• Nightly Roundup #44

    Equestria Daily Current Best pony: Fluttershy

    Tomorrow's Best Pony: Octavia

    It's news time after the break! 

    How much of a Brony are you?

    Someone named Twinkle Star (Yep, that's the name!) has created a quiz for everyone to take that determines just how much of a brony you are.

    Fortunately, I'm 90%! Get owned!

    You can find it here!

    Drawball Wars Round 4! 
    Do you see The Great and Powerful Trixie's eye? It's getting completely destroyed!  This is unacceptable!  We need MORE BRONIES!

    Get your asses over there and fix her!

    Onemorelevel.com Promotes Story of the Blanks As It's Daily Game!

    It looks like Story of the Blanks has taken the top slot on yet another flash game website. Pretty impressive! Now we just need some big game company to pick it up and create a full on epic out of it. 

    You can find it here.

    Adventure Quest Team Goes Pony
    Yep, that's an alicorn

    Another gaming team has gone pony.  The people over at Adventure Quest have created a bunch of ponysonas for themselves.  I remember playing this game in highschool!  Pretty neat to see them convert to ponydom.

    You can find their page here!

    Soft Equestria Comics 

    Someone has created a parody site to the Softer World comics.  They are pretty...artistic!

    You can find the pony versions here!

    Thinking With Ponies Updates! 

    The Portal 2 pony mod team has released a bunch of little updates for everyone to drool over.  Using more of those fancy mathematics, that have determined pony/prop sizes using...apples as measurements.  I guess that is technically the best way to do it!

    If you are interested in following their progress, you should probably head on over to the Thinking With Ponies Blog!

    Magical Pony Theater 3000 Project Seeking Help! 

    A Group of people over on ponychan need some assistance in building a ponified version of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  If you are interested in helping out with the project, hit up the ponychan thread here (Though as of 2:05 AM PST Ponychan appears to be down or something)!

    They also set up a synchtube channel for various things, including MST3K episodes.  That can be found here !

    Brony Google+ Contest

    The Brony Central group over on Google+ is currently hosting weekly contests for various rewards.

    This week the goal is to either create either a drawing, or a comic, depicting some form of creepy Slenderman style character in ponyville.

    If you are interested, check out the page here!

    In other news, it sounds like Google+ has joined the facebook anti-pony brigade.  I've received several emails about bannings for pony names.  It is technically against the ToS though! There is always Flankbook!


    Not a huge amount to show for this one, but someone is trying to create a pokemon style pony game. 

    If you want to follow it's progress, check out the page for it here!

    Equestria Daily News

    Do you guys want Equestria Daily shirts? I've considered adding something like that after receiving a few emails about various items people make with EQD Logos on them.  I wouldn't be able to put show ponies on it (copyright and all) but, subtle hints could be added (Like the Fibers shirts)

    Anyway, just an idea! 

    Cereal has something to say to you all

    Dear Princess Celestia,
    Today I learned that ponies are fooled by bad CNN logos, can indeed tell the difference between a German and an American tank, and don't know that blog time is two hours behind Central time.

    You Faithful Student, Cereal

    Story Updates
    Estrella Noctis (Update Chapter 19!)
    I Wont See You Tonight (Update Story 4!)
    Project: Befrienders (Update: Story 4, Parts 1+2+3!)
    Of Mares and Magic (Update Part 8!)
    Luna's Socks (Update Complete!)
    Strange Bedfellows (Update Part 2!)
    Macintosh (Update Complete!)
    The Vinyl Scratch Tapes (Update Complete!)
    Past Sins (Update Part 7+8+9+10!)
    Giggle at the Ghostly (Update Part 2!)
    Imposition (Update Part 6!)
    Cognitive Dissonance (Upate Part 4!)
    The Song in the Shadows (Update Part 2!)

    Statistical Analysis of EQD's Pageviews

    Some crazy math brony named Interrobang Pie has worked his calculation voodoo on the page views of the site.  It includes all sorts of formulas that my sad little college algebrain(I typod that, but though it looked cool, so it stays) can't even begin to comprehend. 

    You can find the full report here!

    Fanfiction Spreadsheet Update List

    Another set of stories have been added to the Fanfiction archive checklist/spreadsheet!  You can find the excel doc to copy paste into your current one here!

    EQD IRC Chat Room
    Fire Ant sent me this button for the IRC chat room I added a while back.  It still exists! You can find it on the side bar.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here