• Season 1 Transcripts

    He was there to see the season out, and like the 26 episodes he served as a rearguard for, Blueblood looks absolutely fabulous. That's why he's up there, ok? You can't fake that kind of fabulosity. Or this kind, for that matter.

    Through tireless effort and crazy typing speed, a brave and wonderful pony by the name of Alan Back has taken every single last episode from the first season and transcribed them into fan scripts. Being fan works, they are not official scripts, meaning among other things that they're not going to give you the scenery descriptions and directions exactly as they appeared in production, but they are properly formatted and super accurate. This is a wonderful boon to anypony with a creative project requiring episode-to-episode accuracy, or to any of you who are just bored and want to dissect dialog at your own pace without getting swept up in watching the show (there's always so many details I miss because I go into little kid observer mode every single time I sit down. Any of you guys know what I mean?). Download, crack it open, and enjoy

    Friendship is Magic: Season 1 Transcripts

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