• Ashleigh Ball Signs Ponies!

    Bronymike recently met up with Ashleigh Ball (Rainbow Dash and Applejack's voiceovers) and actually got her to sign a pony!

    I think I'll be a bad overworked journalist and let him tell the entire story.  It's a pretty good read!  You can find it after the break. 

    Also check out her band's Myspace page here
    And a gallery fo more images here!

    Last night I went with fellow brony Bejoty to see Ashleigh Ball (VA for Rainbow Dash and Applejack) and her indie band "Hey Ocean!" perform up in Vancouver. I was pretty much completely unfamiliar with the band and was only there on the off chance I'd be able to get my Applejack toy signed. The band (good band, by the way) played their set and then said they'd be selling merch and signing autographs at a nearby tent. I waited in line in anticipation with a moderately large group, some bronies, some not, most genuinely fans of the band, me only really there to try to get AJ signed.

    I was a bit concerned the band would be a bit irritated because I was only paying attention to one of the three members. They'd liked My Little Pony on their Facebook page (I did a little research on the band before the concert just so I was at least introduced to them), but they could've just liked that because one of their members acted in it and had nothing more than that. I figured the rest of my group would give the other members enough recognition, though, so I wasn't too concerned.

    But the result was completely unexpected. I'm wearing my "RBD - 20% cooler in ten seconds flat" T-shirt and my fedora with a Rainbow Dash cutie mark pin on the side of it. I get to the front and put Applejack on the counter. Ashleigh Ball looks at it, looks at me, and before she can say anything one of her bandmates says "IT'S A BRONY!" and reaches out for a high-five. All three of them were actually ecstatic to meet a brony. Ashleigh signed AJ and as per Bejoty's request, she said something in AJ's accent. I got a handshake and another high five. Before I left, I got her to sign my Pinkie Pie as well (There was a slight chance I could've also met Daniel Ingram that day so I brought her for him to sign in case of that, but no dice). She also mentioned that Scootaloo's voice actress was in the crowd at the concert. I guess we missed her, though.

    So, then Bejoty asks if he can get a quick shout-out to bronies after they're done signing stuff, and Ashleigh agrees! So, they finish signing stuff, Bejoty records her saying something (He's still on his way back down to Washington right now but he'll surely have it on his computer not too long from now and he'll send you his side of the story (Probably in less words)) to the brony community about how we're awesome and we've changed her view on adult males viewing more feminine animation or something along those lines, then she said a quick thanks in AJ's voice and Dash's voice and she had to run off. It was SO AWESOME.

    Long story short, I'm apparently the first brony Ashleigh Ball ever met and I got ponies signed; Bejoty got a video shout-out but you'll get that later.
    Great job! And I'm glad they like us.   If you guys have any awesome real life pony related stories, feel free to send them my way!

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