• Nightly Roundup #8

    More Nightly roundup, and more Lyra! Sadly It's a bit late tonight, but I had a lot of emails to dig through.

    On with the show!

    After the break.

    New Comic Artists Converted to Bronydom
    A few new comics have shown their brony colors.  It seems really popular among this demographic.

    First off we have HijinKS ENSUE, who is now sporting a very...interesting pony avatar.  At least it's not a mary sue!

    The second one is Sinfest, with a very small shout out to pony right at the begining of their June 16th comic.  I'm still surprised Penny Arcade hasn't popped any pony outside of that g1 version that was forced on them during PAX.  You would think an army of 20 somethings obsessed with colorful equines would be something to make fun of for them!

    More Yi-Gi-Oh Cards

    You know, I tried the PSP version of this game once and just couldn't get into it... Maybe I'll give it another shot with pony cards now that there are so many of them.

    You can find the new set here!  Sadly this one has a huge lack of Great and Powerful Trixie, and it's generally much smaller than the others... but hey! That's what Nightly Roundup's are for!

    Metal Pony Pins Set #3 Pre-orders are now open!

    For those of you who missed out on the first two rounds, or if you are just interested in picking up some of the new ones, head on over to  Ponyorders and check out the new selection! 

    World of Tanks Pony Skins
    The bronies over in those World of Tanks guilds have created a bunch of pony skins for their mechanized behemoths.  You can now sport a luna on your turret as you blast your enemies to smithareens.

    They also created this recruitment poster! Oh Derpy, you so silly.

    You can find the forum post with the mods here!

    Everypony Radio FiM Episode Reruns
    In an attempt to emulate the magic of season one, Everypony Radio will be running each episode in order every Thursday at 6:00 GMT. 

    If you want to join in, you can find the stream here!

    Custom Dress from Custom Dash Fabric 
    Remember those fabric posts a while back?  Well someone going by the name of Rapidash actually went ahead and made something out of them using this guide!

    If you are curious about making your own, you can find the pony fabric here!

    Brony Fan Letter Project
    Last night we apparently raided a radio station or something for insulting bronies.  Now we are apologizing after being banned.   I blame all of you for this! I think! Or something!  Anyway you can find the site for the letters here. The main focus is to paint the brony fandom in a different light than what we are currently being branded with. 

    Victoria II Pony Mod
    Apparently someone has added all of Equestria to Victoria II.  I've never played the game before, but maybe some of you have! You can find the link for it here!

    Tabletop Pony RPG Beta
    A Brony is building a tabletop RPG and needs people to test it out with him.  If you are interested, you can find the template and all information here!

    And that is all for tonight's news post! That took forever to make.