• Nightly Roundup #3

    Cereal gave me a name for these,  so without further adieu, introducing Nightly Roundup #3, where small news gets compiled like everything else!

    All news after the break!

    Brony Facebook Ad
    This new ad is popping up over on facebook lately.  It's pretty awesome to see the hub fully embracing the term "brony".  I am really psyched for season two.

    I know a lot of people are worried that including some of our fanon may ruin the show, but as long as they do it with the maximum level of subtlety , we should be fine.  I don't know how many of you were around when Derpy first popped up, but the response was unbelievable, and positive. 

    Facepunch Bans Ponies
    A huge following of bronies found themselves out on the street after moderators at the Facepunch forums decided pony was now a bannable offense.  Where have I seen this before?  Anyhow, refugees from the site have a new forum building up, which you can find here.

    FiM animator spotted 
    A storyboard arist from the Friendship is Magic animation team has popped up.  Not a whole lot to say about it, but feel free to give her your support at her blog! (Don't raid it with stupid questions though!)

    Jason Thiessen (FiM Supervising Director) Posts on Cartoon Brew
    I am not sure how many of you have been following Cartoon Brew.  I just learned about it's existence two days ago, but apparently it's a pretty big hub for this stuff.  Here is a direct quote from a comment he left over there...
    "As Director of the show, I know first hand how many sleepless nights and blood sweat and tears go into making the show for all involved. Yes it has corporate money behind it and yes it’s a mainstream commercial property, but does that mean we shouldn’t try to make it the best show we can? Good entertainment doesn’t have a demographic, anything can be awesome if the people making it simply try. I know it’s not perfect, but we do the best we can with what we have to work with, which is all anybody can do. I for one am proud that there is such a strong fan-base for the show. The worst thing would be if no one noticed it at all. Thank you Bronies! (and I include girls and boys of all ages in that)"
    Pinkie Pie's Print-Out Mask Pops Up on Hasbro's Website.
    This is the mask from "Party of One" I'm too tired to write anything witty about it, you can download and use it here.

    FiM Game Petition
    Another thingy for you guys to all /sign.  That can be found Here!

    Flankbook Leaving Beta / Synchtube Celebration
    The social networking pony website Flankbook has officially exited beta and is celebrating with a Synchtube marathon tomorrow at 8EST.  You can find the channel for it here!

    Equestria Daily Alexa Rankings
    Apparently this community is getting pretty huge!  Equestria Daily is now the 37,070th most visited website in the USA, and 133,734th most visited in the world.  I am not sure how significant that is, but I'm sure there are billions of websites... so hopefully its cool?  Anyway you can find that, as well as all sorts of neat statistics here!

    Seattle News Blog Posts About the Interview
    Not much else to say!  You can find the link here.

    1000 Posts of RP
    Apparently RPers were driving Cereal crazy in comments... so I gave them a spot to do it at, and they ran with it.

    And that is it for this issue of the Nightly Roundup! I didn't have time to dig for a drawfriend post today... so expect a big one tomorrow assuming I can find time for that.

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