• Story: It's Always Sunny in Fillydelphia (Update Story 2!)


    Author: Bobcat
    Description: When Applejack goes with Rainbow Dash on a trip to Fillydelphia, she learns that life doesn't always go according to plan... and that can lead to something better.
    It's Always Sunny in Fillydelphia

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    [Shipping][Adventure] (All New!)
    Description: What was supposed to be a simple trip to Ponyville instead leads Soarin on an adventure that will determine the future of all Equestria. Will he be able to save Applejack and her friends from a fate worse than death?
    Semper Fidelis 1
    Semper Fidelis 2
    Semper Fidelis 3
    Semper Fidelis 4
    Semper Fidelis 5

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