• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 20

    The Way to a Stallion's Heart edition. Love is in the air, everypony. Even if you're not a fan of shipping there is so much love to be had? And if that's really the case you are surely asking why. Well I'll tell you. We've hit 20 days! 20 days of you drawing ponies based on the whims of my fancy, 20 days of me staying up obscenely late to share the fruits of your labors. 20 days of me never quite lasting long enough to get that one last image up and causing a rift in the heart of a pony that I will never be able to heal, oh though I will try. And maybe not every theme is as strong as the ones that came before it, but I think we're having fun. I can tell, because tonight after nearly 2/3 of a month of doing this, I received 178 lovey dovey cutesy wutesy little ponies. That brings the grand tally up to 3,907. Do you know who I love? Lyra You. Well... maybe both.

    And then we do that part where I link you to the submission guidelines. And then I tell you (you'll never guess) to send problems and questions to [email protected] where I can handle them to the best of my ability. And then we move on to...

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony laughing. We're keeping with the running theme this week of very very simple concepts with a huge amount of depth involved in interpreting and expressing that concept. Who is this pony and why is she laughing? Is it mirthful laughter? Derisive? Sarcastic? Hollow? What caused it? Keep these things in mind and you'll be able to produce another plethora of creative and unique submissions, and not 200 Pinkie Pies. As a special opportunity for bonus points - did you know that Sethisto is a pony trapped in a cube? I've been talking to our Grand Overlord, and he wants out. Release him into the world, if you dare. Have fun!

    The past couple of nights I've been talking to a pony who's been expressing some frustrations about the difficulty of getting a lot of critique and feedback on his drawings. What I said to him seemed to help, so I've decided it's a good idea to share my thoughts on the subject publicly. That is, I understand that Blogger is not very well suited to carrying on extended conversations and that the sheer number of entries makes it difficult for anypony to focus reliably on a single one. Even knowing that, however, it is my firm belief that a large portion of the reward factor for this event is in getting to see your work showcased every night on the blog in exactly the same way it would be in a Drawfriend event. There is something special about getting to be right here that I don't think could be replicated if I moved all of this off site. That's why I was hesitant to move to an alternate photo site back when it became apparent I couldn't handle doing all of this by hoof, and it's why I'm hesitant to change things up now.

    But while feedback is a very important part of an artist's growth, and while improving at art is definitely something we're here to do, it's not the only point of this. I'm sure that many of you think a way that I often catch myself thinking when I read something or look at something, "Wow, that's better than I could ever do." "If I can't be the best, I don't want to try." "It has to be perfect, or it can't see the light of day." I do this all the time. But I'm not giving you time to think these things. By setting you against the grind of constant submissions, we are building good creative habits - coming up with an idea, executing it, and allowing it to be flawed each and every day. So that when we get to the very end of everything, you will have all this momentum built up and will be able to continue producing content as you please even without me coming to you every night with a prompt. You're going to improve (and you have. A lot), but it's not going to happen every single day. If there's an aspect of your art that you know doesn't feel right and you just can't figure out what the hay is up, I encourage you to take your submissions and show them off everywhere you can think of that you feel comfortable doing. Seek out commentary in a slower paced environment and consider that advice as it applies to future prompts. But for right now? For what we're doing? Just know that you don't need to get it perfect right on your first try. Art is a constantly spiraling staircase upward to improvement. But in order to climb it, we need to start walking. This is why we're here. When things start to feel frustrating, just remember that. I promise you'll feel better.

    1) By Chrysanthemum Blossom (I'm sorry. This is realy cute, but... that cutie mark is what again?)

    2) By Moogie

    3) By Moogie

    4) By Nimble Haste

    5) By ChaosDrop (Ah sure do love pears.)

    6) By Jimbo1023

    7) By Giny The Whoof (I understand how you feel, Octavia. I miss my bass, too.)

    8) By engel-angelica

    9) By Skyline (I do believe this is the most unique medium I've gotten a piece in so far.)

    10) By Prismatic Pretzel (I have come to expect many things. This is not one of them. I... I can't stop blushing.)
    Linked for high amounts of... I can't believe I'm writing this... Phoe sauce.

    11) By Thanqol

    12) By ASGallardo (BluebloodxMirror is my OTP.)

    13) By Rai-dash

    14) By LifeSequenceBreak (Love is cruel. Also muffin.)

    15) By D4SHTH3R4INBOW

    16) By Ego (Ego, you continue to rule. <3)

    17) By Rina D.

    18) By Sherlock Hooves (Although I approve of LyraxBon Bon, that will not stop me or my unhealthy obsession with one half of that pair.)

    19) By Colaz

    20) By Skyline (Brushie is filling Leonardo DiCaprio's role as Jack Dawson. So beautiful.)

    21) By Saphin

    22) By FoxOfWar (Based on the story... you know what? I think you can figure it out.)

    23) By Carla (NarbeVoguel) (My, Octavia is... forward.)

    24) By Kitty Tail (Did you ever pass love notes when you were a foal? I didn't.)

    25) By Horizon Bound

    26) By Smock (Super duper ultra mega cute.)

    27) By 731 (I prefer escalators.)

    28) By Tarynsgate

    29) By Easteu (Aaaand there's that song stuck in my head.)

    30) By Supersheep64 (There has been no end to the giggling this has caused. Oh Rarity...)

    31) By NikaScott

    32) By Nicole G. (FlutterMac sure is popular. Not really my thing, though.)

    33) By Alipes

    34) By Chromadancer

    35) By SiuiS

    36) By emeralddarkness

    37) By Partition (I've never considered this before, but now that I see it, this is definitely how I imagine the Elements of Harmony working. Everypony hug Luna!)

    38) By Emerald Dust (I think any plan that relies on somepony being heartbroken needs work. Back to the drawing board, Celly! After game night.)

    39) By loz

    40) By Syggie

    41) By TensaiOni (WahaHAAha!)

    42) By Nero

    43) By DB (This picture came with a small shipping story. It was cute.)

    44) By Mere Jump (Rainbooms are the most romantic gesture.)

    45) By Mr.Paulsen

    46) By cartoonlion (Little fillyshy and her parents. D'aww!)

    47) By EssAeEm

    48) By Natry

    49) By Diakaern

    50) By Taco Bandit

    51) By ProjectFreeism (Woah, this is too hot for tv.)

    52) By Amehdaus

    53) By Nido Media (What is this I don't even)

    54) By The Recliner

    55) By Nullh (I should think it would be hard to emulate Flash on bristol. Very well done!)

    56) By GonzaHerMeg (I love the look on Dashie's face back there.)

    57) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic

    58) By Tibberly (They really are an adorable couple.)

    59) By EssAeEm

    60) By DJ Rainbow Dash (The artist cals it unfinished. I call it beautifully stylized.)

    61) By Spiritofthwwolf (Pony in love. Hardy har.)

    62) By Rachel

    63) By typomouse

    64) By Mockingbird (Based on a true story. Your relationship sounds so romantic!)

    65) By CapnChryssalid

    66) By kits (Evidently it's a VERY POPULAR story.)

    67) By rich-tea

    68) By Starlight Bolt

    69) By Gear X. Machina (This is really sweet, but my heart breaks to look at it.)

    70) By Jdan-S

    71) By purpletrauma

    72) By Gear X. Machina (...Bacon and eggs?)

    73) By Ori (So much love!)

    74) By Chris

    75) By Chris

    76) By ecmc1093

    77) By Bananizen

    78) By fetchbeer (Hey guys! Hey guys! Look! Shipping! Get it? =D)

    79) By Zach

    80) By A.Q. Nichols (What a crack pairing.)

    81) By DI-FL (This accompanies a mini story about their devotion to their daughter putting a strain on their relationship and forcing a temporary separation. Context helps make this much sweeter.)

    82) By Atlur (Who does Fluttershy love? Must be you.)

    83) By Rraden

    84) By Afentis

    85) By PrismaPencil (So much FlutterMac!)

    86) By PenguinPlayer

    87) By Dragon Rage

    88) By The Obsessor

    89) By Sorekey (Damn it, Braeburn! You have no right to be that sexy! No right!)

    90) By Doc Steedly

    91) By Lancer5317 (A pony... in... love. Arg my brain.)

    92) By Frith (I hate you for getting the sea ponies song stuck in my head.)

    93) By Tenchi Outsuno

    94) By Crimson Risk

    95) By Luna (Ok, I have to agree. Sweetie Belle x Popcorn forever.)

    96) By Valfar

    97) By SiuiS (Little Midnight and Princess Mommy. If you understand what I'm talking about I love you.)

    98) By The Flying Tomato (The Book O' Books is a best seller. Squeee!)

    99) By Infinity

    100) By kibihascrashed

    101) By Tanman

    102) By Dangereaux (Welcome to the world of shipping, sir!)

    103) By PrismaPencil (This is unfairly cute.)

    104) By toonboy92484

    105) By Pony Stark

    106) By Squidbombed

    107) By Daishizen (I would seriously pay almost any amount of money for a Lyra plushie.)

    108) By Goggle Sparks

    109) By Rydel (Your comment implies I didn't explicitly state that Storge wasn't a totally valid alternative to Eros for tonight. Also, cuuuute!)

    110) By RaspleZS

    111) By Scootaleo

    112) By Argembarger (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love,_Saskatchewan There. Now you get it, too.)

    113) By Riokenn

    114) By AlterForm (... Well then.)

    115) By Sapphire

    116) By Starlite

    117) By Relias (...Huh. How have I never thought of this before?)

    118) By Periphery

    119) By Djrk16

    120) By Buddy Vox

    121) By Prismatic Pretzel

    122) By Fickle

    123) By Jake(AKA Hefewy)

    124) By Kt Kat (Always drawn together, never written. It's RainbowFire!)

    125) By Lunar Apologist (There are not enough things you can say about how adorable this is.)

    126) By Kephra

    127) By Invidlord

    128) By TopoCruz

    129) By Da Chi

    130) By TapeDiggity

    131) By Philith

    132) By badzerg

    133) By Immersa (Lyra's shocking, scandalous secret passion. I am speechless. It's like I don't even know her anymore.)

    134) By Xiagu (It's not a shipping event unless Luna winds up with an abacus.)

    135) By Albert

    136) By Neoridgeback (I agree with Twilight.)

    137) By Spurs (And then Boast Busters became about revenge.)

    138) By Dashalicious

    139) By Falgaia (From Yari's Synch!

    140) By Pcjoyce (Any time a theme causes a Butters0tchSundae reference, I am a happy pony.)

    141) By CoconutPilot

    142) By Panda_Instinct

    143) By A Terrible Person (The artist is unsure if Lyra here is dreamily thinking about me, or Bon Bon. I'm pretty sure I know which.)

    144) By Colin

    145) By Shockwave

    146) By Kelz

    147) By Entropy

    148) By MasterofRoku

    149) By VeoBandit

    150) By Passer Palmatum (This right here is pretty much exactly why the sheves of conveinence stores are lined with trashy romance novels.)

    151) By Ivan

    152) By PVRyohei (It's a certain somepony's dream come true!)

    153) By Kooldude

    154) By BronyQuest (brb, cleaning cranberry juice off my monitor. o.o)

    155) By Fox E: (I am almost certainly going to wind up dreaming about this thanks to you.)

    156) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

    157) By Mistal

    158) By nuclearsuplexattack

    159) By 8ftmetalhead (D'aww at the note.)

    160) By Leaf Growth

    161) By rabidcow147

    162) By 8ftmetalhead

    163) By Bubblegum

    164) By DJ RBDash

    165) By StarSongPony

    166) By Jena-su

    167) By Mint156

    168) By Virga Rainboom

    169) By djTeka

    170) By Uncle Leo

    171) By Magnet

    172) By Randomjack

    173) By Liska

    174) By Eeful

    175) By Milk

    176) By ShoeboxWarrior

    177) By Thattagen

    178) By Circuit Mane

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