• Nightly Roundup #34

    Oh god its creepy

    I was going to use Luna in socks, but I had to use it for something else.

    On to the news!

    PinkiePie Wins Surprise 4th Place for Pony Tank

    Over at the World of Tanks website, they recently ran a tank skin contest. Originally there were only supposed to be three winners, but at the last minute they added a 4th... and it's a pony tank. I guess someone over there is a fan.

    You can find the page here!

    Ponies in Grrl Power

    Another web comic has dropped ponies! This time with a surprise pony ring tone! You can find it here!

    Writers Training Grounds Event

    Similar to the Artist Training Grounds, some bronies over on DA have set up a Writing challenge.  If you are interested in joining in, you can find the page here!

    More MTG Cards! 

    Another small set of MTG cards have popped up.  If you still have ink left over after that massive 60 card one from yesterday, have fun blowing it on more!

    You can find it here!

    Sculpted Pony Giveaway

    A Sculpted pony givaway is currently underway over on Ponychan.  All you need to do is talk about your favorite character and convince everyone why he/she is the best.  You can find the thread here!

    Rainbow Dash Plushie On Ebay

    The last day for biddng on the Rainbow Dash plushie currently happening over on Ebay.  If you want it, now's the time to aim for it!  You can find the auction here!

    Adult Swim Drops More Pony 

    In their current recommended DVR list, Adult Swim has included My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the top 5 to record.  These guys flip-flop more than Rainbow Dash!

    New Podcast on Blog Talk Radio

    I heard you guys liked podcasts! So have another one!  You can find it here!

    Comedy Central's Ugly Americans Plugs Ponies?

    I'm not sure how related this actually is, but...have a youtube video

    New Brony TF2 Server

    Another TF2 Server is looking for more!  You can find the website for it here!

    Or just connect at:

    Mega64 Talks about Ponies!

    At the 27 minute mark, ponies popped up in the recent mega64 podcast!  Madness I say!

    You can find it here

    Equestria Daily News

    I love crystal ponies.  They are...amazing.

    I also like Fluttershy a lot.  I'm not sure why.  Someone convince Cereal to color things.

    And that is all for the news!  Pretty short!

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