• Story: Luna's Day Out

    [Random][Shipping] Luna in socks+Avery Strange... Do you need more convincing?

    Author: Avery Strange
    Description: Luna's finally ready to get back out there into the world of Equestria, ready to see what's become of ponykind in the past thousand years. Except... she's not quite ready to go out on her own, amongst ponies that know only tales of nightmares and betrayal about her, and the one pony she knows personally is a little busy running a kingdom and raising the sun. When the offer for companionship comes from an unlikely place, Luna learns two great lessons. One, the risk to get to know a pony can lead to great rewards. Two, socks make everything better.
    Luna's Day Out Part 1
    Luna's Day Out Part 2
    Luna's Day Out Part 3

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