• Discussion: What do you think of science fiction?

    Cereal Tries His Hoof At A Discussion Post Edition.

    So: I know there are a lot of fiction writers that visit this site. I know because half the news posts are stories. It's not hard to miss, guys. You can't sneak these things past me. Before you know it, it'll drive me to write fics, too, and... oh, wait.

    Anyway, back to it. One of my favorite authors once wrote a long diatribe on the difference between fantasy fiction and science fiction. He brought up a lot of good points, and made a lot of good comparisons between the two genres, but I'll condense it down for you into something immediately useable: there really is no difference between the two.

    Bullshit, Cereal! No, listen. Let me lay this out for you. Fantasy fiction and science fiction are both forms of what is called speculative fiction. That is, they're both about things that are not real at this present moment.

    To put it bluntly: fantasy fiction is about things that could never happen, and science fiction is about things that could happen. Both explore human stories and human psychology in an alien environment. The only difference between the two is the methods. In fantasy, you do it by rubbing a lamp. In science fiction, you do it by pushing a button. That's the only thing keeping them apart.

    So, here's the clincher. Ponies are fantasy, therefore I'm ready to assume that most of you also like science fiction to a degree. What do you think about the genre? Do you hate it? Love it? Have you written anything in it? Let's discuss!

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