• Story: Karamel (Update Part 7+8!)

    [Crossover][Shipping] I'm pretty sure heterosexuality doesn't exist in Ponyville at this point.

    Author: The Unnamed Pawn
    Description: When the night sky fills with glamor, a lovely story awaits you. Welcome fillies and gentlecolts to the Golden Playhouse. Tonight's story is Karamel, an unconventional romantic horror. A stallion with a certain curse has a terrifying week. Our hero in this story is Big Macintosh. He's a quiet and hardworking colt, but one day we begin to see him have terrifying nightmares. On top of that, a torrent of sweet seduction sweeps down upon him. Will he be able to work his way out of the maze known as love?
    Sorry to keep you waiting. Raise the curtains. Now enjoy the show.
    Karamel Part 1
    Karamel Part 2
    Karamel Part 3
    Karamel Part 4
    Karamel Part 5
    Karamel Part 6
    Karamel Part 7 (New!)
    Karamel Part 8 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Big Mac, Atlus, Catherine, Caramel, Love

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