• Q&Neigh: Everypony

    I hope you're ready for twenty five minutes of us talking, because that's what you're getting, or you can go to your room with no dessert.

    Welcome to the first podcast I think any of us have ever produced. Inside, we answer your questions (sometimes) and go off on tangents and disagree with each other a lot. We do much more of the latter, actually. Be dazzled by how off-topic we get! Be amazed at... the sound quality! Yeah, I'm working on it. Phoe's mic was unfortunately very quiet, so I normalized the audio as best I could. The result is you'll actually be able to hear her, but occasionally it makes the background noise become louder when no one is speaking. That will be fixed next time.

    Seth does the introductions (voice crack included) and is therefore the first to speak, followed by me with the first question, and then Phoe telling me I'm a jerk. Just in case you were confused about who was who.

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    Also check out the transcripts courtesy of  Sotha here!

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