• Music: Nightmare Moon // Pinkie Pie's Exomix // Giggle At The Ghostly

    Music! Music! Octavia! It's like they belong together. Probably because she's a musician. But that's not interesting enough for our writers. Or me.

    Writers, listen up- I want a fic about Octavia where she was forced to learn to play an instrument when she was little and hated it. I want her to go through her childhood hating this instrument so much she wants to smash it, because she thinks she's terrible at it and it's clunky and it gets her beaten up at school because she's a nerd. Then, I want her to go to a classical concert that, of course, her parents drag her to. I want her to hear the most beautiful music she's ever heard in her life, and I want it to inspire her to keep playing that instrument of hers until she sounds as good as that orchestra. And then you can ship her with Scratch or something; I don't care, I just want that first part. Okay? Get on it! What am I paying you for?!

    1.) Escape from the Moon
    2.) Pinkie Pie's Exomix
    3.) Giggle At The Ghostly

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