• Nightly Roundup #64

    Might as well just call this a Morning Roundup, because it's totally light out right now.

    Have stuff!

    Ponies & Parasprites needs your help!

    Flatline is looking for artists and tabletop gamers for assistance with his MLP tabletop RPG, Ponies & Parasprites! Currently in version 0.5, this game needs the community's help with
    • Peer review and editing
    • Playtesting and gameplay balancing
    • Art assets
    • Formatting
    • And most importantly, suggestions or ideas from YOU!
    The Ponies & Parasprites main handbook (which has everything you need to start playing) is here
    The P&P Bestiary (with 4 new character races, expanded combat options, 8 monstrous creatures, and 6 species of friendly wildlife) is here
    The Fan page (where all announcements and updates can be found) is here
    The RPG.net forum is here
    Email your comments, questions, and ideas to [email protected]

    MightyFine Puts up More Pony Shirts! 

    The people over at Welovefine.com tossed me these links earlier.  Yes, that is in fact a steampunk pony shirt.

    Yes, I do have a sudden urge to play Arcanum.

    Yes it is 4 am and I totally don't have time to play Arcanum. 
    Steampunk Shirt Link
    There is also a very subtle Elements of Harmony shirt.

    Elements of Harmony Link

    Also some new Derpy Hooves.

    Derpy Link

    All come in both mens, and womens sizes. 

    Pony Toy Podcast

    Over at Ponychatlive, a new podcast about toy hunting has been submitted.  You can find it here!

    Bridlemaids Billboard Taken Down

    It sounds like they are cycling a new show up where the Bridle Maids billboard once hung out.

    Your mission, as blog minions, to track down that billboard and ship it to my house!

    You have one week! 

    Friendship is Magic Airing in Germany on the 17th of September

    Our German Bronies over at Ponyaddicted fired an email off to Hasbro asking when FiM would start airing over there.  Apparently September is the big month!

    I kind of want to hear the voice overs they choose for that. 

    New Pony Image Board

    Another pony image dump has popped up.  Twentypercentcooler is the same booru style format as we use at Ponibooru, with a few extra tweaks.  It's also really purple...

    My Little Pony Cocktail Drink

    And then Berry Punch ended up as a permanent ornament at the Ponyvillian Pub.  Not that this is news or anything.

    You can find the My Little Pony Cocktail here!

    Official Brony StickCam Group Spams My Email 

    It seems like a trend now to have fans of ___ raid my mailbox.  First Celestia Radio and their clopfic DJ(Gettin me in trouble!), and now the Stickcam group and their armada. 

    You reaally only need to send one email guys..

    Anyway, have a link!

    Equestria Filmer's

    A small community of Youtube PMV makers is recruiting more.  You can find it here!

    Magic the Gathering Set #4! 

    Another set of MTG cards has popped up.  You can find it here!

    Chalk Ponies

    Yay chalk!

    Legend of Celestia Game Recruiting More!

    A new game is in development called Legend of Celestia.  They are looking for a Sprite Artist and someone to do music.

    You can find the website here for more information.

    Champions Online Brony Guild Needs Help Forming

    Have some copypaste!
    Having been unable to find any brony supergroups for Champions Online, I've decided to rectify the problem. I need four people to actually start the group before I can submit it to the guild lists and such. I plan on calling it "Knights In Luna's Labor", but I'm open to suggestions. If anypony reading this plays CO, anypony at all, send me a friend request (my screenname is [email protected]), and once I have at least 4 people, I'll contact you all so as to form the guild.

    Samurai Applejack Project Looking for More! 

    Another animation project over on Newgrounds needs some more people to help create it.  You can find a list of positions open in this video.

    Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Blind Bag

    Equestria Daily News

    Update Queue
    Fire and Rainbows (Update Part 2!)
    On A Cross And Arrow (Update Part 7!)
    To Trot a Mile In Another's Hooves (Complete!)
    The Eversleep (Update Parts 2, 3, 4!)
    Antipodes (Update Chapter 20!)
    Bronyville Podcast (New Episode 16!)
    Karamel (Update Part 5+6!) 
    Equestria Hockey League (Update Part 3!)
    Story: Rainbow Colored Falling Stars (Update Part 3!) 
    Escape from Castle Midnight (Update Chapter 3!)
    Seven Ponies (Update Part 2+3!)
    Catch Me If You Can (Update Part 4!)
    Natural Order (Update Part 3!)
    The Snowball Effect (Update Part 7!)

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here