• More New Toys

    Wow, they are using these molds like crazy. 

    Between Ponychan and MLP Arena, a bunch of new merch has popped up, primarily from that Taobao site.  In this new wave of stuff you can find a bunch of these new keychain versions of the blindbag ponies (Though some of them are new ponies altogether), along with a brushable Celestia, and fashion style Rainbow Dash. 

    Too bad Celestia is STILL PINK!

    They even have a papercraft line coming out, though I'm pretty sure Kna has us covered with that!

    It's a shame that the molded set supposedly didn't do too well.  Brushable is neat and all, but having the realistic Rainbow Dash haircut out of the box would be amazing. 

    Thanks to Angela for the heads up on all of this.

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