• Spiderses - A Dramatic Live Reading

    Someone did a live reading of Spiderses! You guys DID ask for it right?!

    On that note: I think some of you actually thought Spiderses was a serious story submission.  Hopefully you realized the truth after reading a few of the comments.   A story called Half Life: Full Life Consequences was released a while back, and each fandom has tried to emulate it's amazingness in their own style.  While Spiderses does come close, I don't think it's possible to top it, but the valiant effort and ridiculousness of it warranted a nonsense post.

    On that note again:  Please don't send more fics like this in an attempt to take the title! Spiderses sort of built it's own mini community pre-post, so it was passed on to me by the masses.  It wasn't actually "submitted".

    Anyway have a live reading!

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