• Story: Luna's Socks (Update Deluxe Edition!)

    [Shipping] On the update:

    Foxxy (Author of Twilight Sky Over Canterlot) collaborated with Butterscotch to add art/additional sections to the Luna's Socks story.  You can find the new one with the other links!

    Author: Butterscotch Sundae
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle returns to Canterlot to celebrate the Grand Jubilee with Princess Celestia, she again meets the prank-loving Princess of the Moon - but what does the mischievous Luna want with her? And what do socks have to do with it all?
    Luna's Socks Part 1
    Luna's Socks Part 2 
    Luna's Socks Deluxe Edition  (New!)

    Additional Tags: Twilight, Celestia, Luna, shipping, comedy, shipping, pranks, socks, sexy

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