• Remix War Round 1!

    It's time to use this oddly appealing Lyra image again, because Remix War Round 1 has come to a close!  Below after the break, you will find 21 embeds of various pony mixes.  

    If you are curious about what exactly this is, you can find all additional information on in by visiting this post! 

    1.) NightColt Vs Not A Clever Pony
    2.) DJ Alex S Vs Eurobeat Brony
    3.) DerpyGrooves Vs DJ Alex S.
    4.) Jeffthestrider Vs Not A Clever Pony
    5.) InfinityDash Vs Not A Clever Pony
    6.) Circuitfry Vs DerpyHooves
    7.) Circuitfry Vs Not A Clever Pony
    8.) sci Vs ChainAlgorithm0
    9.) Penguindf12 Vs Eurobeat Brony
    10.) Zorg Vs Not A Clever Pony
    11.) Cat Milly Vs Tekaramity
    12.) Cat Milly Vs Renard
    13.) The Marking Dude Vs Derpy Hooves
    14.) The Marking Dude Vs sci
    15.) Aussie Vs Not A Clever Pony
    16.) PepperBrony Vs Wooden Toaster
    17.) PepperBrony Vs Eurobeat Brony
    18.) Kisuke Vs EuroBeat Brony
    19.) Makkon Vs Not A Clever Pony
    20.) Makkon Vs Vinyl Scratch
    21.) Not A Clever Pony Vs PinkiePieSwear
    22.) ISMBOFepicly vs ChainAlgorithm

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    23.)Derpy Hooves Vs Not A Clever Pony
    24.)SqueakAnon Vs Makkon

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