• Nightly Roundup #36


    Have some news.

    A Brony Manifesto

    Another essay has popped up, similiar to the one posted yesterday. If you are interested in reading these, you can find the link here!

    Mumble Live Readings Update

    "To the Nth Dimension" is first in line for the Mumble Live Reading thing I plugged last night. It will happen on Sunday July 17th at 4:00 PM East for those interested in listening in.

    Pony-mon Card Set #2

    For those of you pokemon card style pony game scene, another set has been released. You can find all of them here!

    Celestia Medium Font Revamp Hits Version one

    It's finally out of beta. Version one of the Celestia Medium font, upgraded with all sorts of symbols I will hopefully never encounter in whatever career path I choose, can be found here!

    Egophiliac Art Presentation on July 23

    Over in New York, they regularly meet up once a month and pony it up with a bunch of other bronies. This isn't the full convention like last time, but they do tend to pull in the numbers. This time around, Egophiliac will be presenting her art for everyone to see, and answering questions on why she is so awesome. If you are in the area, you might as well check it out!

    At least I hope Ego is a female. Someone yelled at Cereal for it earlier! That DA Page is so ambiguous!

    The Anime Show Discusses Pony

    Another live discussion group has brought up the pony topic. If you are interested in checking it out, head over to this link!

    Peter New (Big Mac's/Hoity Toity's Voiceover) Mini-Interview

    A crazy brony bothered poor Big Mac with a bunch of random questions! Have some!

    1. Do you like character you voice?

    Answer: Eeyup. Yes, I do.

    2. Can you relate to Big MacIntosh in anyway?

    Answer: Of course. Big Mac has an avuncular or fatherly quality that I like to think I help bring alive in him: smart, patient, helpful and observant.

    3. What's it like voicing the most awesome pony ever?

    Answer: There's a responsibility to voicing him that I haven't really felt with any other character because I have so many great fans out there. So I'd say the answer is: it's humbling.

    I'm glad he likes us!

    Equestria Chronicles Shuts Down

    The MMORPG Equestria Chronicles has closed it's doors.  The team's leader had to quit due to real life getting in the way.  Confound this real life!

    DA Artist looking for Feedback on Poster Printing

    Maximillian Veers over on Deviant Art wants to know what people think about selling massive brony posters.  You can find the DA page and vote for it here!

    Comic: A Girl and Her Fed adds ponies!

    Another comic gone pony! You can find it here!

    Beatles Album Cover Contest

    "The Ponies" is a huge project dedicated to ponifying the entire Beatles Album.  The creator is looking for people to help design an album cover.  If you are interested, check out the rules in this google doc!

    Equestria Daily News

    Nightly Roundup break..maybe? 

    I'll be honest, I can't really keep up with all of these events going on.  I might take a few days off from the nightly roundup to work on scheduling Ponies Around the World / the Brony Day event post / the PMV Comedy thing.  You probably have noticed these roundups becoming more and more brief.  I do want to throw some personality into them.  I just don't have time.

    Anyway that's all for the news!  Off to do a bunch of other stuff!

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