• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 16

    I am very, very pleased with how tonight came out. There's some good puns sprinkled throughout, but for the most part we have a very beautiful, peaceful collection of ponies that just makes me want to close my eyes, put on some orchestral music and take a deep breath. Actually, hold that thought for just one second... ok, back. Joining us tonight are 155 windswept equines. By special request, we're going to debut an extra feature here that's sure to amaze: a full tally of ALL of the pictures you guys have sent in so far! Are you ready for this? 3,253!! High hoof, everypony!

    Ok, while the blood's still pumping, let's get the boring stuff out of the way. Submission guidelines are here, and you can send all questions, concerns, and failed attempts to phoe@equestriadaily.com. I do love hearing from you guys!

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony dressed as or hanging out with a famous person/pony. Today's theme was a suggestion by one Cereal Velocity. I asked him if he counted, and he got all quiet and embarrassed. He's so cute. But for the record, I say web personalities count. And not because I'm shamelessly hoping for a flood of Phoe/Lyra. Well... not just because. Don't look at me like that!

    Lately, it's been really hot where I live and there hasn't been much in the way of breezes. Looking at some of these is making me insanely jealous. I'm melting. I tried eating an ice cream cone during this, but I wound up needing a bowl. Celestia, you and I aren't friends right now. No, go ahead. Send me to the moon. See if I care. You don't scare m--

    1) By Damian Foxx

    2) By Syggie

    3) By ChaosDrop

    4) By Thanqol (You're welcome, pony. I believe in all of the rest of you, too.)

    5) By Silent Oink (Yarr I'm a mighty pirate.)

    6) By SonicRainboom93 (I'm having Ninja Gaiden flashbacks.)

    7) By Kitty Tail (Lyra's looking lovely.)

    8) By Emerald Dust (Ok, for tomorrow I think we should get some happier Lyras.)

    9) By Kyouhen

    10) By FoxOfWar (You need to sing with all the voices of the mountain, you need to paint with all the colors of the wind)

    11) By MrMichla

    12) By Neoridgeback

    13) By Gig

    14) By PandaRoux

    15) By Lucky Charm

    16) By Edzepp

    17) By Smock (Tee hee! Look at that pony tumble back there!)

    18) By Tarynsgate

    19) By Marik

    20) By Erthilo (Dash is the Queen of Pride Rock.)

    21) By NikaScott

    22) By Skyline (The car is a Renault Wind. I... ugh.)

    23) By Vanner

    24) By toonboy92484

    25) By EssAeEm (Valuable advice.)

    26) By Goggle Sparks

    27) By Philith

    28) By blasthemis

    29) By Facelessguru

    30) By Invidlord (This is amazing.)

    31) By Partition (I'm having difficulty picking my jaw off the floor.)

    32) By Moabite

    33) By A Terrible Person

    34) By unholyhen

    35) By Spiritofthwwolf (Hello, Princess Dashie. You're looking quite cute today.)

    36) By karin (8 year olds have weird ideas. Why is Celly on a computer?)

    37) By Scribbles

    38) By Alipes

    39) By Mere Jump

    40) By Ambrose

    41) By Amehdaus

    42) By TensaiOni

    43) By badzerg

    44) By GonzaHerMeg

    45) By DB

    46) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

    47) By Mockingbird (Colored pencils make everything beautiful.)

    48) By Ori (Oh no, Fillyshy!)

    49) By Lunar Apologist (Luna's the MVP tonight. Fitting, as we've been hanging out so much lately.)

    50) By purpletrauma

    51) By Sapphire

    52) By The Great Saiyaman

    53) By Gentlemane

    54) By Zach (Luke Macintosh, I believe.)

    55) By Lee Readman

    56) By rich-tea (Near... faarr... whereeeeeveeer you aaaarrrre)

    57) By Mr.Paulsen

    58) By ecmc1093

    59) By Rachel (I am once again struck by the colors on your art.)

    60) By ajremix

    61) By Gear X. Machina (Wheeeee~)

    62) By Saphin

    63) By Nimble Haste

    64) By PinkamenaPie

    65) By Chris (I feel sorry for all of these hats.)

    66) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic (Requesting a color job on this one.)

    67) By Jdan-S (Aw, it's ok Luna. We all love you.)

    68) By Miyajima (Celestia auto-qualifies for all wind-based themes)

    69) By Jiyrath

    70) By PenguinPlayer

    71) By al03480049

    72) By Infinity

    73) By Doc New!Filly

    74) By Atlur (I admit, I am staring at her ass. I can't help it.)

    75) By Panda_Instinct

    76) By Fallin' Winter

    77) By DCPIP (So much Dashie today.)

    78) By Misharra

    79) By Tarragon

    80) By Rraden

    81) By Ego (Wooooow. Ego, you rock my socks off.)

    82) By Why485 (Youmu pony!)

    83) By Relias

    84) By Doc Steedly

    85) By Colin

    86) By Starlite

    87) By Kits

    88) By Eliwood10 (Gorgeous.)

    89) By Circuit Mane

    90) By Tabs (A brasswind is close enough. Also, argh.)

    91) By Fisher

    92) By Starlight Bolt

    93) By Kitsune (I really really like this art style.)

    94) By zorg

    95) By Rydel (<3)

    96) By The Recliner (Totally counts. But you used your get out of jail free card.)

    97) By T-God (Pony GLaDOS, I am told.)

    98) By Windfall

    99) By Marelin

    100) By Pony Stark (This is among the most clever thing in several nights.)

    101) By Coquette (Make up submission, woo! Go, Blueblood go!)

    102) By Misterwit

    103) By Kt Kat

    104) By Scootaleo

    105) By Squidbombed

    106) By Condor

    107) By Kooldude

    108) By The Recliner (Dinky!)

    109) By Buddy Vox (Without going into detail, don't be embarrassed. This was made with love.)

    110) By DJLavasurfer (I guess Fluttershy is seeing so much action tonight because her mane is so pretty. Also, wow.)

    111) By Sherlock Hooves

    112) By Thattagen (Bonus lineart because it's awesome.)

    113) By Thattagen (And now with colors. Pretty!)

    114) By Chromadancer (Well, that takes me back.)

    115) By PinkiePied (Unfinished, but the effort is what counts.)

    116) By Erica C

    117) By VeoBandit (I think a lot of people were influenced by the resurfacing of a particular fanfic. More Princess Dashie!)

    118) By VeoBandit (Well, now I'm crying. Like, really, REALLY crying.)

    119) By Eeful

    120) By AlterForm

    121) By Natry

    122) By Periphery

    123) By Paintroller (I want to brush that mane. I would give anything.)

    124) By Tenchi Outsuno

    125) By TopoCruz

    126) By ShoeboxWarrior (I've always been curious, myself.)

    127) By Immersa (If my story from yesterday inspired this, it was well worth writing.)

    128) By mmelvin420

    129) By RaspleZS

    130) By Uncle Leo

    131) By Virga Rainboom (Are they battling? Why?)

    132) By Da Chi

    133) By Fox E: (Holy crap, an Illusion of Gaia reference. Somepony, do Teranigma!)

    134) By 8ftmetalhead

    135) By 8ftmetalhead

    136) By Shockwave

    137) By Bohi

    138) By Spurs

    139) By Easteu

    140) By Virga Rainboom

    141) By Frith (This artist gave away a Rainbow Dash pin as a gift today. He deserves praise.)

    142) By Prismatic Pretzel

    143) By djTeka

    143) By Dj RBDash

    144) By Hawaiianshirtedpony

    145) By Sashley

    146) By Muffinsforever

    147) By Randomjack

    148) By nuclearsuplexattack

    149) By Kelz

    150) By Drilltooth

    151) By Ergnon

    152) By TapeDiggity

    153) By Jeff

    154) By Heireau

    155) By Liska

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