• Story: Pony Psychology (Update: Story 2 Complete!!)

    [Sad][Shipping] This will be the primary hub post for the Pony Psychology series.   It will roll with 6-star right out of the gate.  The separate chapters will remain in-tact for comment purposes (Linked below!) but feel free to use this one now, and don't forget to toss it it's star rating, even though it's official rating will stay 6 regardless!

    All stories are below the break!

    Author: SaddlesoapOpera

    [Sad] Fluttershy
    Description: After the Grand Galloping Gala, Fluttershy finds herself thinking about her actions…and her childhood.
    Fluttershy: Origins
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    Additional Tags: Psychological, Flashback, Emotional, Flutterrage, Friendship

    [Normal][Sad] Pinkie Pie
    Description: For the second time, Rainbow Dash walks in on Pinkie Pie in an unguarded moment, and learns an uncomfortable secret.
    Pinkie Pie: Schism
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    Additional tags: Psychological, Emotional, Friendship, Secrets, Stress

    [Shipping][Sad] Rainbow Dash
    Description: Fluttershy tries to help Rainbow Dash relax, but things soon get complicated. A Pony Psychology Series story - previous episodes include Fluttershy: Origins, and Pinkie Pie: Schism.
    Rainbow Dash: Dependence
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    Additional Tags: Psychological, Emotional, Addiction, FlutterDash, Long

    [Shipping][Sad] Applejack
    Description: Though already a straight-talker, Applejack suddenly finds herself utterly unable to lie...even to herself. A Pony Psychology Series story - previous episodes include Fluttershy: Origins, Pinkie Pie: Schism, and Rainbow Dash: Dependence.
    Applejack: Exposure
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    Additional tags: Psychological, Emotional, Truth, Violence, Secrets

    [Sad] Rarity
    Description: Rarity's generosity is well-known, but her need to please others may end up costing her everything.
    Rarity: Loss
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    Additional Tags: Emotional, Psychological, Guilt, Desperation, Conflict

    [Normal][Sad]  Twilight Sparkle
    Description: Princess Celestia tells Twilight Sparkle a secret that will change the way she sees her friends - and herself - forever. The final chapter in the main plot of the Pony Psychology Series.
    Twilight Sparkle: Spellbound
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    Additional Tags: Psychological, Emotional, Long, Friendship, Magic

    [Sad] Celestia / Luna

    Description: A thousand years of bad blood between The Royal Pony Sisters finally drives them to a confrontation. This story begins during the events of Rarity: Loss, and ends just before the midpoint of Twilight Sparkle: Spellbound; Re-reading is recommended.
    Alicorns: Blame 

    Additional Tags: Emotional, Confrontation, Magic, Flashback, Family, Celestia, Luna, Moondancer, Twilight Sparkle

    Description: Ponyville's mailmare is a mystery. Why does she act the way she does? Why does she have a Unicorn foal? What does her Cutie Mark mean? And why is she so fixated on muffins? The answers will reveal a past that she didn't know she had...and a guilt that she may never live down.
    Ditzy Doo: Muffins 

    Additional Tags: Psychological, Griffons, Violence, Memories, Long


    Description: Pennliess and downtrodden, The (once) Great and Powerful Trixie comes into possession of the means to get back at the residents of Ponyville - but is she ready to pay the price for that vengeance? The final appendix in the Pony Psychology series...but keep your eyes peeled for exciting new Saddlesoap fics and series coming soon!
    Trixie: Treasure

    Additional Tags: Careful What You Wish For

    Description: Twilight Sparkle and her fellow Elements of Harmony have faced down supernatural foes of the highest order, but sometimes the deadliest danger can come from places one would least expect. As Twilight is forced to bear a devastating secret, her efforts to keep the Elements together may well tear them all apart. The plotline of the acclaimed Pony Psychology Series continues with an exploration of deception, despair...and Discord.
    Secrets and Lies (New Part 7!)

    Additional Tags: Deception, Manipulation, Revenge, Prejudice, Shame