• Nightly Roundup #101

    I'm pretty sure once part two of Return of Harmony comes out, it's going to instantly lock its slot as my favorite episode.  I still say it should have been a full on movie though!  The quality of the animation definitely deserves it. 

    I'll stop rambling, have some news!

    Planned Meetups/Groups Looking for More

    Edinburgh Scotland Meetup

    So You Think Your'e A Brony Episode Three

    For those following this podcast thing, episode three can be found here!



    Pony Tournament Results

    Applejack got 3rd? What? Check out the ponychan thread for more information.

    Letters to Lauren Faust Have been Compile and Sent!

    A while back, a "Letters to Lauren Faust" event took place where a bunch of people collaborated on a huge pile of fan mail for Lauren Faust. The project has been sent, and apparently shes reading through them. Check out the letter blog for more information.

    Rainbow Dash on "Death Battle"

    Hell yah Rainbow Dash. You got this crap!

    Ultimate My Little Pony Brony Edition

    The "Make FiM darker" project recently released a trailer to show off the progress on it. Check it out below!

    Daylight Dreams ARPG Seeking More

    For those looking to play some ARPG crazyness, hit up the Recruitment Call document to see if your qualified to join!

    Pittsburgh Brony Meetup 

    More crayz bronies recently met up in Pittsburgh.  Check out their album for more pictures!

    FiM Wikipedia Page Raided by /v/

    The MLP Wikia page is currently being bombarded by trolls from the video games section on 4chan.  Hopefully everything gets cleared up!

    German Season Two Subtitles

    Someone over on YouTube is subtitling all of the FiM Season Two episodes for the German speaking bronies out there.  Check out episode one here!

    Pop Up MLP Videos

    Someone is creating a bunch of pop up style videos for each FiM Episode. Check them out here!

    PDF Gallery Updates

    The following have been added to the PDF Gallery:

    Rising Tension
    Our First Steps
    School Reunion
    Wooly Fetlocks and the Fashion Factory
    Blunder and Lightning
    Thunder and Lightning
    Tangled Up in Blues
    Combinatornics Project

    Merch/Custom Stuff
    Octavia Custom
    Puffcloud Custom
    Gold Standard Custom
    Chocolate Rain Shirt
    Jaelachan Pony Shirts
    Ponyshot Shirts
    Velvet Remedy Custom
    Green Alicorn Custom
    Firefly Custom

    Equestria Daily News

    Oh Rarity, you crazy. 

    Fic report on new episode day?! Yah right!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here