• Random Merch Stuff!

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    There have been so many random pieces of merch popping up lately, that quite frankly, its hard to keep up with it all.  Time to compile it!

    Above is a German magazine, that comes fake plastic phone thing.   Sadly, it doesn't actually "do" anything.  It's still pretty neat though!

    Source: Levi
    Source: Levi

    Out here in the states, (Namely Dollar stories) these three small coloring books are popping up all over the place.  They might be fun for those of you who have finished off the amazing Adult Coloring Book that was released a while back!  The Cheerilee is cute at least! 

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    And here is one that has been around for a pretty long time now.  I keep getting emails about it, so I'll just toss it in the pile!  Have a Pinkie Pie bubble blower,  because Pinkie Pie likes bubbles. 

    There are a million variations of it.  Some come with a Pinkie Pie stick, while others are just liquid with a Pinkie Pie tray.  I think this is the only actual electronic one. 

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    Last but not least, a new set of MLP Tote bags have popped up.  The best one being Twilight Sparkle's of course.  It's kind of weird that they keep releasing white Celestia on all of their other merch, but the toy remains disappointingly pink... maybe some day we will get a normal one.  Until then, we can just keep repainting her!

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