• Q&Neigh: Volume II

    We're back, whether you like it or not!

    It's been a journey, ponies. The forces at work did not want this podcast to happen. There were setbacks. There was drama. There was action. Through it all, we prevailed, and this is the result.

    In all seriousness, this is the result of hours of thrown-out work because of both technical difficulties and three tired blog ponies. The final result is something all three of us are very proud of, so, we invite you to listen. For comedy's sake, though, I have also saved three bloopers from the first (unused) recording session, in case you want to hear me swear a lot. Not to say that the podcast isn't comedic. Actually, if it isn't, we did it wrong. But it is. Trust me. It's magical.

    Links and bloopers after the break.

    *Seth Edit*: Phoe and I would like to let everyone know that we eventually did come to a compromise on the final question, but we hit the limit on time mid argument and had to cut it off.  It took us a half an hour of debate post-recording, but we finally agreed upon a way that it would indeed work in the FiM universe.  We will include it in the next podcast, but feel free to toss your input in the comments.  


    Q&Neigh #2 by Cereal Velocity

    Blooper Reel: 1 | 2 | 3        (NSFW WARNING: Censored swearing. All from Cereal.)

    Just in case anypony is confused as to who is talking, the guys at Bronyville said I should lead this time, so I (Cereal) am the one doing the intro, Seth is the guy that sounds like Michael Cera, and Phoe is the girl.

    Links we talked about during the show:
    Bronyville Podcast
    Cereal's Fics
    Phoe's Fics

    Soundcloud is kicking us out after this many minutes of podcasts. Anyone got any ideas for podcast hosting? I'd love to hear it.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here