• Story: Of Fillies

    [Normal][Light Comedy]

    Author: ZeroDevil
    Description: After seeing how stressed Celestia has become after a millenium of constant work, Luna makes a wish that her older sister could regain some of the energy that she had as a filly. To Luna's surprise, her wish goes too far and Celestia is made into an actual filly and runs off to Ponyville, eager to use the new-found youthful energy she's gained. Now, Luna must catch up to her sister and stop things from getting any further out of hand...
    Of Fillies Part 1
    Of Fillies Part 2

    Additional Tags: Celestia turned into a filly


    1. Oh yes. After what I just saw in the comments a few stories down this seems like exactly what we need right now :)

      Also, that picture is full of D'AWWWWWWW

      *clicks link*

    2. O.o I am SO all over this! *Opens chapters eagerly* MY HOPES ARE HIGH, SO YOU'D BETTER NOT DISAPPOINT!

      ~ Magical Trevor

    3. Saw it. Read it. Loved it.

      The only issue I had is with the whole "Luna is Trixie" thing, and even that had a great payoff. A MUCH better Filly Celestia fic than that piece of crap I was working on.

    4. ... Nope! Trevor was not disappoint! *Goes on to chapter 2*

      (... Though, Trevor DOES admit, he likes the idea of Trixie being Luna's alt! XD)

      ~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

    5. OMG all the feel good goodness today. This story was awesome. 5 stars.

    6. I knew something in this seemed familiar...

    7. Ah, my; it's refreshing to see a fic in which Ditzy isn't the biggest goof-up running around. My guess is that she's referring to this as "That odd day where Miss Dash and her friends tried to mail themselves or something."

    8. Great Story!
      Short, made me laugh, 5 stars.

    9. *Reads description*
      Looks pretty good!

      *Reads tags*
      ...must read!

    10. A cute well written story. The idea of Trixie being Luna in disguise seems forced to me, and the conflict just seems to fix itself too easily at the end. I really did enjoy it though.

    11. Oh man, been waiting for a story where Trixie is actually Luna, after seeing that comic. Somewhat a shame it was a sub-thing...but still.

      Great story, can't wait for the 'more'.

    12. I liked the concept, and the story was written well, but two things stood out that just ruined the story for me.
      The first was Pinky breaking the fourth wall, I almost closed the story but decided to finish it in case it was isolated issue.
      The second was Luna being Trixie. Luna, is a goddess... cant handle a usra minor, showed up by a filly just starting her practice in magic? Sorry, just cant buy into that one.
      If Luna and Celestia are linked with the spell you mention, why could Celestia so easily find and know it was Luna, but Luna was completely oblivious?
      I liked the concept of the story though, which made me finish it.

    13. I just don't understand why this is rated so low and so few comments. This was an incredibly fun story. I know some don't like Luna being Trixie, but COME ON.