• The Great and Powerful Unboxing!

    After countless hours of scavenging the science section of youtube looking for genetic breakthroughs in life extension and pony creation, I have noticed a trend...

    50% of it is ALWAYS unboxing.  

    And it just so happens that I found a first class mail parcel waiting for me.  Lets do this!

    Now unlike Cereal Velocity, I don't have the years of unboxing experience to really do this correctly.  It takes a certain type of skill set to go from "just opening something" to "unwrapping and tearing fetish".  I will however treat you all to a few images!

    Hmm, Tupperware?  I didn't order any Tupperware...  Actually, after Googling that (Thanks to Firefox's spell check), it sounds like Tupperware is actually a brand name.  Those sneaky marketing departments! Not only am I calling bandages, Band-Aids automatically, but they nailed me on plastic food storage devices too!

    Time to open the lid!

    Ohgodbubblewrap.  Sorry guys, I'm gonna have to go pop all these real quick....

    But wait!

    It looks like a smug ass mare was playing stow away with my Great and Powerful packaging material!  Who does she think she is, getting in the way of a good 30 minutes of enjoyment? 

    And in 10 seconds flat, Celestia is dethroned, and suddenly my pony collection has a new overlord.


    Thanks to Eneha on Deviant Art for the bubble wrap!  I'll keep an eye on your pony too, you don't need to worry about her.

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