• Nightly Roundup #59

    I bought a game off steam today and found out it doesn't have Windowed mode.  Luckily, Twilight Sparkle here cheered me up after I uninstalled it.  Lesson learned I suppose!  No windowed mode definitely doesn't work too well with this blog's constant requirements in the background.  

    On to the (early) news!  I'm totally reading Past Sins tonight.  

    Twilight Joins the 2011 Internet Allstars

    And gets stomped on by Captain Falcon.   Poor girl... You can find the video here for what it's worth! At least she was worthy. 

    Webcomics with ponies: THE MASTER COLLECTION

    42 web comics have joined the herd so far.  That's also the secret of the universe for those of you who are into knowing everything.  Coincidence? Maybe...

    The collection of all of them can be found here

    Another Professional Pony Article

    I'm not sure if I need to report on these anymore, so nightly roundup it goes! 

    Jezebel.com has dropped an article about MLP. You can find it here.

    Northwest Bronyfest Starts Today


    A huge convention is planned to take place between today and tomorrow.  Have some Copypaste courtesy of RoyG.Biv

    It's time for NorthWest Bronyfest! August 6th & 7th, bronies from Canada, Washington State, California and Oregon will be invading Portland, OR for a weekend of celebrating ponies! The bronies will be gathering and invading to do tourist activities Saturday the 6th until 5 PM when everyone is meeting at the Red Coach (615 SW Broadway, Portland, OR) for dinner and to meet the special guest Eurobeat Brony! There will be video games, pony music, pony standup comedy and toy trades all during the night.

    Then Sunday, August 7th, thrill to an all day potluck BBQ in Gabriel Park (SW 45th Ave & Vermont St) from Noon until whenever! There will be lots of food, and bronies are asked to bring something to share if they can afford to do so to help feed everypony. The day will be spent playing outdoor pony games, socializing, listening to pony music, doing pony art, watching episodes and just having a general fun time.

    Also, during the weekend, there are planned stops to go pillage Targets for pony merchandise, visiting Voodoo Doughnuts to watch them attempt a Guiness World Record and much more! Feel free to visit http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-Portland/ or http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-SeaTac/ for up to the minute updates and surprises about the entire weekend!
     Also lots of merch stuff will be available.  The image above shows off that pile. 

    Dash Drives Raffle for August Begins

    Over at Dashdrives.com, this month's raffle has started up for a custom engraved 250gb external hard drive.  You can find it here!

    A live stream for last month's raffle winner will be held at 7:00 PM EST tomorrow.  You can find the channel for it here.

    Pony Toys in Denmark

    A brony over in Denmark raided various stores looking for pony toys.  It looks like the essentials are all available now, including Twilights Baloon, Giant Celestia, Rarity's Carousel, Applejack's Barn, and the various singles/sets that most other places have.

    So go buy stuff!

    Twilight Sparkle...Teleports Everyone Into Pre-Schoolers Flash drive. 

    Uhhh...yah, someone did it.  It's too short for a normal story submission, and I was too lazy to read it, so you all get to be pre-readers tonight! Yay~

    You can find it here!

    PDF Gallery Editions

    MaximillianVeers has updated the PDF gallery.  You can find it here!  New editions below.

    Some Ponies Play D&D
    The Logical Option
    Elements of Friendship
    Treasure Trove
    Spirits of Harmony
    Order-naries: Z'nai
    Order-naries: Vacation
    A Tangled Web
    Equestria Hockey League
    Common Sky sequel "Fragments"  (added to the file for Common Sky)
    Silent Ponyville sequel "Silent Ponyville 2" (added to the file for Silent Ponyville)
    Past Sins (Revised)

    Argentinian MLP Community

    For those of you over in Argentina, a group has formed up for everyone on Taringa.net.  Currently they have 100 members and are looking for more!  You can find the site here!  

     Left 4 Bronies Synchtube Marathon

    Another Synchtube Channel Marathon is starting up tomorrow at This Channel.

    It starts at 1:00 PM PST tomorrow, and the password to join is "Gummy".  I don't know why it's password protected.

    My Little Pony Beats Terrorism in Canda

    Get owned terrorists. 

    Ebay Stuff

    Equestria Daily News

    Upcoming Events:

    Garys Mod Video Competition
    I need some ideas on this one.  What would be a fair duration for videos on something like this?  I have never tried recording movies with Garys Mod, and i've recieved various responses for how difficult it is.  Some say it takes a month to create a good 3 minute video, others say its ridiculously easy and they can bust out something great in a few hours. Any ideas?

    Episode Movie Poster Competition
    This is one I want to add actual rewards to, but I'm having trouble deciding on how exactly to approach it.  I'd like to get a poster or 2 per episode, but I'm sure people will all flock to the more popular stuff (Sonic Rainboom will probably dominate it).  I have considered splitting it into categories by popularity (So CMC episodes all together, since those will probably be the least used :p). 

    Pony Swag Verse Event
    And the final one I have been toying with is a verse thing for Pony Swag.  I get a lot of these, and it would be pretty neat if we could collect a ton of them and combine them all into one giant megamix.  I created a thread over on the My Little Remix forums and it looks like they are all for it.

    Story Updates (Does anyone use this?)
    Pony Space (Update Chapter 8!)
    The Elements of History (Update Part 4!)
    The Romancing Quest (Update Part 9!)
    Brotherhood of the Moon (Update Part 6!)
    One Last Quest (Update Part 14!)
    Giggle at the Ghostly (Update Part 5+6+7!)
    The Catastrophic Case of the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Update 3+4!)
    Of the Time Before (Update Part 7!)
    The Empty Room (Updated Part 16!)
    Past Sins (Update Part 14+15+16!)