• Story: Changing Octaves

    [Normal] Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Remember this post, where I put out a challenge to our authors to write a story about Octavia? Pen Stroke answered the call with this beautifully-written short piece called Changing Octaves. I honestly hadn't expected anyone to write the story I described, much less write one this quickly and this well. I applaud you, sir.

    Author: Pen Stroke
    Description: Cereal Velocity should really be careful what he posts up on Equestria Daily. A one-shot of an Octavia story Cereal wanted to see written.

    Octavia may be a gifted musician, but that doesn't mean she always liked her instrument. After all, what filly grows up wanting to play a huge contrabass?
    Changing Octaves

    Changing Octaves Alternate

    Additional tags: At the challenge of Cereal Velocity

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