• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 21

    Ehehehehe... the ponies! The ponies! THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD IDEA YOU GUYS! HAHAHA -- ahem. Well then. Let's begin the I've Finally Lost My Mind edition. Tonight's ramblings are gonna be a little bit shorter than usual, because my computer is kind of lagging tonight and typing is somewhat difficult. Keeping up with submissions is a higher priority. So ironically, on this our Laughter Night, I will be 37% less funny than usual. Cue ponies telling me I'm not funny anyway. W-well... the thing about that is... *sniffle* Not gonna cry. Not gonna cry... o-oh, um, right. Pictures. 143 tonight. Our total is now over 4,000! In fact it's 4,051! Somepony told me last night my math is off - I'll get on checking that soon. But it's only off by maybe one or two, so... *noisemaker!*

    Distraction time! Have some submission guidelines. Send questions or alternative entries to [email protected] And that's all I have to say about that.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony swimming. I thought we'd try another more action oriented theme and give you all a break from my recent obsession with depicting emotions. Since I'm feeling generous, I'll also explicitly state that other maritime activities are also acceptable fare. Being on a beach! Being on a boat! Waterskiing! Um... what the heck else do ponies do in the water? Swimsuit edition?

    I feel like I should be telling a joke tonight. But isn't that always the case, with the spotlight shining on me I just can't remember any good ones. So... emergency joke! This one time, these two guys walked into a bar, and they completely redecorated the place! You should have seen it, it was brilliant. But the day after that there was a big scandal, because Princess Celestia got drunk and accidentally set a stool on fire. You guys really give her a bad rep, you know? All this Trollestia stuff. She's just a pony who likes to party. Maybe tomorrow will be Party With Celly Day. For now I'll just hope I got a chuckle out of at least one of you. Always leave 'em laughing...

    1) By Vegetalss4 (Somehow I'm always surprised by how fast the bonus theme comes up.)

    2) By Horizon Bound

    3) By Giny The Whoof (This is not the sort of laughter I envisioned.)

    4) By Emerald Dust

    5) By ChaosDrop (I'm trying to decide if this is canon for me or not. TwixCelly is growing on me. I'm not sure that was the point.)

    6) By ASGallardo (To die laughing is I think the most terrifying prospect imaginable.)

    7) By Thanqol

    8) By Colaz

    9) By NikaScott

    10) By Blueberry Muffin (What the internet has turned each of us into at some point.)

    11) By Lucky Charm

    12) By D4SHTH3R4INB0W (Personal note for the artist - don't forget to take care of your wrist, ok?)

    13) By Amehdaus (That's terrifying. I am terrified.)

    14) By Vanner

    15) By Syggie (Octavia falls victim to The Giggle Loop.)

    16) By Kitty Tail (This is the image that cemented the pink mane as official in my mind. Note it down, everypony!)

    17) By Invidlord (Lyra does not have time for your nonsense, Derpy.)

    18) By Sherlock Hooves (Potential Seth design number 2!)

    19) By TensaiOni (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA)

    20) By FoxOfWar

    21) By Smock

    22) By ASGallardo

    23) By DB (It's tough being the entourage of a princess. Also, drunken Celly is adorable as all getout. I want to hang out with her.)

    24) By engel-angelica

    25) By Mr.Paulsen

    26) By Partition (The artist swears she's just being tickled.)

    27) By Gig

    28) By Alipes

    29) By EssAeEm

    30) By Skyline (Yes it is.)

    31) By sUiCiDaLn00b (Derpy is laughing because she made a friend.)

    32) By MHPayne

    33) By Mere Jump (Nitrous Oxide making its return. Remember to get some oxygen, Dashie.)

    34) By Ori

    35) By ORi (Trixie has made Scootaloo believe she is a chicken.)

    36) By Ori (But the joke's on her, because she always was!)

    37) By Doombah

    38) By Daichi

    39) By MHPayne

    40) By Mattyhex

    41) By Dangereaux (Fluttershy later apologized to the thunderstorm for being too loud.)

    42) By Jdan-S (The artist mentioned that thinking about this in the context of Nightmare Moon made it incredibly sad. I'm inclined to agree. But love always wins in the end, you know?)

    43) By Philith (I sometimes wonder if you guys really understand how to troll.)

    44) By Argembarger

    45) By PinkamenaPie

    46) By TheLaughingMare

    47) By ZenEffy (I wonder what's in the box.)

    48) By rich-tea

    49) By GonzaHerMeg (I too know the pain of having sensitive hooves.)

    50) By Atlur (Holy crap, I'm adorable.)

    51) By Chromadancer (Ghk.)

    52) By Erthilo

    53) By ecmc1093

    54) By Milk

    55) By Hindsight

    56) By Tibberly

    57) By Relias (Derpy makes bubbles until they're all over! Sometimes there's lots and sometimes there's only not lots. Sometimes Derpy just likes to watch the bubbles instead of making more.)

    58) By Tarynsgate (Eeeheehee, a little pony! I want it!)

    59) By Tenchi Outsuno

    60) By Fisher

    61) By Zach (Poor Spike.)

    62) By Chris

    63) By Chris (Trixie is the Laughing Mare. The mutation of the Sallinger quote is staggeringly brilliant.)

    64) By purpletrauma

    65) By badzerg

    66) By Starlite

    67) By Circuit Mane

    68) By Afentis (Sleep's important, dude.)

    69) By Vergioso

    70) By DI-FL (I'm.... I'm not ok with this.)
    Linked for Grimdark. Very very Grimdark.

    71) By Lancer5317 (You are a vile fiend.)

    72) By Kt Kat (Bondage Night returns!)

    73) By A.Q. Nichols

    74) By Passer Palmatum

    75) By Ambrose (Scootaloo here is laughing at the artist's first entry. Look at the improvement!)

    76) By kits

    77) By Da Chi (This is maybe a bad time to mention I'm a Bruins fan, huh?)

    78) By Brongaar

    79) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    80) By PinkieCake

    81) By Andï (teehee!)

    82) By Rydel (Higher, faster, wheee!)

    83) By Saphin

    84) By McGack (I technically shouldn't count this, but there really are 200 Pinkie Pies in there.)

    85) By FLASKGARG

    86) By toonboy92484

    87) By Haafiz (I am happy when Lyra is happy.)

    88) By Colin

    89) By Spiritofthwwolf

    90) By Frith

    91) By Prismatic Pretzel (Based on a true story. Which he's never stopped telling me since we met.)

    92) By RaspleZS

    93) By Easteu (Sneaky ninja edit - have a finished version!)

    94) By Immersa (100% accurate. Some nights I still do this.)

    95) By Randomjack

    96) By Goggle Sparks

    97) By Muffinsforver (Muffins!)

    98) By The Recliner

    99) By Buddy Vox

    100) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

    101) By Djrk16

    102) By Natry (Thanks for helping out, Rarity!)

    103) By Doc Steedly

    104) By Ego (Fluttershy's laughter is as adorable as expected.)

    105) By Shake

    106) By The Recliner

    107) By Neoridgeback

    108) By nekoneko

    109) By Kelz (And then we killed it with fire. Moving on, as per artist request.)

    110) By Eliwood10 (This came with an adorable story. Your first? I approve!)

    111) By Lunar Apologist (I would make a witty comment but I am too busy melting. <3)

    112) By Taco Bandit

    113) By redcladhero

    114) By Starlight Bolt

    115) By Eeful (This is all of us on the internet after ponies came into our lives.)

    116) By Liska

    117) By Albert (I think Pinkie would work better as an Eddie Izzard style comedian.)

    118) By fairiedragon999 (Trolluna!)

    119) By Tanman

    120) By Infinity

    121) By Kooldude

    122) By A Terrible Person

    123) By Shockwave

    124) By Virga Rainboom (Well, that explains the cutie mark, I guess. But it just raises further questions.)

    125) By Xiagu

    126) By MasterofRoku

    127) By Thattagen (The Count has never bothered vampire fans, but Edward Cullen drives them insane.)

    128) By rabidcow147

    129) By Periphery (Poison Joke claims another victim.)

    130) By Display Name

    131) By DJ RBDash

    132) By Nido Media (you broke my submission screen, so now you're down here.)

    133) By nuclearsuplexattack

    134) By Uncle Leo (You can have a kiss too, silly.)

    135) By Fox E:

    136) By TapeDiggity

    137) By djTeka

    138) By Filly

    139) By emeralddarkness

    140) By ShoeboxWarrior

    141) By Spurs

    142) By Monochrome Jaunt

    143) By Infernal_Dalek