• Nightly Roundup #48

    It's Wednesday!

    The Great and Powerfu...shes so sad... Trixie why are you sad? Wednesdays are always your day...

    I'll toss some news up I guess.

    New Zealand Bronies Facebook Group

    Another facebook group is looking for more! If you live in New Zealand, hit up this page!

    Socal Brony Meetup Writeup

    A recent meetup went down over in Old-Town Pasadena, California.  This is their writup!  If you are interested in hosting one of your own some day, this should give you an idea of what goes down!

    You can find the document here!

    Comic Con Brony Gallery

    The bronies who went to comic con have a gallery up of their cosplays/gathering.  You can find it here!

    Another Poll!

    Another poll has popped up! This one focusing on determining the most loved mane cast pony in comparison to others.  It's essentially a bunch of mini-vs battles.  You can find it here!

    Hackers Awards Give Out Pony Trophies

    The annual Las Vegas hackers awards ceremony, the "Pwnie" awards celebrate massive hacking events throughout the internet.  I'm pretty sure the pony trophies go out every year, but for those of you who were unaware, they essentially paint pony toys gold and toss them to the winners.

    You can find the site here!

    Very Slight Brony Shoutout in Newgrounds Game

    A game called Gap Monsters on Newgrounds dropped a slight pony reference.  So slight, it only involves clicking "you gotta care" and receiving "you gotta share".  Not much here! Oh well.

    You can find the game here regardless!

    Updated Custom Pony Contest

    Kanamai's OC pony contest is updated a bit, have some copypaste!
    The theme for this contest is Space.

    Design a pony based on something from space, be a it a star, a planet, a black hole, etc.
    The winner will get a custom pony of their design made.

    The contest will end on August 12th, 2011.

    Contest Submission Form:
    Nickname -
    Email -
    Ponies Name?
    What is your pony based on from space?
    Cutie Mark?
    Mane/Tail color?
    Eye color?
    Type of Pony?
    Body Color?

    Please submit the above form to [email protected]
     So.. go make space ponies!

    Extralives 72 Hour Charity Marathon Reads an Awful Pony Fanfic

    Recently a charity that raised 10,000 bucks for a school in Sri Lanka ran a 72 hour gaming marathon.  Apparently a bunch of pony stuff popped up, but this particular clip is a live reading of a terrible Zelda/Twilight Sparkle crossover.  You can find it here! It's pretty...weird. 

    New Zealand Pony Stock

    I actually recieved a bunch of emails asking which stores had pony merch over in New Zealand.  Someone sent me a picture from a store called Toy World to give people an example of what is available.

    As for the blind bag ponies, the only store that currently has those is called "The Warehouse", which I mentioned in the past Roundup. 

    oh, and a stock list from Alex for Toyworld!

    Dungeons and Dragons Logs

    For those of you who love reading massive chat logs from dungeons and dragons games, this was a recent campaign that took place in Equestria.  You can find it here!

    G4 Finland Comic

    This comic recently popped up over in Finland.  This is the first time I've seen...glitter highlights.  I'm kind of glad they don't actually do that in the show! 

    The Magazine is from a place called "S-Market" in Kankaanp√§√§.  Have some copypaste for the translation from Twilight Otaku, who discovered/sent it!

    The text above Fluttershy translates to "adorable ponies on a ****outing/picnic/trip". The **** is a word to which I cannot think of an English counterpart with the same meaning 9_6. It means something along the lines of something you do quite leisurely, a bit like a lazy hobby to which you don't dedicate so much time/work to (in any case, it sounds stupid). The other text says "comes with fine/great stickers!".

    Equestria Daily News

    Yay, shes happy again.  Or something.  Yeeep...

    Tomorrow is Applejack Day, if I remember.  

    Also that Q&Neigh thing might be delayed by a day!  Phoe and Cereal were out all day!

    Update Queue
    On A Cross And Arrow (Update Part 5!)
    One Last Quest (Update Part 8+9!)
    Mort Takes a Holiday (Update Part 5+6!)
    Fire and Rain (Update Part 3!)
    Ponycraft (Update Part 4!)
    The Empty Room (Updated Part 14!)
    A New Breed (Update Part 12!)
    Divergence (Update Part 4!)
    Corona Blaze (Update Part 4!)

    Brotherhood of the Moon (Update Part 3+4!)
    From the Ashes (Update Part 7!)
    Order-naries (Update Story 2 Complete!!)
    Kim "Fluttershy" Dykas Support Thread
    Number 12/Traveler (Update Story 2, Chapter 7!)

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here