• Elements of Harmony Tarot Spread (Update: Values Deck!)

    A pony dropped this off in the ol' inbox yesterday evening, requesting that I pass it along to you guys in case you were interested in practicing pony magic. I'm sure that the vast majority of you are not all that familiar with tarot, except maybe any fans of the Persona series we might have floating around (brief aside: why has there been, like, no crossover art between these two series?), but this is a bit removed from that.

    Despite that, the image is packed with pretty much all the information you need to understand it. Not to mention it's just extremely well constructed and bursting to capacity with interesting interpretations of the Elements of Harmony as they apply to our every day lives. There's Friendship in our veins, everypony. Can you feel it?
    New Stuff After Page Break! Lookee Lookee!

    Not content with with just the spread, Ciaran has begun work on a fully Pony Tarot deck. Now, what makes this actually cool is that instead of slapping ponies onto traditional cards and starting us on an argument about whether Nightmare Moon or the Cutie Mark Crusaders more accurately depict the Death Arcana, what we have instead is a totally original Values Deck outlining the core lessons from the show. All of the mane six are represented here, as well as several other key players representing some of the more memorable things one Twilight Sparkle has written letters about. Also a very... enlightening look at Celestia. But, the "Vision" card is definitely my favorite.

    Find more information at this website. This is still a work in progress, although these 10 are usable on their own (and the creator has outlined some interesting possibilities in their own writeup). Click it, check it out. Give some feedback. Help cite sources for the fanart used in some of these. Look at ponies. Yay!