• Nightly Roundup #66


    Have some news!

    Minecraft Giveaway

    ShadowArk on Ponychan is giving away two copies of Minecraft, both for pretty much nothing!

    The first copy will given out randomly to a pool of people who email him at Shadowoftheark@gmail.com.

    The second will be given to the best drawing of the CMC in their Showstoppers outfits. 

    The deadline for both is August 31st.

    Again, all submissions go to Shadowoftheark@gmail.com

    Celestia Radio Fanfic Readings

    The people over at Celestia Radio are looking for suggestions for live fanfiction readings on Fridays.  If you want to suggest something, hit up the comments section here

    Pony Sculpture Events from Eneha! 

    Have some copy paste from Eneha over at the free custom clay pony forums!
    -The winner of the sitting Lyra giveaway is the brony TechnoFox. I'll have another giveaway next month, and will post a thread about it on my forums when I have an update (http://eneha.forumotion.com)
    -I have another raffle, but this time people can only buy 1 ticket each at $1, so everyone has an equal chance. ^^; It's for this filly Derpy with her muffins: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/192/f/5/filly_derpy_by_eneha-d3n6piv.jpg Details will be posted on the forums/my DA
    -I'm holding a "silent auction" for my Gilda sculpture http://eneha.deviantart.com/art/Grumpy-Griffon-221243576 All you have to do is email me your highest "bid," and whoever bid the highest by Tuesday wins.
    -Last but not least, I have a Doctor Whooves and Dalek sculpted pair on eBay for a 5 day auction http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260834821078&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

    Trixie Chrome Theme

    Best pony? Yep.

    You can download it here!

    Friendship is Magic: KZSC Radio

    Another radio station is going to be playing a bunch of pony stuff today at 4:00 PM-6:00 PM Pacific Time

    You can find the website for it here!

    Crochet Ponies for Charity

    Socchan is doing a charity thing for Crochet ponies over on Livejournal

    If you are interested in joining the auction community, check out this link!
    You will need an account in one of the following to participate:  LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Google, Mail.Ru, or Vkontakte.

    PDF Story Gallery Updates

    You can find the gallery here!

    The Eversleep
    Luna's Day Out
    A Broken Bond
    My Little Metro
    The Somber Colection (5 Oneshots by Somber)
    Jack and the Ponies
    Calling the Shots
    The Natural Order
    First Light of Dawn
    Elements of Discord
    Two Truths and a Skye
    Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons

    New Abridged Series Looking for More 

    Another Abridged series needs more people to flesh out their cast a bit.  You can find their opening video with information here!

    And some copypaste:
    This is My Little Equine: Friendship is Worthless, an abridged series I have been working on with  editing by zbchopss. This is to spread the word around of the new series, and also to give other ponies a chance to be apart of it. We need quite a few different voices, so anypony can audition for any character you want. Feel free to adlib as well, it'll only help us understand your interpretation of the character. As of now, the auditions are completely open so get out there and show your stuff! All submissions must come to THIS video as a video response, as a Youtube PM to either ThePonySadists or MontHenryKnitly, or as an email to either ponysadists@gmail.com or monthenryknitly@aim.com

    Thank you, and enjoy the series!
    Also, WARNING: this show will be pretty vulgar, especially the first episode. So this isn't for the little Fillies out there. Thank you for your time! -MontHenryKnitly

    Comic Con Brony Report

    CapitalBrony has created this short report on the goings on over at Comic Con a few weeks ago. 

    You can find it in the google document here!

    Doctor Whooves Tops Today's Big Thing

    Over at Todaysbigthing.com, the Doctor Whoof animation has taken the number 1 slot for August 12's Entertainment section. 

    Yay Doctor Whoof. 

    You can find it here!

    More Potential Pony Holidays with Specific Ponies Attributed to Them!

    A while back I posted a bunch of potential pony celebration days (Because you all love celebrating so much).  Someone created yet another list, this one with much longer descriptions and information on each.  You can find it in the google document here!

    Mane Styling Barber

    Just in case your favorite pony friend/waifu needs a bit of touching up in the mane department, this barber shop located in Epsom, UK is open for business!

    (I realized after creating this that barbour means something else entirely, but I'm sticking with mane styling cause its cute so yah)

    Ebay/Merch Stuff
    In the Beginning Equestria Was Born

    Scratch Hat

    Rarity Designs
    Yaaah images was a bad idea, back to links!

    Custom Lyra/Bonbon Auction
    Rainbow Dash Painting

    Equestria Daily News

    Colgate Day! Now with 100% less nurse costume. 

    Update Queue
    Brotherhood of the Moon (Update Part 7!)
    Ask Nightmare Moon (Update Episode 2!)
    The New Dawn of the Old Night (Update Part 4!)
    MLP The (Abridged) Mentally Advanced Series (Update Episode 9!)
    Trading Places, Hooves and All (Update Part 4!)
    The Empty Room (Updated Part 17!)
    Irreplaceable (Update part 16)
    Time Heals All Wounds (Update Chapter 5!)
    Gryphon A Second Chance (Update Part 2!)
    The Sun's Song (Update Chapters 14!)

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here