• Nightly Roundup #7

    If I get one Lyra image a day, I can make her the mascot of this.

    Otherwise it's defaulting to the Trixie, who is already the technical blog mascot.  The choice is yours artists!

    Anyway on with the news! After the break of course.

    Brony Corrects the Physics Presentation

    Those crazy physicists, they are all out to get eachother!  I'm surprised Steven Hawking is still alive with how cutthroat that career is!  This brony picked apart Physics Brony's presentation and corrected all of the little errors with cold, hard, scientific revisions.  You can find the Google Document filled with all modifications here!

    Ponies Invading Various Radio Stations
    The Wired.com article seems to have had an effect on radio stations across the country.  That or it's just easy to rip on.  Various DJ's have jumped at the opportunity to laugh at the brony armada, using all sorts of made up facts and jargon to back up their wild claims.  I guess they are pretty desperate now that the internet is so much more...convenient... than radio.  You can find the stations linked below!

    Preston and Steve in Fillydelphia
    Alice 109.5's Slacker Steve
    Dave and Chuck: The Freak (Who apparently ripped us pretty hard) Check out the newest podcast on their mane page and fast forward to 40:25

    1080p Season 1 Torrent Collection
    Mentos's HD Pony collection is now available via massive torrent.  Thanks to Alexstraza for the upload! You can find that here!

    Awesome German Rainbow Dash Cosplay

    Another crazy cosplay has shown up.  She definitely does a good job of pulling off Rainbow Dash.  Apparently her name is Ankin, and this all took place during the Dokomi 2011 Anime/Manga convention ins Germany.  Why can't we have cool names like that?  

    MTG Card set #2!
    Another set of MTG cards has popped up for those of you who weren't satisfied with the last one (Even though it has way cooler flavor text!)  You can find the new cards here!

    MLP Theme converted to Klingon

    I'm pretty sure we have remixed it with pretty much everything else, so why not?  A few bronies over on Ponychan have transformed the MLP theme into the...complex... Klingon language.  Trekkies everywhere would be proud.

    Now someone needs to sing this and upload it to youtube for tomorrow's news post! We can't leave this unused!

    You can find the post here!

    World of Tanks EU Clan
    For those of you in last night's thread complaining about a lack of EU presence in World of Tanks, fear not!  A brony by the name of Pawel has set up a chat channel over there, simply named "Pony" to gauge interest on how many people would be up for joining a FiM clan.

    Least I Could Do Comic Artist Goes Pony
    I think pretty much every comic artist on the internet has hit this point.  It's pretty unavoidable.  He hasn't dropped an actual pony comic yet, but at least he is sporting a pony avatar.  I have been told that this comic is pretty NSFW, so read at your own peril!  You can find it here!

    New Merch Poll! 
    A new poll can be found at the bottom right of the blog.  This one will deal with what kind of merch you have bought for ponies so far.  Maybe Hasbro can check it out and give us some official stuff or something, if the saucy images haven't scared them away already.  

    And that is it for tonight's roundup.  Now I get to go through the long process of filing the entire day into the side bar! hooray.

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