• The GREAT and POWERFUL Brony Band

    PURE POWER! That's what this 7 inches of PRISTINE leather channels DIRECTLY INTO YOUR VEINS.  When one wears the Great and Powerful arm band, one does not simply control the very fabric of time and space, no, it goes FAR BEYOND THAT.  Time and space become COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT, and simply cease to exist altogether until you DAMN WELL SAY THEY CAN!

    Deep within the Ursa Major cave of the Everfree Forest, where the legendary Great and Powerful Trixie resides with her galaxy bear slaves, this weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION... AND CREATION was forged (Via several black holes all orbiting one another) out of an OMEGA Dragon's Hide, and studded with pure adamantium taken from a pocket dimension filled with creatures that could survive a thousands years at the center of earth.

    You call that a runon sentence? I SAY IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER ANYMORE.

    But seriously, this thing is awesome.  Thanks to Leathercraft Pony over on ponychan.


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