• Nightly Roundup #101

    I'm pretty sure once part two of Return of Harmony comes out, it's going to instantly lock its slot as my favorite episode.  I still say it should have been a full on movie though!  The quality of the animation definitely deserves it. 

    I'll stop rambling, have some news!

    Planned Meetups/Groups Looking for More

    Edinburgh Scotland Meetup

    So You Think Your'e A Brony Episode Three

    For those following this podcast thing, episode three can be found here!



    Pony Tournament Results

    Applejack got 3rd? What? Check out the ponychan thread for more information.

    Letters to Lauren Faust Have been Compile and Sent!

    A while back, a "Letters to Lauren Faust" event took place where a bunch of people collaborated on a huge pile of fan mail for Lauren Faust. The project has been sent, and apparently shes reading through them. Check out the letter blog for more information.

    Rainbow Dash on "Death Battle"

    Hell yah Rainbow Dash. You got this crap!

    Ultimate My Little Pony Brony Edition

    The "Make FiM darker" project recently released a trailer to show off the progress on it. Check it out below!

    Daylight Dreams ARPG Seeking More

    For those looking to play some ARPG crazyness, hit up the Recruitment Call document to see if your qualified to join!

    Pittsburgh Brony Meetup 

    More crayz bronies recently met up in Pittsburgh.  Check out their album for more pictures!

    FiM Wikipedia Page Raided by /v/

    The MLP Wikia page is currently being bombarded by trolls from the video games section on 4chan.  Hopefully everything gets cleared up!

    German Season Two Subtitles

    Someone over on YouTube is subtitling all of the FiM Season Two episodes for the German speaking bronies out there.  Check out episode one here!

    Pop Up MLP Videos

    Someone is creating a bunch of pop up style videos for each FiM Episode. Check them out here!

    PDF Gallery Updates

    The following have been added to the PDF Gallery:

    Rising Tension
    Our First Steps
    School Reunion
    Wooly Fetlocks and the Fashion Factory
    Blunder and Lightning
    Thunder and Lightning
    Tangled Up in Blues
    Combinatornics Project

    Merch/Custom Stuff
    Octavia Custom
    Puffcloud Custom
    Gold Standard Custom
    Chocolate Rain Shirt
    Jaelachan Pony Shirts
    Ponyshot Shirts
    Velvet Remedy Custom
    Green Alicorn Custom
    Firefly Custom

    Equestria Daily News

    Oh Rarity, you crazy. 

    Fic report on new episode day?! Yah right!


    1. If Dash loses I forsee outrage.
      Also I want that cake, though fitting a thousand candles on it might be a little difficult.

      (epic title picture too)

    2. Derpy got hold of the Jaelachan Pony Shirts link and 404'd it.

    3. Sweetest of Deals!
      Kinda wish I could read the entire news paper but Maybe that's just me. I'm kinda weird like that.

    4. >_<

      Welp. Here we go. This can only end one of two ways. Either Rainbow Dash loses and the Bronies, after watching her dusty bones fall to the ground, rage all over the place... or Starscream loses and all of the haters freak out all over the place. This is probably one of the dumbest decisions I think I've ever seen, and unless it decides to become a joke video and end in some Mortal Kombat 3 "Friendship" twist, there is no way this is going to end well.

      Really, I do think this is Screw Attack giving bronies the finger. I mean, let's really be honest here. Starscream can turn into a jet and has guns, missiles, and a ton of combat training and experience on his side. Rainbow Dash, as awesome a pony as she is, is just that: a pony. She can do a sonic rainboom. She can control the weather to an extent... but against Starscream? Let's face it. She's pretty much lost. All these guys are really trying to do now is laugh at us when we get upset at this.

    5. And what, pray tell, is so astonishing about Applejack having a high ranking? (cocks shotgun)

    6. I can just imagine the last scene of Part Two when the dust settles: Miss Cheerilee will make the Cutie Mark Crusader Harbingers Of The Apocalypse write "I will not unleash eldritch abominations on the innocent ponies of Equestria" one hundred times on the blackboard.

    7. If you Give me a dalmatian for every nightly roundup.........

      I'll Have 101 dalmatians (tautology ftw)

    8. Rainbow Dash better effing win. She's the second most badass character ever. Zero points for guessing the most badass. :D

    9. Sad to hear about the MLP Wiki being raided. The internet doesn't want to mature, apparently.

    10. @DreadedCandiru2

      That's gotta stink for AB and Scoots, having to write a whole essay with a pencil in your mouth. Maybe SB too depending on if she's any good with the levitate spell.

      In other news, Go RD. Starscream has nothing on you! You are loyal, he is very much not!

    11. @Dusty the Royal Janitor

      You're not giving Rainbow Dash much credit, regardless of whether screw attack are just giving us the finger.

      Her size relative to Starscream may seem like a disadvantage at first, but combined with her speed, agility, and the potential for Rainbow Dash to screw with Starscream's wiring or whatever, she has a fighting chance.

    12. Fluttershy loses in 2nd round? sorry...no way is that possible

    13. Whoever did the ScrewAttack video was enough of a fan to use "Danger Zone" for Rainbow Dash, just like in the DJ DASH3R video on YouTube; that's pretty much the only thing that gives me hope this isn't ScrewAttack just, as @Dusty the Royal Janitor says, "giving bronies the finger."

      Also, thanks for the Puffcloud custom link! I've been looking for how-to's on customizing blind bag ponies; any and all info is greatly appreciated.

    14. Oh god Screw Attacks, don't do anything stupid. You guys can either gain or lose a lot people with this. Seriously, for once in your lives, Don't do something to piss everyone off. If Rainbow Dash loses, make it a decent match.

    15. *Looks at Death battle...

      Uhm...maybe Dash might win...if the stage they were going to fight on uses pony physics...

    16. @James Corck /v/ raids everything on Wikipedia, someone just decided it was time to raid FiM's page. But now the page is locked so that's a good thing

    17. Rainbow Dash on death battle...... I have a feeling that this isn't going to end well. :(

    18. That news paper has it all wrong! She's not a chicken, she's a dodo! And she thinks she's related to another national hero: me! Because who wouldn't want to be related to me, because even I want to be related to me and I'm already me so I can't be related to me but I want to because how cool would that be to be related to a national hero like that who save all of Equestria even though it would have meant eternal raves and late-night parties, but I guess partying all night every day would start to get boring so I guess it's alright that we stopped that, it's even better now because we have chocolate rain, which is the greatest rain ever, I mean, just think about it: CHOCOLATE. RAIN!

    19. It's definitely darker, but they could fix that with a brightness tweak.

    20. @Bartekko
      If you give Rarity a kitten for every Nightly Round-up, she'll become a crazy cat lady!

      Oh, and 101 Kittens. -Dances away-

    21. I get increasingly convinced that all this so-called ,,/v/" is not much more than a vile, rotten and inherently corrupted breeding place for trolls. Browsing through their page only reinforced that impression.
      One may come to think it would be nice to have some isolated alternate-world Matrix for such types to live in, enabling them to enjoy their venomous lives without interrupting any peaceful folk that doesn't share their vision.

    22. @Pinkie Pie

      Once discord is defeated in one way or another i'll make it a holiday where it rains chocolate, cola and sweets for a day every now and then.

    23. Dat extreme high contrast trailer with sweet music!

    24. That whole "make FiM darker" thing? I think the writers might've listened. S2E1 was way darker than I was expecting and about as dark as I'd like it. People say they're changing the show too much, I say they're changing it so it appeals more to bronies without alienating their younger fanbase. Just saying.

    25. @Celestia
      Hmm... I guess every few days is better than no days, but... CHOCOLATE RAIN EVERYDAY! -Cannon balls into a puddle-

    26. Also, RD against starscream? Idk if she can win, (she's a Pegasus, he's a giant robot) but it would be awesome if she did. Also, she's way hotter than him. :P

    27. If pokemon has taught me anything, looking cute and cuddly always beats big and badass looking

    28. @bronydash

      Rainbow Dash is totally way hotter than Starscream FOR SURE! XD

      I'm personally crossing my fingers that Screw Attack are planning on surprising everyone by giving Rainbow Dash the win. And there's a story where Rainbow Dash takes out two full grown dragon soldiers realistically, so it could happen.

    29. OK, crazy idea time.

      Should we spread the word about this ScrewAttack Death Match among the MLP:FiM community, and ask everyone to respond while keeping in mind our mantra: "Love and tolerate the horseapples out of 'em"? I mean, if ScrewAttack really is doing this just to piss off bronies, what better response than to thank them for a cool trailer, and then thank them again after the battle for giving Rainbow Dash more exposure and putting together an amusing fight video? Maybe a few of our talented artists might be inspired to sketch some amusing fanart for the match-up, too. This might be a good chance to show another internet subculture what being a MLP:FiM fan is all about!

      (It sure as hay would beat whining and raging after Rainbow Dash's (near-inevitable) defeat.)

    30. I think Rainbow Dash has a good shot at winning the Death Battle, because the ScrewAttack guys put more thought into this fight than it initially seems. It's not just the fastest flying FiM character versus a Transformer that can turn into a jet; it's the Element of Loyalty versus a guy who can't go five seconds without stabbing his superior in the back, and I'm fairly certain, somehow, Starscream's disloyalty will be his undoing in the Death Battle.

    31. I'm more shocked that Trixie and Fluttershy were knocked out so early in that tournament

    32. @Krizak

      Yeah, I'm with you. You guys are being awfully pessimistic about this death battle thing, and after watching a couple of them, they do put some thought into it. Even if it's a loss for Rainbow Dash, it will be close. And there's a decent chance that Starscream's treachery and general sissynees will cost him a victory to Rainbow Dash. Plus, they named the trailer "DEATH BATTLE! Gets 20% Cooler", which can't be bad.

      Not that we should throw a fit over it if Rainbow Dash does lose, just to be clear.

    33. rofl, I checked out the MLP wikia & the front page was destroyed. But none of the other pages were, & then I went back to the front page & it was suddenly fixed. These guys aren't trolling hard enough.

    34. Umm, why are we getting all butt hurt over some stupid fight with things that aren't even real? I mean come on, I'm a Brony and all but getting mad at this is just retarded.

    35. @jet2112112

      I don't see anyone getting butthurt over it. I'm certainly not. I think it'll be pretty cool, regardless of whatever happens.

    36. Is it just me, or is the only change on 'Ultimate Mlp:FiM' a bit more lightning?
      Maybe it'll be better when I can hear it.

    37. That newspaper article thing is amazing.
      Moar caek!

    38. /v/ raiding wikipedia, how the hell did that happen? From what I've seen they can't agree on anything.

    39. Rainbow Dash can't win, Starscream is freaking immortal.

      I think the best compromise for both fandoms is to have Dash somehow destroy his body. All she needs to do is exploit his arrogance and rashness. Then you could have Starscream's spark beat her. He could get his body back, or heck even get one of his latter generation bodies (I would prefer his Animated body).

      With that said, as a Transformer fan for the past 24 years, and a Pony fan for only the past couple months, I have to say that I hope Starscream beats the crap out of her. Sorry Dashie, you're my favorite and all, but giant robots are greater than everything.

    40. Starscream looses to humans....HUMANS!!!! He has no hope of beating Dash, she is going to knock his spark back to prehistoric time! (and that is how he got to have that cameo Beast Wars)

    41. hmm, poor Roseluck. She didn't stand a chance against Applejack. Oh well

    42. This comment has been removed by the author.

    43. You'd better post my goddamn fic, Seth! I worked too hard on that shit to be ignored now!

    44. You'd better post mah fic, Seth! I worked too hard on it to be ignored now!

    45. I'm pretty sure the best response to the Screw Attack battle is to treat it as the joke it obviously is. I mean, a pony vs. a jet fighter is pretty damn funny, even if Dash gets vaporized instantly. The results don't mean a thing... It's all just goofy fun.

      If anything, it's mocking the very way fans get upset arguing about things like whether Thor could beat Superman. That people will argue the results of Pony vs. Robot is pretty hilarious in itself.

    46. What marshmallow? All I see is a dictionary.

    47. I don't know how much Transformers you guys are actually watching ("lolol Starscreamz gonna kick'er ass"), but fate has already sealed this one in the bag. Starscream always, ALWAYS loses. Even when he has the vastly superior firepower, his own aspirations for usurping Megatron and lording over the Deceptacons, or his reputation of being predominately disliked by everybody on both sides, always overtake him.

      If ScrewAttack was in the least aware of the source material they're using (and this is just a guess, but I'm pretty certain they are), they know that MLP fans want to see Dash win, and that Transformers fans want to see Starscream lose. So unless they're winding up to ultra-troll the Internet, fate has already sealed the results.

      Unless ScrewAttack is winding up to irritate millions of people...which would actually get them a medal for best trolling of 2011. Ya know, now that I think about it...this could really go either way.

    48. 101 Dalmati.. Nightly Roundups!

      Pony cake... indeed, delicious.

      I wasn't even in the Pony Tournament... period. What is this madness?!

      Aw yeah, Rainbow Dash is going to kick some Transformers behind! I hope so at least. Come on RD, you can take'em!

      FiM Wiki, nooooooooooo! /Spike
      We can rebuild it, we have the technology! But I don't want to spend a lot of money...

      Chocolate Rain Pinkie Pie shirt... what has science done?! Oddly, I kinda want one now.

      And I can only imagine the volume of fics being churned out since yesterday...

    49. Trolling Wikia/Wikipedia is pretty much pointless since they can easily rollback. Silly /v/...

    50. Pinkie Pie won the tournament... Allow me to quote The Great and Powerful Trixie,

      "Was there ever any doubt?"

      Mwhaha! Anyway. Glad to see the suspicions of Rainbow Dash on ScrewAttack were correct. Never heard of them, actually, but I'm sure they'll give her a chance if her intro music was any leverage. I'm just glad they chose her to spread the bronydom. She is definitely the perfect mascot.

    51. That death battle is going to be epic!

    52. oh yeah, Octavia wasn't in that tournament. What's up with that? May be they couldn't find one more character to put against...


    54. A chicken, a *DICTIONARY*, and a handypony

    55. Personally I'd like to see Rainbow Dash fanatics rage. xD

      Fights are always awesome when done right, no matter who wins or loses.

    56. No matter what the result of that death battle is, screw attack will be screwed.


    57. Did Rainbow Dash win the deathbattle?

    58. As a g1 from Screwattack, I've been waiting for this next death battle for a while.
      I seriously cried tears of joy when Rainbow Dash got announced. I hope She wins!

    59. Sweetie Belle got far enough into that to be beat out by Celestia? Sweet! Love that little Marshmallow!

    60. Tournament results were interesting, go AJ for getting 3rd, and Dash has to win that battle, it just wouldn't be right if she didn't!

    61. Even among Transformers fans, who would actually be amused to see Starscream win? Starscream is cool and all, but "never winning" is pretty much his shtick. Not to mention it's the most boring outcome. If Rainbow Dash wins, it will be surprising how she does it, and that's the most entertaining route.

      The people who want Starscream to win are just looking at it realistically, and ought to fully welcome the surprise if he doesn't. Or they're the type that is all, "STARSCREAM WILL WIN CUZ HE GOT LASERS AND CAN GO SUPER SAYIN IN MY FANFIC!!1" The latter are pretty stupid.

      It's a neat match-up though, because they are such polar opposites. Rainbow Dash is the epitome of brave and loyal.. almost to a fault. Starscream is the epitome of cowardly and disloyal... and it's always a fault. She just has to overcome his weapons and armour, and he'll fall like an old man with a broken hip. That said, how?

    62. Hey, let's make something clear folks. If Rainbow Dash loses don't make a big deal out of it. If we want to prove we're better than the haters, we need to act like we're better than the haters. It's a fake internet battle between a pony and a robot. It's not serious business. Maybe the haters will explode if Rainbow Dash wins. Okay. Let them do that. But unless you really want to further the "bronies are crazy manchildren" image, I'd advise that no matter the result, you cool your damn jets.

      And I know no one will actually read this and when the result comes, "love and tolerance" flies out the window.

    63. The whole Rainbow Dash Deathmatch thing is silly but I'd LMAO if Dash got Starscream's spark and turned into Mega Super Robot Dash or something.

    64. After looking at the Death Battle playlist, I can't wait to see RD vs. Starscream. They really know how to do their research and use them during the fight.

      My bet is on RD winning.

    65. Pin-kie's QUEEN!

      Tomboyish attitude doesn't get you first place, I like Dash right after Pinkie, though.

    66. A tournament where Pinkie Pie wins, Applejack gets third, and Fluttershy loses to DJ PON3... That seems so wrong I mean who was voting? From everyone I've seen Pinkie would definitely not be first, Applejack would not be anywhere near third, and Fluttershy would have been somewhere near the top. I mean they are all great but I don't think that tournament really shows who people's favorites are.

      But I digress I hope Rainbow Dash wins against Starscream!

    67. Scientific proof that Pinkie Pie is Best Pony.

    68. Kids from /v/ vandalizing the FiM Wikipedia page doesn't make them trolls. They're just idiots. Who will actually get mad about that?

    69. This comment has been removed by the author.

    70. Pinkie Pie being first is the only correct solution.

      The whole Starscream vs Rainbow Dash match is more than meets the eye, as both competitors readily demonstrate. The thing that really amused me more than anything about the matchup going in is the fact that ScrewAttack really piled on the layers of thought into this one.

      Both are Hasbro franchises, both have been around since forever (or the 80s, whichever people believe to have happened first), both have more or less been seen as the flagships of Hasbro's lineup simultaneously, they've pit the Element of Loyalty versus the embodiment of disloyalty to the extreme, and both are fairly scrappy fighters that hate to lose and will do what needs to be done to take home a win (comparatively speaking, to each their respective franchises).

      However, as has been pointed out before, Starscream, while immortal, gets to spend eternity always losing. Forever. He's lost to sacks of flesh smaller than him before. Rainbow Dash is a sack of flesh smaller than Starscream. She's not at any major disadvantage here; indeed, her much smaller size will actually be an advantage, given her speed and flight control.

      Oh yeah, that. She can fly. A sack of flesh smaller than Starscream that can fly under her own power. Who also controls the weather. She controls the skies. As any competent battlefield general can tell you, s/he who controls the skies, controls the battle. It's almost certain the fight will get in the air in ten seconds flat, and stay there, give that both competitors are native fliers, and the air is their element. Starscream will most certainly deploy his air-to-air combat weaponry without delay, but that doesn't mean Dash is without her own forms of offense and defense. I.E. the weather itself. I foresee the skies burning with awesome by the end of this.

      Starscream will put up one hell of a fight, and being made of metal, will give Dash one hell of a hard time finding a way to even do damage to him, but she'll find a way. Given the fact that she's already managed to defy the laws of physics, and can even withstand g forces at magnitudes that would liquify time, I have a feeling she's gonna end up finding a way to turn Starscream into a screaming pile of scrap metal. His spark will live on, that's for certain, but it'll have to live with having to add yet another loss in his W/L column, this time at the hooves of a rainbow-maned light-blue pegasus the size of his pinkie.

    71. Actually wouldn't be funny if it turn out to be a stalemate


      I knew it all along

    73. Interesting news tonight, but...

      What the ?HECK? is that new thing when I click on a picture, that pops up when I try to look at one ?!

      I don't find that ''option'' especially interesting.

    74. Funny thing about that video from screw attack is that I had started a FiM crossover fic and the first story was transformers prime, compete with "ponyscream" from the predacon sub-faction. (course I may have to change that if they wind up putting preadaking in >.<)

      I will be going back and revising it (and hopefully adding enough words to submit the first two chapters... >.<)

      Applejack got second from the looks of it.

    75. Regarding Rainbow Dash vs Starscream:
      Metal armor is great in most cases. Not so great against lightning as I understand it. Rainbow has to survive long enough to learn that hooves are useless. Might try a tornado, but I think the finisher (IF she wins) is going to be a series of lightning-bolts.