About the Bonbon thing, remember in canon she´s still a randomly generated background pony.

    33. @Marcoooootje1
      Yea, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if they just chose BonBon's voice of the day by running around the studio, grabbing a random person, and making them say words into a microphone. I don't think they give background ponies nearly as much thought as we do. Alternate theory: Every single background pony is voiced by Tara Strong, and she's just that good.

    34. Dude Thanks for the IGoogle Gadget post! I now have ponies everywhere! /(^3^)\

    35. Bon Bon's I DIDUNT PUT DOZE IN MAI BAAAAG thing always makes me laugh. c:

    36. lol short Roundup, liked the Bon Bon clip the most, I forgot her voice was different in that scene with Applebloom.

    37. I'm sorry to anypony who's applied, and I'mma let you finish, but BaldDumboRat is the best Derpy Hooves voice of all tame!

      Seriously though, they should look into her work.

    38. @Pyrobug

      That's pretty much what they actually do for the background ponies, though I can't remember what interview that was in. Anyway, I like candy flank's newest voice the best, but the valley girl one is good, too.

    39. Phoe knocked seth out. Then she posted this on his computer