• GMOD Pony Pack #2

    The second pack of Gmod ponies has been released! Included this time around:

    Golden Trophies/Statues

    Check out more informational copypaste after the break, as well as download links!

    Here is the readme:

    Pack includes Celestia, Molestia, Luna, Lyra, Bon Bon, Trixie, and 4 golden statues/trophies.
    Extract to garrysmod/garrysmod/. Spawn the models under the "browse" feature in the spawn menu, look for the folder called MLPPack.
    This pack is designed to merge with the first mane six + Derpy pack.

    First pack: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/07/garys-mod-ponies.html

    The models feature:
    - Face posing
    - Eye posing (best used with the eye poser tool's "look at me" function (right click on model))
    - 2 versions (one with an outline and one without)
    - Separate open-winged and close-winged models
    - 3 sizes for the trophies (small handheld, pony size, and larger statue size)

    Things to note:
    - The outlines break dynamic shadows (e.g. with the lamp tool on the model.) This is because of the way the outlines are made on the model. I cannot fix this.
    - The models do freak out and go crazy sometimes. However Celestia and Luna are different rigs and are a bit easier to pose and more stable.
    - Trixie's cape is a bit hard to pose, since there are many bones to allow it to fold in many places. I have included a simple version as well, which has less bones and cannot bend at the sides.

    Original models and textures by KP-ShadowSquirrel
    High resolution cutie marks by MaximillianVeers
    Colours and references provided by Egophiliac
    Other references, support, and testing by Edef
    Rigging, smoothing, shaders and whatnot by Oogaboogaman

    Base models were originally downloaded at: http://kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Model-Download-Center-215266264

    Download links and mirrors:


    Video Showing Off the Creation of Luna (New!)