• Brony Day 2011 Festivites Around the Internet!

    It's tomorrow on the East coast now right?  So lets get this show on the road!

    A whole bunch of stuff is planned for Brony Day! 

    Below the break you can find all sorts of events sent to me in the last week, celebrating the first official holiday for pony fans everywhere.  Lets make this a yearly thing!

    I will continue to accept more entries, so keep an eye on this post for anything new!  If you have one to submit, send an email with BRONY DAY as the subject line. 

    Fibers.com (I hope they don't mind me stealing their logo for this hah)  has opened up a custom brony T-shirt shop.  They don't own the actual license for the show, so the designs are subtle... which is kind of a good thing for those of you less open about your pony obsession.  Their main deal is customization, so everything can be fully modified to whatever color/type combo you can think of. 

    They tossed me a coupon code you can use at checkout for 5 Dollars off in honor of brony day.  They are also letting me give out a free shirt voucher!

    I'll run that the same way as I always do.  Send me an email with FREE SHIRT in caps, and I toss your email into the pile, then random off the winner at the end. 

    For those of you looking to buy one, the coupon code to enter at checkout is: Brony4Life

    You can find the shop here!

    Bronies Appreciation Dinner

    Bronies-NYC (the ponies behind the every-three-months pony extravaganza known as BroNYCon) will be holding a Brony Appreciation Day dinner mini-meet at Cha Cha's in Little Italy, Manehattan. No admission fee, since it's just dinner in a restaurant.

    Those crazy bronies over at Everypony Radio are running an all day 26 episode marathon starting from  7 GMT-6 , with a bunch of extra stuff mixed in.  They expect it to end at 7PM!

    You can find the site here!

    Ctone on Deviant Art is giving out hats! Literally all you have to do is email him and he will put you in a drawing for one at the end of Brony Day.  Pretty easy right?  So go do it!  Slackers...

    Terraria is pretty aweome!  When I first picked it up, I thought it was just another minecraft clone, but it's addicting as hell once you get going.

    Have a whole pile of copy paste.  All of these contests start NOW, and end on August 25th! 

    Princess Luna PMV Contest

    Contest Details:
    Theme: Princess Luna Tribute
    Length: More than 3 minutes at least, preference for full lenght songs
    Music Style: Whatever you may think it fits Princess Luna story.
    Requirements: HD(at least 480p minimum), Full video screen, Nice editing, nice direction.
    Points to score/review: Quality, Edition, Direction, Song, Scenes and fanart chosen(if any).
    Submissions to [email protected] (vimeo, youtube, msn videos, or whatever stream hosted).
    Subject: PMV CONTEST+your name.
    Deadline date for contest: 25th Aug 2011
    Winner will be announced on FaceBook, Twitter, and Myspace. Also will be notified via e-mail.
    Prize: 1 Terraria game digital copy.

    Hosted by Everypony

    Contest Details:
    A user must take a picture of our world and add a pony to it, either by drawing it in or photoshopping a vector.
    You can get more details about this contest here: http://www.everypony.com/forums/page.php?do=terraria

    Background Ponies Background!
    Hosted by Flankbook

    Contest Details:
    Create a piece of art (comic, single shot, paint, pencil, vectors, colored, ect.) of your favorite background pony when they found their special talent. (Yes, that means fillies.)

    1. Must be your own art, you can use as many references as you need as long as the final product is completely YOURS.
    2. KEEP IT CLEAN! Any adult content will be immediately disqualified! (How would you even create something like that in a topic like this?!)
    3. Be creative! Think about the time when your favorite background pony discovered their talent and got their cutie mark!
    4. Deadline is august 25th
    5. Send entries to [email protected]
    6. In the email include: The image, your email address and your FlankBook user name.

    Winner will receive a copy of the PC game Terraria (will be sent via Steam game client, if you have a steam account your set, if you don't we will send it via E-Mail.)
    You can get more details about the contest here: http://flankbook.com/sys/brony-day-contest

    Best Derpy Comic
    Hosted by Derpy Hooves

    Contest Details:
    Make a comic with Derpy Hooves in it!

    1.  Derpy must star in the comic or be in a major part.
    2.  Comic must be at least 3 panels long.
    3.  Color not required but never a bad thing.
    4. Deadline is august 25th

    You can send the submissions to [email protected]
    The email Subject should be 'Derpy Comic Contest'

    16-Bit Game Contest

    Contest Details:
    Make an 16-bit styled game with ponies!

    1. Sprites MUST be 16-bit (or less)
    2. The music can be anything, it doesn't have to be 16-bit, though it would fit best.
    3. The deadline is August 25th.
    4. Send the finished game to [email protected]
    5. The title of the email should be "Game Contest"
    6. You should include the author of the game, and preferably sources to your materials.

    3D Model Animations Contest

    Contest Details:
    Model and create a setting for a 3D Pony model.
    Props and Pony models will be provided.

    Terraria/Minecraft Art Contest

    Contest Details:
    Create some Original Pony Art on either Terraria or Minercraft.
    The image can be either 2D or 3D
    Email the entries to [email protected]
    The subject of the email should be 'Steam Group Contest'

    Pony Web Comic!

    In honor of brony day, Fadri has started up a pony webcomic!  You can find it here!

    Brony Scavenger Hunt!

    It's a SCAVENGER HUNT across the world! The person who finds the most items wins. Just take the picture(s) of the item(s) and post it on FaceBook. No FaceBook? Just give us your link.

    Winner wins bragging rights and a really cool prize.

    10 Rules
    Begins: July 15 @ 12:35am ET
    Ends: July 15 @ 11:59 pm ET

    1. No Google Image pictures
    2. Person who submits most pictures wins
    3. Picture must include item and person submitting list
    4. Friends can help, but each picture must include the same person or people.
    5. Winner verified by judging committee
    6. No breaking the law
    7. No harassing people
    8. No late reports -- sorry
    9. Every Brony can come up with at least one item, right?
    10. Have Fun!

    Scavenger Hunt Part 2: Characters & Items

    Twilight Sparkle- "Twilight" the book
    Rarity- Diamond
    Applejack- Bag/Bushel of apples
    Rainbow Dash- Rainbow
    Fluttershy- Bunny or Butterfly
    Pinkie Pie- Balloons
    Spike- Dragon statue
    Princess Celestia- Crown or Sun
    Princess Luna- Crown or Moon -- can't have 2 crowns
    Ditzy-Doo- Bubbles
    Dr. Whooves- Phone booth
    Octavia- Cello
    Vinyl Scratch- DJ turntable
    Lyra- Harp
    Bon-Bon- Chocolate candy
    Braeburn- Cowboy hat
    Big Macintosh- Saddle
    Trixie- Magician's Hat
    Gilda- Griffon statue
    Little Strongheart- Feathers
    Applebloom- Flower petals
    Sweetie Belle- Microphone
    Scootaloo- Stage
    Snips and Snails- Puppy or snail
    Caramel- Horseshoe
    Sheriff Silverstar- Sheriff's badge
    Chief Thunderhooves- Buffalo
    Zecora- Zebra
    Twist- Candy canes
    Wonderbolts- Airplane

    You can find the facebook page here

    Free Stencil Art

    A few bronies over on the MLP Reddit page are giving away stencil art ponies! You can find everything here!

    Wooden Pony Givaway

    More free stuff! I love this day!

    These are pretty simple to aquire! Just email him at [email protected] with "BRONY DAY" in the subject line, and he will add you to a drawing for the Cutie Mark Crusader set (shown above) , Derpy Hooves, or a Lyra/Bonbon set.

    Brony Appreciation Day Video

    All of season 1 at 64X speed (It kills my eyes, but the intro is cool!).  You can find it here!

    Luna Rising Song!

    The crazy russian bronies over at 2ch have created this live song dedicated to luna! Luna music is ALWAYS the best music after all. You can find it here!